Western Creek Chedder @Tesco 35p per 100g

Western Creek Chedder @Tesco 35p per 100g

Found 24th Jan 2011
Western Creek Australian Chedder Cheese - 35p per 100g at the deli counter

Cheaper than all the BOGOF deals around and very tasty!

BOGOF usually works out at about 45p per 100g.

Being from the Deli the shelf life is not as long, but i bought some in Exeter, full promo tickets, on Sat pre-cut and shrink wrapped with a "Best Before" date of 31st Jan.

Cheapest cheese for ages...


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Current BOGOF at Tesco are actually 50p per 100g...this is 30% cheaper!
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This is one of their better than half price deals... i just can't remember how much it was before!
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