Western Digital 2TB MyBook Studio II £262.98 @ Lambda-tek

Western Digital 2TB MyBook Studio II £262.98 @ Lambda-tek

Found 12th Aug 2008
My Book Studio Edition II 2TB

Quad interface, RAID-enabled, about 30% less power consumption, formatted for Mac. The My Book Studio Edition II treads lightly on the earth and carries big performance for creative professionals.


cold, it would be cheaper to get 2 1TB...

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It would be cheaper to buy four 500GB. Ice cold but it doesn't work like that does it?

All my iTunes library is on one drive. No mirror.

yeah but this is the size of 2 1TB externals... and since they're firewire 400 capable, you can daisy chain them, or just have them running off 2 seperate USB 2.0 connections and have twice the speed you'd have compared to just writing on 1 2TB drive...

This is two 1TB drives. The advantage is running it in a raid 1 configuration that mirrors your data and thus provides extra security. Daisy-chaining two external drives won't give you that security.

You must have one heck of an mp3 collection sparc! :0)

Forget the price, I can't believe the size (storage) of HDD's nowadays!!! I'd personally be mega paranoid about drive failure and data loss but I was like that when I bought my first MASSIVE 250Gb HDD yet its never been a problem!
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