Western Digital Elements 2 TB External Desktop Hard Drive | £94.97 | Amazon

Western Digital Elements 2 TB External Desktop Hard Drive | £94.97 | Amazon

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WD Elements USB 2.0 external hard drive is an easy-to-use, reliable way to add more storage to your PC or Macintosh. Simply plug it in to a USB port and start saving or backing up your photos, music, video, and files. It's preformatted for immediate use so there's no software or CD to load. The compact, durable metal case provides extra data protection helping keep data safe from loss.

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Western Digital HD Elements2TB USB 20 BK UK WDBAAU0020HBKUESN Storage External Hard Drives.

Seems to get better reviews than the Seagate 2TB drive posted yesterday, but then it's £5 more expensive.


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These are definitely heading down in price, but just don't know if it's worth trusting 2TB of data to these... not alone anyway, so unless you were gonna buy 2 of these I would go with 2*1TB instead.. just my opinion though. Still a good deal if you only want it to get data from one place to another or use as a media drive, so voted hot on that basis.

Is this 2.5" portable or 3.5?

Good price but would never buy an Elements. They have very cheap controller and power units hence the price. MUCH MUCH better off spending an extra tenner for a proper MyBook from WD, much more solid and worthwhile in the long run imo.


Is this 2.5" portable or 3.5?

if it was 2.5" it would get over 1000 heat!

I ordered one of these this morning actually, a very good deal in my opinion

I've got MyBook and Elements, never had any issues with either. I ordered one of these just the other day. It is just to backup the 350GB and 1.5TB ones i have though.
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