Western Digital Elements 3.5" 500GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - £55.99 Delivered!
Western Digital Elements 3.5" 500GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - £55.99 Delivered!

Western Digital Elements 3.5" 500GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - £55.99 Delivered!

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Western Digital Elements 3.5" 500GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - £55.99 Delivered!

Product Description

Western Digital 500GB Elements hard disk drive, 7200rpm, USB 2.0, external.Main Features:Easy plug and play storageUSB 2.0 interface high-speed connection for maximum throughputCool, compact, metal caseFast, simple, reliable add-on storage for PC and Macintosh computersPreformatted for immediate useRoHS compliantManufactuer's Warranty: 1 year warranty.



How good is this?

Ive heard there not very good

I've got one of these and its really good, had it a year and no problems atall.

bought one 3 months ago,no problems at all,cost £59.99 inc delivery from ebuyer,well worth it at this price.

I got one from Ebuyer 3 months ago for £59.99 and it failed after 1 month.
I'm still trying to recover data from it before sending it back.

Windows fails to recognise it and it makes horrible noises. Notorious for this judging by all the reviews.

guess you just pays your money and takes your chance

Im having a really hard time picking a external hard drive. Seems like every one I come across in my price range has at least a bunch of bad reviews!! Ive had my Buffalo 160GB external for a good year or two now with no problems, and am just looking for a backup for it in case it breaks. Was tempted to stick to a buffalo but it's £20 more and still got bad reviews:


Also are seagate any better? One for £60 with them here too:


i bought a western digital hard drive like 3 weeks ago. Now it's saying i have to format it again and i will lose all my files, the computer doesn't recognise it and i can't get into it to get any of my stuff!
I have lots of irreplacable photos on there and i am absolutely gutted about it.
I am trying to use an image recall program but it won't work on it so am trying to recover them from my sd cards.
I advise anyone NEVER to buy anything wd.
Now i've done searches looking for help there are ALOT of people who have the same problems with these!
I wish i had never got this!
Mine malfunctioned with Windows

I've got FIVE of these, no problem with my Macs. Good value solid build.

Two are over twelve months old, two just over six months and last bought about three months ago.

May buy another two when they drop to £50.

I'm on my third one of these. All three have failed for the same reason. I'm still waiting for Western Digital to talk to me after my complaint over three weeks ago. Sure if it breaks and you pay to package and send it back they'll send you another (reburbed from one that someone else sent back!)

Then that will break and so the cycle goes on - Royal Mail make a packet and you cry.

Well that's my personal experience anyway.

Nothing wrong with Western Digital...At least if it gos Bad you'll find WD will send you a New un within 2 days..Only ever had a problem with one 2.5" n whilest that was in post I recieved a Brand new one...

As regards to "andreaelvis" problem....If you did a Quick Format on a New Drive, 99.9% of time they revert back to the RAW state...Always do a Normal Format, it's a bit longer but well worth it....

I always thought Western Digital drives were very good and reliable.
Could be some QC problems on these particular drives.
Scan have a Lacie 500gb for around the same price on the Today Only deal. (will still be there tomorrow morning)

To andreaelvis...have PMd you some details which I hope will help you
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