Western Digital Elements Desktop / 1.5TB / 3.5" USB External Hard Drive / Black - £89.99 delivered @ Play.com

Western Digital Elements Desktop / 1.5TB / 3.5" USB External Hard Drive / Black - £89.99 delivered @ Play.com

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High-speed USB 2.0 - For maximum performance; backward compatible with USB 1.1 ports
Plug and Play Storage - Just plug it in, connect the cable to add high-speed storage for both desktop and notebook computers
Rugged Metal Case - Compact, durable metal case for extra data protection

# Capacity: 1.5TB
# Interface: USB 2.0
# Data Transfer Rate: 480 Mbps
# OS Required: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Apple MacOS X 10.1.5 or later, Microsoft Windows Vista


HOT, seems good for a large HDD.

work on windows 7 ?


work on windows 7 ?


How does this drive compare to the Samsung story station on the deal here:

Anyone know how long the warranty is for and if it develops a problem would it be returned to play or western digital? Im on the look for a new drive either a 1tb or 1.5 but id rather have peace of mind with some type of warrenty over 1 year.I was considering the hitachi drive that was listed here a few weeks ago thats available from amazon but a 1.5 drive would mabye suit me more.

To be honest my m8 had one of these and if you access the drive a lot then it gets red hot.. thats why he sold it..

He eventually did what I did and purchased an Enermax Jazz External Caddy with usb and esata and bought a sata 1.5tb drive.

It cost £20 more than this but its running nice and cool ..

Each to their own in the long run...

Not a bad price I suppose for a 1.5tb external, just that I personally wouldnt have one from my m8s experiences..

I've two of these WD Elements drives on top of my media centre PC. (1Tb and a 1.5Tb)

They've performed excellently - never getting more than just warm even when playing Blu Ray rips or copying tons of data.
I paid about £120 for the 1.5 Tb one

Think I might just get another.....

Cheers - Hot from me


Cheaper here … Cheaper here http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/4115743/art/western-digital/elements-1-5-tb-usb-2-0-e.html?srcid=867 and on ebay

Pixmania are a horrible company though...



or ]http//ww…1-6
£5 cheaper and I think I'd favour Seagate...
Edit: actually scrub that, that Seagate seems to have a high failure rate.
I was also looking at a Verbatim ]http//ww…-11 but they both apparently contain a Samsung 1.5TB HD154UI 5400rpm 32MB Ecogreen F2, seems silly to pay £10 more so it's the STORY for me (despite the ugly writing)

Good deal, will this work with Nintendo Wii?

Don't forget TCB, 2% cashback too! ]http//ww…ay/

Anyone know if this will work with the Nintendo Wii?

Don't forget 2% cashback at TCB or 0.5% Quidco!


Comet have the Iomega 1.5TB for £5 … Comet have the Iomega 1.5TB for £5 cheaper.http://www.comet.co.uk/shopcomet/product/567817/IOMEGA-3.5IN-1.5TB-HARD-DRIVEAnd also the Prestige version (which I bought)http://www.comet.co.uk/shopcomet/product/558800/IOMEGA-3.5IN-1.5TB-HARD-DRIVE

I have the Comet's Iomega 1TB (not the prestige version) and the WD 1TB version.
I have both these connected to a Asrock Ion 330 PC.
The PC automatically goes to sleep when not used.
However, when the PC goes to sleep, the Comet Iomega 1TB does not shut down automatically while the WD 1TB does shut down.
Given that both don't have a on/off switch, this is an important feature for me..
On this basis, the WD scores higher than the Iomega in my opinion.
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