WESTERN DIGITAL   Elements USB 2.0 1 TB External Hard Drive - black £59.30 @ Pixmania

WESTERN DIGITAL Elements USB 2.0 1 TB External Hard Drive - black £59.30 @ Pixmania

Found 28th Nov 2009Made hot 28th Nov 2009
Western Digital External 1TB hardrive . Price includes delivery
Not sure how good this . Any feedback would be much appreciated


I've got two WD hard drives, a similar one to this but the 500GB version and a 1TB My Book version. Both very good, I use them mainly for songs. Haven't had a problem, but I do have a friend with one which crashed.

Overall, good in my personal experience and this is a little below average price :thumbsup:

£64.99 in PC World.

yeah I personally would avoid western digital - I had several over the years, and compared to other drives namely toshiba and seagate, wester digital let me down time and time again

Hah, rarely hear someone promote Seagate over WD. Never in fact. I've had dozens of WD's, never an issue, perfect. Though, I would highly prefer paying extra for the MyBook than these budget Elements, the controllers on MyBook are far superior and reliable.

Good price but bear in mind this drive is not USB powered, it comes with a separate AC adapter.

pixmania? no thanks, awful company.


pixmania? no thanks, awful company.

I'd second that. The 'returns' system is absolutely abysmal.


pixmania? no thanks, awful company.

yep.i didnt get my bargain tv from them before.
despite them saying they sent the first then a replacement, asked them to provide tracking and they couldn't, took a further 2 months and my credit card company getting involved to get a refund.
biggest bunch of cowboys out there, worse than cdiscount and thats saying something

Before buying, please check reviews out online for Pixmania.


Good price, AWFUL company.
I'd rather pay a few quid more and buy from a more reliable supplier.

got one of these from PC World on thursday. pluged it in to a vista and windows 7 pc, drive was found but not seen by windows. had to take it back for a new one, not good for first dealing with WD

Got one afew months back. Works fine.

3% Quidco aswel

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cheers for the advice, i may allow this deal and buy from a more reliable company.

Have always found Western Digital very good when using as an internal drive.
Don't trust external drives. I'd rather pull the drive out and install it into the PC.
At this price you could do that, and sell the case.

I bought it. Should be ok.


Still can't work out the difference between this and a 'My Passport'.

What drive is inside this?
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