Western Digital My Cloud (recertified) 2TB drive £46.99

Western Digital My Cloud (recertified) 2TB drive £46.99

Found 21st Jun 2017
First off not a brand new drive. Not sure if this is good value or not. Luck of the draw maybe.

Only 6 months warranty, which is a bit worrying and looking back at old threads some ropey customer service by the looks of it.

It seems that these have red drives in them. I am considering getting one and pulling the drive, but it seems as though they work adequately as a limited NAS.

Review in first post. 4TB for 104.99 too.
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Review here
showing to me as OOS
I'm happy with mine, I upload from my phone using the app then access content around home using dlna. I added a powered drive to usb and created a backup so it's mirrored from Nas to usb.

showing to me as OOS

​Hmm I think you're right. Didn't try and add to my basket. Rookie error. Will expire.

Thanks for not calling me a dummy, even if I am one! X)
Received my 6Tb recertified My Book earlier this week. USB port knackered so clearly not checked. Sent 4 emails so far and still waiting for a response about a refund.

Good price though ....
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