Westerns Collection: The Searchers / Unforgiven / Wild Bunch - £6.95

Westerns Collection: The Searchers / Unforgiven / Wild Bunch - £6.95

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Found 29th Jun 2007
Next best price = Forget The Rest @£8.09 (£13.99 after that)

I'm veeerrrrrry tempted by getting an Eastwood classic and two other films for this price.


John Ford's classic, genre-defining Western THE SEARCHERS stars John Wayne as Ethan Edwards, a case-hardened Civil War vet returning to his brother Aaron's Texas home in 1868, only to find his family slaughtered and niece kidnapped by Comanches. What follows is an epic journey through the wilderness of the soul, with Edwards defying all obstacles in his obsessive quest for justice. With its poetic visuals, sobering message, and powerful acting, THE SEARCHERS is widely regarded as one of the most influential movies ever made. Post-Civil War tensions continue to rise in John Huston's THE UNFORGIVEN when a frontier family, The Zacharys, are accused of having secretly adopted an Indian child and passed her off as white. This sets off an age-old feud between local Kiowa Indians and the white settlers, with the former banding together to reclaim their lost daughter. THE UNFORGIVEN is a dark tale of violence and hatred that threatens to tear a family and community apart. In Sam Peckinpah's self-conscious THE WILD BUNCH, a crew of ageing bandits--disguised as U.S. soldiers--ride into a Texas border town and rob a railroad company. But they get more than they bargained for when they are ambushed by the company's hired gunmen. The film's high body count brought issues of violence and morality in movies to the forefront of American film criticism.

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