Westin Gourmet Butchers Box £39.99 + £4.95 delivery

Westin Gourmet Butchers Box £39.99 + £4.95 delivery

Found 27th May 2015
Hi Everyone,

I know Westin Gourmet suffer from the SportsDirect method of pricing (pretend you were going to sell it at a 300% markup and then 'discount') but I think these butchers boxes they've been doing recently are good value. My wife and I struggle to get through all the meat each month, and for the two of us, I think this offer works out to around 18 meals, here is what you get:

2 x 6-7oz British, Grass Fed Sirloin Steaks
1.2kg + Whole Corn Fed Chicken
2 x 4oz Grass Fed, Minute Steaks
2 x 130g Fresh Salmon Fillets
2 x 5oz Luxury Ostrich Fillet Steaks In A Tasty Marrakesh Marinade
2 x 125g Succulent Chicken Breast Fillets
4 x British BBQ Pork Steaks
4 x 4oz Gourmet Steak Burgers
2 x 8oz Juicy D-Cut Rindless Gammon Steaks
400g Grass Fed Steak Mince
6 x British Meaty Pork Sausages
12 x 30g Brookfield Farm Veal Meatballs
2 x 114g Premium Turkey Escalope’s
250g Sliced Chorizo

The meat's good - it's certainly better than cheap Tesco meat and at £40 for a month's worth, it's a lot of food for the equivalent of a meal for two at any half-decent restaurant.

Delivery cost is £4.95.
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I love their stuff . I know what you mean about their offers tho . but the quality and price of a lot of their stuff is excellent
Going through PayPal last time gave me free delivery
Have to admit it is good quality meat - I've a freezer full from a previous offer as I could add some extra offers to it when I checked out.
any alternatives to these guys, that you have tried?

any alternatives to these guys, that you have tried?

donald russell is the other usual one
not tried either of them, too much steak - prefer mince!
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