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Westin Gourmet - £1 delivery only until 20th April (Eg 2.5KG Chicken Breast fillets £14.50 delivered)
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Posted 19th Apr 2016Posted 19th Apr 2016
Westin Gourmet - £1 delivery only until 20th April (Eg 2.5KG Chicken Breast fillets £14.50 delivered)£1
Excellent quality meat and with £1 delivery till midnight 20th April with code ONEDEL - normally £4.95. Also 50% off pork and leek sausages Various hampers from £26.08 and more

It's probably a better website! Are 10 Westin rump steaks £22.99 or £24.99. They can't seem to make up their mind.


Very odd - the link I'm posting is correct!


Your link is to wiltshire farm foods op

10 x 8-9oz Ribeye steaks £39 / 10 x 7-8oz 28 day matured Fillet steaks £43 delivered @ Westin Gourmet  (using code)
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Posted 14th Jan 2016Posted 14th Jan 2016
10 x 8-9oz Ribeye steaks £39 / 10 x 7-8oz 28 day matured Fillet steaks £43 delivered @ Westin Gourmet (using code)£39
Use code STEAK1D Love a bit of ribeye! Nice sized steaks at a really decent price at the moment, the code whips £3.95 off the delivery price too, making it even better. The fi… Read more

My order of 10x Ribeye and 10x Fillet arrived this morning, all look very good and can't wait to try some tonight :)


Same as fresh which turn out perfect,however ive since found out i might be better cooking them from frozen and not defrosting them.


I got some pave rump steaks from them last week on the £1 mince deal, had 2 last night and they were delicious!


I'd wager you're cooking them wrong


A pound o' fillet - a pound you don't ! The seven dwarfs were to buy a butchers shop, but when they viewed it they realised that the steaks were too high .....

2 kg turkey butterfly at Westin Gourmet for £9.00 Minimum order £20.00 + £4.95 delivery charge.
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Posted 16th Dec 2015Posted 16th Dec 2015
2 kg turkey butterfly at Westin Gourmet for £9.00 Minimum order £20.00 + £4.95 delivery charge.£9
Will probably go icy cold due to the minimum order and delivery charge, but this is quality stuff.
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anyone else due to have their order delivered today had an email to say there will be a possible delay of 1 day? Gave some excuse of quality control issues but something tells me it is probably more of a case of over committing.


Just went to buy this one as well


4 bird roast out of stock http://www.westingourmet.co.uk/2kg-luxury-four-bird-roast-stuffed-with-sage-onion.html?awc=6234_1450387542_6d8b1551646f3e058a070e57b4711be1&utm_source=Affiliate_Window&utm_medium=47868&utm_campaign=Affiliate_Window_Sale Have amended post for OP


just ordered and got a delivery date of 22nd December.


Probably only this cheap because they can't deliver before Xmas, only date available is 30th December :( Have ordered from them before, seems decent quality although they always seem to have these sort of 'bargain' offers on

10 x 28 day matured Rump steaks  7-8oz  + free delivery £24 @ Westin Gourmet
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Posted 29th Nov 2015Posted 29th Nov 2015
10 x 28 day matured Rump steaks 7-8oz + free delivery £24 @ Westin Gourmet£24
Works out at £2.40 per steak, you won't need any sort of codes, just fill out the details on the page and order. It's not very often you see free delivery on lower priced orders fr… Read more

Thanks for that - one to avoid for sure! especially if they state IRISH and some are brazilian. Romanian chickens - WTF!


OK.... Chicken was Romanian, Steaks were Brazilian, "British" and "Irish"... Chicken was good value but with these foreign countries you don't know the facts behind the rearing and slaughter of the animals - no matter what a U.K based "seller" tells you... Therefore I won't be buying again.


No so good...for £24.95 you get... Our alternative steak selection contains: 2 x 8oz beef flatiron steaks, 2 x 6-7oz lamb rump steaks, 2 x 8oz rare-breed pork cutlets and 2 x 8oz dry-cure gammon steaks.


half-price steaks at market porter. offer in metro newspaper. https://www.marketporter.com/metro?offer=1#welcome


They probably posted it! Its been defend so hard and I see their affiliate links! The company owes you nothing and you owe them nothing yet some people are so destined to fall on their swords for them! They must have a "steak" in it hehe! :p

20x Sirloin Steaks for £53.94 Delivered (£2.70 per steak) @ westingourmet
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Posted 17th Sep 2015Posted 17th Sep 2015
20x Sirloin Steaks for £53.94 Delivered (£2.70 per steak) @ westingourmet£53.94
Cracking deal from WG, if I hadn't already recently bought 3kgs worth of steak from them (filling my freezer in the process) I would be all over this! Only 1000 available, and for… Read more

Costco Aberdeen Angus sirloin!!! Amazing


Steaks from these guys are superb. Well worth the money over cheaper stuff. heat!


I'm guessing people don't understand the difference between 'value' steaks and decent steaks then :p


Bargain that is


​Can't beat buying meat in your boxers/thong lol

100% Beef Steak Burgers 45p each OR 16x 4oz Steak Burgers & 2x 6-7oz Rump Steaks Delivered - £12.15 (Min order £20) @ Westin Gourmet
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Posted 8th Sep 2015Posted 8th Sep 2015
100% Beef Steak Burgers 45p each OR 16x 4oz Steak Burgers & 2x 6-7oz Rump Steaks Delivered - £12.15 (Min order £20) @ Westin Gourmet£12.15
Westin Gourmet have an offer where they say burgers are 45p each. Delivery is actually £4.95, so quite a difference. HOWEVER, if you add code WG2RUMP at checkout, you can get 2 fr… Read more

dunno how this ended up on this item posted comment on led bulbs?


woeful light output not even worth a pound


I clicked to expire because of the minimum order. Planned to repost with a deal stack of codes. Sorry guys!


Voted hot... what that, about 3.93/kg? However, today, my money goes to Muscle food (same company as Gourmet) and I`ll make 'em myself..... £4.72 for 2kg of lean mince (£25 min spend, 3.95 delivery)


Sorry, the minimum order value is £20 (£24.95 with delivery), please add more to your cart and then confirm your purchase....wont allow me to continue my order? Help?

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August’s Butcher’s Selection £49.99 + £4.95 P&P Westin Gourmet
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Posted 26th Aug 2015Posted 26th Aug 2015
August’s Butcher’s Selection £49.99 + £4.95 P&P Westin Gourmet£54.94
RRP is £149.03 which is ridiculously inflated to make it look a better deal but it is still a fantastic deal. Great quality meat and arguably worth the price for the Beef Fillet al… Read more
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I bought from these once and not impressed. Rather go to my local butcher

Westin Gourmet Butchers Box £39.99 + £4.95 delivery
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Posted 27th May 2015Posted 27th May 2015
Westin Gourmet Butchers Box £39.99 + £4.95 delivery£44.94
Hi Everyone, I know Westin Gourmet suffer from the SportsDirect method of pricing (pretend you were going to sell it at a 300% markup and then 'discount') but I think these butch… Read more

donald russell is the other usual one not tried either of them, too much steak - prefer mince!


any alternatives to these guys, that you have tried?


Have to admit it is good quality meat - I've a freezer full from a previous offer as I could add some extra offers to it when I checked out.


Going through PayPal last time gave me free delivery


I love their stuff . I know what you mean about their offers tho . but the quality and price of a lot of their stuff is excellent

Weston gourmet 2x4oz steaks £1.20 + p&p £4.95 (min order £20)
Posted 6th May 2015Posted 6th May 2015
Weston gourmet 2x4oz steaks £1.20 + p&p £4.95 (min order £20)£1.20
2x4oz steaks £1:20 at Weston gourmet! + today there doing half price delivery at £4.95 chilled delivery! Max 5 packs per order

Sweet, free delivery too thanks!


Nice one, also got free delivery using Paypal


thanks that worked, also when I paid by paypal it reduced my delivery to free :)


Try this link: http://www.westingourmet.co.uk/60p-steaks.html?utm_source=06.05.15&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=minutesteaks


Good for half price delivery, where are the cheap stakes

10 Rump Steaks for £26.20+ £1 del @ westingourmet
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Posted 25th Mar 2015Posted 25th Mar 2015
10 Rump Steaks for £26.20+ £1 del @ westingourmet£27.20
These steaks are beautiful, had them many times before but never this cheap. Western Gourmet are doing a £1 delivery but only for 24hrs, on a min £23 spend. Just add WGTREAT at che… Read more

I think it must have done because that's when I was surprised to see the cheaper price. I've just checked my Westin Gourmet account and it still shows the full price for the order. My sister (who also likes a bargain) put through the same order a couple of hours after me, with the same lower price showing on her Paypal page. She's thrilled at the idea of paying not much more than £2 each for decent sized rump steaks.


Made a dummy order but once directed to PayPal it shows full price £27.20 . did the price change when you logged in to PayPal .


Mine went through cheaper than the online total as well (I added some burgers to the order). Hope those rumps taste as good as the OP said! EDIT My Paypal's gone through at £4.95 less than the "proper" total. I used the code for the £1 delivery as well. I wonder if this is a glitch??


That steak looks so raw that a good vet could get it back on it's feet and grazing again!


6 to 7oz each, 200g ish

10 x 21 Day Matured 6-7oz Grass Fed Rump Steaks £29.99 @ Westin Gourmet
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Posted 6th Mar 2015Posted 6th Mar 2015
10 x 21 Day Matured 6-7oz Grass Fed Rump Steaks £29.99 @ Westin Gourmet£29.99
No promotional codes or special offers can be used with this offer. Only items on this page can be included with this order - not other products on the normal Westin Gourmet store.… Read more

" did you know that Grass Fed Steaks are naturally leaner than grain fed? That means there’s less marbling, "... funny, isn't it Wagyu beef (supposedly the best) has 'more' marbling! These blurbs must be written by politicians.


Don't the vast majority of cows in the UK eat grass, or silage in the winter?


Yes it is but not for grass fed beef.


I've never understood these 'deals'. £16 a kilo is an average price isn't it?


EDIT: Sorry ignore me... the offer was on Sirloin.

10 x 21 Day Matured 6-7oz Grass Fed Rump Steaks £29.99 @ westingourmet
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Posted 21st Jan 2015Posted 21st Jan 2015
10 x 21 Day Matured 6-7oz Grass Fed Rump Steaks £29.99 @ westingourmet£29.99
10x high quality 6-7oz Rump steaks for £29:99 inc free delivery, Had these before they are superb quality. They also offer deals when you but these steaks which include 5kg of chic… Read more

Thanks Heat added.....award winning meat too ;-)


cheaper at muscle food.


Usually very good. Thanks have ordered some again. Found the chicken to be OK, but can get a similar deal at Costco, whereas the meat was fab.

Luxury 4 bird roast down to £19.99 @ Westin Gourmet + £4.95 delivery
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Posted 18th Dec 2014Posted 18th Dec 2014
Luxury 4 bird roast down to £19.99 @ Westin Gourmet + £4.95 delivery£24.94
Had an email from these guys for what I think is a fantastic offer. I've had one of these from them before and can truly say it was magnificent. Far better than what you can get at… Read more

Looks like they sold out




you mean the photoshopped , stage managed and tarted up public relations picture has created an impression.


Frankenstein food.


Blame the EU for instigating this with more rules and regulation, you're only allowed up to 3 birds now ;)

Fantastic Deal - 2 Kg Fillet Steak for £47.99 from Westin Gourmet
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Posted 13th Dec 2014Posted 13th Dec 2014
Fantastic Deal - 2 Kg Fillet Steak for £47.99 from Westin Gourmet£47.99
Fantastic deal. 21 day matured fillet from a premium supplier. Consider it's £32 Kg in Tesco this is an exceptional deal and a great treat for christmas. Possible TCB may reduce t… Read more



MYPROTEIN.COM, I bought some ribeye steak and some tbone steak from this co the tbone was great not tried ribeye yet anyway TCB are offering 8.4% cb also theres a code for another 10% at vouchercodes.co.uk enter NOPANIC at checkout


I've bought fillet from here. It's fine I wouldn't pay full price for it but have enjoyed what we had at the price we paid


Has anyone had fillet from here before and can recommend?


Very good price but for a very overrated cut of beef Rib Eye has far more flavour.... If you want a Beef Wellington there isn't a better cut but not for me.....still hot for the price though

10 Irish grass fed rump steaks £29.94 delivered @ Westin Gourmet
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Posted 13th Dec 2014Posted 13th Dec 2014
10 Irish grass fed rump steaks £29.94 delivered @ Westin Gourmet£29.94
Lovely, these beauties! Rump steaks are notorious for being deliciously juicy and these Irish grass fed beauties certainly live up to all rumpy standards… Sweet, succulent and … Read more

Cheers for that link. Code 'Trytenner' took another tenner off this. Had to add a couple packs of mince to get it back to minimum spend! Btw... that code can also be used on the trurkey hamper deal already posted.


No worries, hate it when people vote cold and cant give an alternative deal thats better, use my referral code JJ6402 if you can i recommend the free steaks or the bread better than nothing,


Thanks. Good deal. Always excellent quality from both Muscle Food and Westin Gourmet. I order from whoever has the best deal at the time.


I get my steaks at the local cattle market...pay a faction of the price of supermarkets and I get sirloin into the bargain and just before the butchers pack up for the day they chuck in freebies such as lamb chops or chicken breast .


They use less chemicals than over here probably!

Westin Gourmet Mini Meals Hamper £5.00
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Posted 1st Oct 2014Posted 1st Oct 2014
Westin Gourmet Mini Meals Hamper £5.00£5
(real food - ignore the picture) Mini Meals Hamper Contains: 4 x 4oz 100% British Gourmet Steak Burgers 6 Meaty British Pork Sausages 2 x 125g Chicken Breast Fillets 350g Rindless … Read more

I regularly order from Westin Gourmet, The meats are excellent quality at an affordable price


Thanks just done two orders of this one using ftvchick to get 2.5kg chicken breast for £9 and another using poundmince to get 6 lots of extra lean mince for £1 each. Had to add in a few extra bits with each order like the gammon steaks but definitely a good deal.


Anyone got any other discount codes? Sounds like they got some good deals


Agreed, you could get them much cheaper elsewhere for £35, but for £5 that's a good deal. I ordered a ton of stuff, with the extra code above for the 2 steaks for a great price.


Since when has a few burgers, bacon and bit of chicken cost almost £35 are they having a laugh? Quality may be better but seriously doubt anyone would even of paid the so called RRP Have used them in past but find good quality butcher with much better prices. All these fake deals are not deals, this is what they intend to do, make it look like your getting a real good bargain. Site is always got one deal or another.

2 x 6~7oz Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks get 4 Free with code 4FREERUMPS £14.95 (+ delivery) @ Westin Gourmet
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Posted 20th Aug 2014Posted 20th Aug 2014
2 x 6~7oz Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks get 4 Free with code 4FREERUMPS £14.95 (+ delivery) @ Westin Gourmet£14.95
With BBQ season in full swing, treat your taste buds and celebrate British summer time with our sweet and succulent Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks. It would be a miSTEAK to miss out o… Read more

"Make sure you have at least £20 of gourmet grub in your cart." So how do you get 6 for £14.95 as your deal states? Also noticed "Free delivery on orders over £75" so P&P yet to be added also.


sardines are cheaper!


Thats the price for about a kilo of rump steak - sainsburys did it at £8 last week?

20 x 100% British Gourmet 4oz Steak Burgers for £5.00 @ Westin Gourmet (min £20 order for delivery, which is free as applied before discount) plus free gift if you link your Facebook account
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Posted 19th Aug 2014Posted 19th Aug 2014
20 x 100% British Gourmet 4oz Steak Burgers for £5.00 @ Westin Gourmet (min £20 order for delivery, which is free as applied before discount) plus free gift if you link your Facebook account£5
4 x100% British Gourmet 4oz Steak Burgers for £1.00 using code 1POUNDBURGER - you can buy max 5 packs (20 burgers) for £5.00 Add £15 more worth of food to reach the minimum spend … Read more

i There you go. I don't think Rorschach1 knows what sharing is going by his jump reaction (_;)


Man VS food challenge ! I think me, the wife and three kids will make a meal of it 8)


With a band saw (_;)


Divide it?! oO


Wow ! Fred Flinstone would be jealous, a 2 lb steak ! oO Make sure your dining tables reinforced before you divide it up after cooking. :)

Irish Grass Fed Steak Mince - Westin Gourmet £1 (max 8)  Delivery  £4.95 min spend £20
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Posted 30th Jul 2014Posted 30th Jul 2014
Irish Grass Fed Steak Mince - Westin Gourmet £1 (max 8) Delivery £4.95 min spend £20£1
Steak mince for £1 using code CRAZYMINCE, Simply add up to 8 packs to your basket - Minimum spend spend of £20. So, just fill up your baskets with whatever you like Delivery charg… Read more
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I have tried the hache steaks and they are absolutely delicious!!.


With people complaining about my post it clearly states a minimum spend and using the code CRAZYMINCE. Surely this is easy to understand? Just saying!


Thanks OP.


see the deal price? says £1 cost of this deal? not £1 all mobile phone contracts must be listed as full term price, whats the full price of this deal? not £1 as i have said there is a potential for a good deal but thats not the deal as listed - the deal listed is mince n stuff for some price


I'm not quite sure why you are so obsessed with trying to 'rubbish' this deal. If you don't feel that you understand what the title says, as most people seem able to do, then why not just ignore it, so that those who do understand, which shouldn't be difficult as the title is self explanatory, can get on with deciding if it meets their purpose. There is nothing in the title that suggests you can get a single pack for a pound, and whatever you say the deal is still current, and therefore should not have been expired.

5kg chicken breast - £19.50 (min £20 order for delivery, £4.95 delivery for orders under £75) @ Westin Gourmet
Posted 3rd Jun 2014Posted 3rd Jun 2014
5kg chicken breast - £19.50 (min £20 order for delivery, £4.95 delivery for orders under £75) @ Westin Gourmet£19.50
LOVEFOOD SPECIAL Buy 2.5kg Get 2.5kg FREE! That's a whopping 5kg of our premium chicken breast fillets for only £19.50 - less than £1 per fillet. Just add one 2.5kg pack to your … Read more

true, i have it myself.. the taste is the same from the supermarkets.. the only thing i forgot to mention is that its frozen and not fresh ......but how i eventually prepare it tastes good.


ha, ha, sorry lol just thought id say i get it cheaper..... but your right, unfortunately my butcher doesn't deliver


Hot! Thank you!:)


Sounds like you either need a new family or the one you already have don't like you very much, lol.


Family always rip you off, they can because you think you're getting a good deal