Westland Resolva 24H Ready to Use Weedkiller 1 Litre £2.99 at Home Bargains

Westland Resolva 24H Ready to Use Weedkiller 1 Litre £2.99 at Home Bargains

LocalFound 8th Jun 2013
Looking for some reasonably priced weed killer. Thought this was a good price as quite expensive online still from what I can see.
Not sure if national found in stetchford store.
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Sound like a good price.

I use a Wilko own brand glyphosate concentrate in a sprayer that I keep for the purpose. (You can sometimes reuse sprayers like the one illustrated.) I bought a litre of the concentrate at least a year ago and used some (successfully) recently so it will keep. Can't remember the quoted dilution but you can make gallons and it is currently £11 for a litre. Money saving is you have to clear large areas.

Looking for the above, I spotted this on the Wilko website. No idea if it is better or worse than the Resolva but £2 online (may be same in store).

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Good price, have used in the past with excellent results.
£2.97 in B&M stores. Other variants also for grass etc.
It works well. The blue bottle will kill grass, so be careful on lawns. A little dab in the centre of dandelions kills the little bu99ers. lol
yes there was a red one for patios too. I didn't want it for my lawn, I wanted it for the weeds that sprout up at the top of my garden!! annoying!
good deal, was looking for a e=reasonably priced weedkiller, thanks
Wish I had a home bargains near me. They always have great deals!
thanx . got some . good price in my opinion
Aldi had a 1L glyphosphate spray for £1.99 a while back. Still a few left in my store.
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