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Rosie’s Pig Cloudy Raspberry Cider 10L Bag £28 @ westons-cider
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Cloudy Cider with Raspberry and Cucumber Pioneering new taste N.B. You must be over 18 to purchase this item | GF, V, VE Appearance | Hazy blush pink colour Smell | A fresh di… Read more

It’s a reasonable price delivered. It ‘might’ work out slightly cheaper from home bargains as they have 330ml cans if you didn’t want 10l. For the stronger stuff, the old Rosie 2l are always good value. Don’t forget Aldi’s vintage (which is Weston’s), which I think is £1.69 for a 750ml bottle.


Not sure it's cold, looks a good deal for me!


Only 4%....But if you drank this quockly you Will be Passed (pirate)

Mortimer's Orchard Cider - 24 x 330ML £20 at westons-cider
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Please shop responsibly. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been seeing a lot of community demand for basic household items. Please consider others and don’t stockpile - we all… Read more
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Mine arrived damaged. Not very well packaged in my opinion. But replacements on the way already, so no complaints here (party)


A very nice cider, not too gassy like their stowford press and quite a refreshing taste to it. Westons also had some short dated Stowford press mixed berries on offer on their website a couple of weeks ago but when ours arrived the date had a couple of extra months compared to what was advertised (not that they lasted that long anyway...!).


Bought this a couple of weeks ago from the westons cider site. The taste is more towards Henry westons vintage as opposed to the lighter taste of stowford press, it has a bit of an aftertaste as well but over all it is enjoyable.


It is a good deal. I just wandered if any cider drinkers have tried this? Was a Sainsburys exclusive from my research but not many reviews. I bought the £15.50 offer yesterday of 8 sparkling 7.5% ciders.

Rosie’s Pig Flat Tyre Rhubarb Cider (12 X 330ml) £14 @ westons-cider
93° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Cloudy Cider with Rhubarb Juice N.B. You must be over 18 to purchase this item | GF, V, VE Appearance Cloudy, light pink straw colour Smell Complex, with distinctive rhubarb … Read more

Ordered at same time as a pack of the stowford press, one of each, order letter shows that, but had 2 X stowford press delivered and no Rosie pig


I usually just tug at the ring pull! (confused) (cheeky)


I love this in the pub but the cans are absolute rubbish compared to the real deal; they're just sugary and have no balance.


Pot luck whether your nearest store has it though. Mine rarely has any good booze.


I love flat tyre stuff. Never tasted the cider though, I don't usually like cider. Is this any different nicer than something 'cheaper'? Might give it a go if its nice.

Westons Cloudy Cider 8x500ml £15.50 @ westons-cider
-261° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Wonderfully traditional, our Westons Cloudy Cider is a robust and traditional sparkling cider. A hazy, medium dry sparkling cider. SPECIAL OFFER DUE TO JUNE 2020 SHELF LIFEAppear… Read more

I may be wrong, but I need to queue for 30 minutes to check, but I thought these were included in the Morrison's 3 for £5 deal, which would make 9 for £15.


Think that was 12 bottles for £12, dated May 20 (ordered the mixed berry a couple of days ago)


This has already been posted?


HEAT OP (y) Usually a good price & free delivz. Asda & Tesco do a 4for£6 on bottles of Westons, Thatchers, Magners, Bulmer ciders et al, mix& match. Making 8 Bottles £12, but you'd have to go shopping yourself for it, and their delivery would cost extra to, if you manage to get a Slot in the foreseeable future! I think a few Dealers have dismissed this out of hand but when you factor in the lockdown faffing, it's a decent price for a lovely drop of cider. Chin chin! ;)

STOWFORD PRESS (12 X 500ML) PET + FREE SHIPPING £13.50 @ Westons Cider
723° Expired
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Made from 100% local, home-press apples N.B. You must be over 18 to purchase this item | GF, V, VE IMPORTANT – This stock has a Best Before End of May 2020 Appearance Pale stra… Read more

It arrived! August date too


London w9 - I think it's pub trade only because I can't see it being sold. What's the date on it? Did find out while googling that Weston's once had a cider house (cider only pub) in London, W9 - hence the name. Mine is 'at hub' apparently


I got a phone call yesterday morning to tell me they have no stock, so if its ok with me, they are going to replace my order with xxx. I didnt quite hear what the nice lady said but i was half asleep so i just said yeah thats fine. Order came today. 1 case of Stowford Press Mixed Berries in glass bottles dated 05/2021 and 1 case of Westons London Cider W9 in plastic bottles. No idea what its like but i'll find out this weekend Cant find anything online about the "Craft London W9 cider"


Just had the call, a week to tell me they don't have it on stock :/ Offered to swap for cans instead, but it's no cheaper (might even be more) than it costs in the supermarket so went for a refund. Love the product, but the service is pretty poor


Oh, they're out of stock :( Getting some London cider instead (full refund offered as alternative, but what the heck)

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Stowford pressed mixed berries (12 X 500ML) pet + Free delivery £12 @ Westons Cider
1303° Expired
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
An award winning bright and refreshing cider, blended with the richness of ripe mixed berries N.B. You must be over 18 to purchase this item | GF, V, VE IMPORTANT – This stock h… Read more
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Mine finally arrived bbd May 2021 and in glass bottles. My initial order was never dispatched and the case of 12 500ml standard cider bottles £13.50 was substituted for 24 500ml cans dated next year as well - result! Also got the Mortimers cider which is again long dated and will be long gone before then!


Mine arrived today with a Best Before May 2021 (y) 🏼


Mine came this morning too. BBE 2021 for berries and August 2020 for the cider they substituted.


Finally had mine delivered. 2 crates of this stuff BBE: May 2021!! (y) 2 crates of the canned cider BBE: December 2020 2 x 10l box cider: 1 BBE June 2020, the other November 2020. Chuffed!


Finally came this morning. Expiry says May 21 😄

Weston's Rosies Pig (Mulled cider) 10L box £29.75 @ Westons
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Posted 3rd Nov 2019Posted 3rd Nov 2019
Weston's Rosies Pig (Mulled cider) 10L box £29.75 @ Westons
Formerly known as "Herny Weston's mulled cider", this is arguably one of the best mulled ciders out there. Many pubs stock this each year. Usual price is £35 Special offer with FR… Read more


20% off 20l Bag in a Box Westons Cider . e.g. Old Rosie £46.60 @ Westons
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Posted 23rd Mar 2017Posted 23rd Mar 2017
20% off 20l Bag in a Box Westons Cider . e.g. Old Rosie £46.60 @ Westons
Delivery is Free. Deal ends 1st April. I think this works out at about £1.30 a pint.. Personally I love the Old Rosie but its a strong cider and goes down very easily.
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I've had that, but I guess if you don't understand what cider really is it makes sense. Also in a bar once where they said they had Strongbow on draught or the premium cider was bottled Magners, they are both ciders by name but premium was stretching it a bit! What bugs me is when they sell proper ales but still don't understand that Recorderlig isn't a proper cider, surely if you know beer can vary massively you'd know cider does too?


Sad thing is people don't know the difference, I once asked in a bar what 'real ciders' they had, he reeled off a load of weird 'fruity ciders' they were awful!


Yeah, about £60 though.


Got a few bottles of Old Rosie through prime now. Had never heard of it so wasnt expecting much. Really nice cider, went down a treat.


I love black dragon, can you buy it like this?