Weston's Old Rosie 10L (17.6 pints - 7.3%) cider box - £20 Morrisons

Weston's Old Rosie 10L (17.6 pints - 7.3%) cider box - £20 Morrisons

Found 7th Aug 2017
Morrisons have 17.6 / 10 litre boxes of Old Rosie cider for £20 - so just over £1 a pint....never seen it this cheap.

Can't find it on their website, but seen & bought in the last 3 stores ( Sunderland , Edinburgh, Hull) I've been in, so probably national.

The box has a 10 litre goon bag inside with a tap on it.

Picture shows a damaged box one which I bought reduced to 10 quid at Sunderland.

Please drink responsibility!
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Good cider that dont drink it all
Sadly, not in both Wincanton or Glastonbury Morrisons yesterday.
Shame, as it's a nice drop! 😩
I am on my 2nd one of these.. Love this cider and love the price.
I just been to purchase this at our Morrisons in eccesfield went through checkout to say not for resale. They checked said it had been recalled so could not purchase any
Just bought it in fort william reduced to a mere £8
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