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Westworld [Blu-Ray] - £4.99 Delivered @ theentertainmentstore / eBay

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Classic sci-fi film, it's one of my favourites and looks great on Blu-Ray. I haven't seen it this cheap, currently £6.79 from Amazon and their lowest price ever was £5.59.

A lawyer and businessman (Richard Benjamin and James Brolin) take a dream holiday to the newly opened technological paradise Westworld, a resort offering its visitors all the thrills, but none of the dangers, of the old Wild West, which is recreated by supposedly harmless robots. However, when one of the computerized gunslingers (Yul Brynner) malfunctions, the two city slickers find themselves in a battle for their lives. Directorial debut of 'Jurassic Park' author, Michael Crichton.

Director: Michael Crichton
Cast: Richard Benjamin, Yul Brynner, James Brolin, Victoria Shaw, Majel Barrett
Region Code: B (UK & Europe)
Cert: 15
Format: Blu-ray
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    A 70s sci-fi masterpiece, seems that era was the golden age where stories were simple but effective and the effects were passable and often more realistic than early CGI.

    Brynner bringing ice cold terminator before Arnie, and a far more convincing imperfect cyborg than any in the TV show.
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    Brilliant film
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    Excellent movie. Mesmerized me as a kid. Watched it about 8 years ago. Yes it's older but I don't think it's dated and wasn't spoiled for me 30 years later. Great film
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    Far superior to the God awful TV series
    48754144-WilRE.jpgYeah, looks awful.
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    Haven't seen this for years, hoping it's not dated now. I watched something recently from my childhood & it was terrible. Thanks for posting OP,
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    Sorry but this is terribly dated.. Imagine in its day it was great and watched it as I'd watched the whole TV series and wanted to see how it fared in comparison
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    Good film, team up with The Omega Man and Capricorn One and you have a good day in front of the TV!
    Include Soylent Green and Demon seed and that collection would be amazing!
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    Grabbed a copy, already had it somewhere, also look out for future world 1976,yul brynner was back, wasn't as good. (edited)
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    As usual, Amazon has now price matched
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    Belter. One of my faves from then. Along with Andromeda Strain and the Crazies