Wet Head Water Roulette Game now £5 C+C @ Halfords

Wet Head Water Roulette Game now £5 C+C @ Halfords

Found 10th Nov 2016
Was £15 & now £5, seems to be between £14 - £15 elsewhere, has excellent reviews too. Seems to be plenty of stock around
Wet Head Water Roulette

The Wet Head Water Roulette is a fun, water game for all the family. Fill the Wet Head container with water and take turns to wear the hat and spin the roulette on top.When it stops spinning, remove one of the rods and wait to see who gets soaked first! Whoever stays dry longest is the winner!

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Thank you op. I didn't know Halfords sold toys!
reserved thank you
great price I paid 15 pound a few months back
nice one, reserved one
great find thanks
Made me laugh have some heat
Bargain if you can get one, nearest store with stock 83 miles away for me
Not available in stores or online
cold , can't get anywhere
sorry op, was well excited when saw this post, fab price, but literally nothing there, well done to those who.bagged it!
Ideal for Xmas day
Not available
great price unfortunately not available for delivery and not in stock near me.

cold , can't get anywhere

Ah, did poor wee didums not get one and had to have a wee sulk and vote cold.

Poor wee pet
looks awesome!
£15 everywhere else! bargain
lol, thanks for the sympathy
"Sorry there is no stock of this item in any other stores" boohoo
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