WET XBOX 360 Video Game - £6.99 @ Amazon

WET XBOX 360 Video Game - £6.99 @ Amazon

Found 8th Sep 2010Made hot 8th Sep 2010
Played this game myself, i found it awesome!

Gamespot Review - 7.5/10 (Good)

Good price in my opinion, Gamestation did have it for £4.99 but is unfortunatley out of stock


Really under-rated game.. Okay, it's a little repetitive, but so are more shooters.. It's very much like playing through a Robert Rodriguez Flick - Really stylised..

Bargain at this price - I paid £12 when Sainsbury's first reduced it, and I felt like I got value for money even at that price.

Same price at HMV too with 3% Quidco on top
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Thanks, worth ordering at this price. Heat added

Has been this price for awhile. Ordered mine a few weeks back.

I bought it recently for a fiver, I couldn't stand it personally, it played like an even worser stranglehold (which i didn't mind!)

Well worth a play through at this price


Thanks for a great find, tombarrettuk! We've featured this deal on Dealspwn, HUKD's gaming blog.

If you pour tap water out of a glass onto it.. bah can't resolve this into a Wet Wet Wet joke

You can feel this game in your fingers and toes
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