Wet (Xbox360) now also £12.99 delivered @ HMV

Wet (Xbox360) now also £12.99 delivered @ HMV

Found 25th Nov 2009Made hot 25th Nov 2009
As per Amibee's deal for the PS3 version a few days ago, HMV have now reduced the Xbox 360 version to the same price. As of writing this, it is available for immediate dispatch whereas the PS3 version now has a 7 day lead time.

Game blurb:

When Rubi Malone, a gun-for-hire, agrees to fix a wealthy mans problem by finding and bringing back his wayward son, she thinks the job is going to be cut and dry. She thought wrong. The job turns out to be more complicated than expected and the man who hired her isn't who he appears to be. On the run and looking for the man who betrayed her, Rubi is leaving a massive body count in her wake...

Wet is a highly-stylized third person shooter that seamlessly blends gun play, sword kills and over-the-top acrobatics to create the ultimate interactive action experience. The game allows you to shoot anywhere, anytime. You will have the freedom to shoot while running, sliding down ladders, sliding across the floor, or performing any number of acrobatic moves. Featuring an ironic mix of humor and violence, unique retro film visual treatment, and original 70s inspired music, Wet is a third- person shooter experience unlike any other.

Key Features:

Voice Cast - The lead character, Rubi Malone, is voiced by American actress (Eliza Dushku) of Dollhouse and Buffy fame.

Three Types of Gameplay Seamlessly combines three types of gameplay: 360 degree slip-aiming mechanics, sword fighting and acrobatic abilities.

Acclaimed Writer Duppy Demitrius Written by Demitrius who is best known for his work on the action-packed TV series 24.

Ultimate Interactive Action Experience Over-the-top acrobatics with constant action that features aerial sword attacks, fantastic sword skills and high body count.

Cinematographic Style Unique retro film visual treatment with stylized over-the-top characters, an original 70s inspired soundtrack and locations that span three continents.

New Iconic Character Rubi combines attitude, style and killer instinct!


good price but can i justify another game purchase??????

Will this be in-store too?

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Will this be in-store too?

Games are usually about £2 to 5 dearer in store but I've not checked.


Will this be in-store too?

was £14.99 in store yesterday:thumbsup:

Saw very mixed reviews on this game. Played it at a mates. Won't be buying. The idea is good and the graphic pretty good, but it just feel like they rush the release of it. Like they either ran out of budget or had to release it before the Christmas big guns hit the shelves. If you want it and like it then good price though. I'd recommend downloading the demo first.

If like many you enjoyed Stranglehold, you'll love this. Try the demo from Xbox live

Balls. Ordered this from tesco @ £15 last week, not even arrived yet.

wow, this gets cheaper and cheaper. i thought it was a good buy when i bought it for £25

great game, just as good as max payne if you ask me

Ordered this along with infamous on the 20/11/09, Wet was sent an hour before infamous. Got infamous yesterday & the postie has just been and no Wet?

This has happened before with HMV, Wet will probably turn up next week?

Ordered thanks


picked it up yesterday in store for £14.99, good find

Played the demo. Not my cup of tea. But yeah if you liked stranglehold, you will love this.

Nice price.

I can't deny that £12.99 is good considering it was released only a month or so ago.

There is a reason for the price reduction though... It's crap.

hmm tempting

I didn't think it was that bad but the game could have been a lot better and it's not really that long. I hated the levels where the screen would go all red, black and white it gets annoying. The soundtrack was good and Eliza Dushku does a good voice for Rubi. It's worth buying at that price but the game gets old rather quickly.

Not my sort of thing but the price is OK I suppose.

Hot hot hot.

mindless blaster, but in a good way.... semi-decent story and lets face it - shes hot

well worth £13 of anyones money... part of the reason this is faling in price is the "big guns" are out and they are struggling for column inches...

Look at Borderlands for example - brilliant game, 4 player co-op and ton of replayability is now down to £23 because it doesnt have big-money marketing bucks. Its DLC was released yesterday (ZOMBIES!) and it didnt even get a mention on the Xbox Live front end, instead making way for a "How To beat MW2 on veteran" guide (the answer was "die lots and keep trying"... sheesh!)

bought and voted hot. this is an amazing deal for a game released not long ago. the demo was fun, and even if you dont like it, play it, get the achievements and sell it to CEX for £11 (on their site) you aint exactly losing much, and your couldn't hire it for any less!

Cheap but it's because the game is a waste of time.

That guy who said it was as good as Max Payne is clearly insane.


Cheap but it's because the game is a waste of time.That guy who said it … Cheap but it's because the game is a waste of time.That guy who said it was as good as Max Payne is clearly insane.


Terrible game, most i'd pay for this (and i'd NEVER buy it) is £4.99

Good find.

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If like many you enjoyed Stranglehold, you'll love this. Try the demo … If like many you enjoyed Stranglehold, you'll love this. Try the demo from Xbox live

Stranglehold demo was great... bought the game and it was so bad. The level design and missions were so BASIC... flipping switches, crates everywhere, just so repetitive.

WET demo was good as well... probably worth it at this price.
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