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Wetherspoons cut prices by 7.5% this Thursday 15th September only @ Wetherspoon

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Looks like you can get some cash off at Wetherspoons this Thursday.

  • A large breakfast at Wetherspoons is usually priced at £6.30, but the discount means it would be £5.83 - saving 47p.
  • You could also save 55p on a classic burger and soft drink - with the price being reduced from £7.45 to £6.90.
  • The price of beer varies across the country, but a £3.50 pint would be reduced to £3.24.

Prices can vary around the Country

The discount will not apply to alcohol in Scotland due to licensing regulations. It also excludes airports and the Republic of Ireland.


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    Everyone should like this pubs are struggling at the moment and to cut prices even just for one day is brilliant. Hats off to wetherspoons.
    Go to a real pub then. Spoons have helped price out and close hundreds.
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    Don't know if it's just me, spoons prices have gone up and portions have gone down. Had a small fish & chips with drink think it was just under £7 but the size.... First time I've been able to easily count the number of chips on my plate, forget the fish, it was like a fish finger!
    I found its a bit hit and miss in spoons in terms of portion sizes and quality of food. Some stuff feels like its been reheated, other times i get served kids portions.

    Been to many spoons across the UK, all different.
  3. Avatar
    What a time to be alive!
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    Why is it for only 1 day if the VAT reduction is for the foreseeable?
    Wetherspoon are showing the benefit of a VAT reduction if the government were to introduce one. A VAT reduction isn’t actually happening which is why no other pubs and restaurants are reducing prices.
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    Use them or lose them!
    Preferably smaller independent pubs.
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    The British hate a winner
    If you don’t like spoons it’s your loss the food and beer is as a rule spot on
    But you can’t please all of the people all of the time
    The breakfast , curry and pizzas are as good as you’ll get anywhere and cheaper than anyone else’s
    Spoons vary a lot depending on the location. I go to my local one a lot cus I'm a cheapskate but there's no denying the food is hit n miss.
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    Went the other day for the first time in ages, pint of real ale and a gin & tonic £3.99, can't argue with that.
    It's absolutely nuts, isn't it? Been in a lot of Wetherspoons in my time and never had to take a pint back ever too.
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    I used to work for the company that had the contract to make some of their onsite repairs. They were a nightmare to pay their invoices; their head office accounts used to put on different accents, say you had the wrong number and laugh and pretend to not get paperwork sent via recorded delivery. Basically they treated their suppliers just how you would imagine.

    Good prices, nice enough food (for the cost) but I just can’t. Fair enough if that your jam though, enjoy
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    The Wetherspoons in Harrogate is genuinely the nicest pub I've ever been in. And still charging 2 quid for a pint of real ale last time I went in. Miraculous

    48223299-3K3vj.jpg (edited)
    Yep my favourite one too.
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    If anyone wonders why spoons sell so cheap they go for volume over profit per sale - their pure net profit is literally 1/2p a £1. People complain about them but it's the same situation as getting flights with ryanair/easyjet etc. Price usually wins
    Their products are supplied the same as everyone else's. If a company comes to you and says "I have 900 pubs, what can you offer?" you'd have to be stupid to not make a deal.
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    Is there an option to give that money as tips to the staff directly?
    Pay them in cash
  12. Avatar
    Cheers Tim
  13. Avatar
    Wow, can't wait to save 60p off a frozen ready meal.
    That applies to most pub chains.
  14. Avatar
    Love Wetherspoons!
  15. Avatar
    How much halloumi do you want for £2.15?
    48230845-7AxKD.jpgTake a good hard look at that picture and compare. Do you purchase halloumi from Spoons ever?
    I took that picture a couple of days earlier from another spoons.
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    Hats off to Tim Martin!!
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    I absolutely love going to a spoons and seeing it busy. Normal people enjoying fair prices and socialising. Fed up of being ripped off in London with prices of normal pubs. Hardly see much change from £20 for a pint and a spirit in some places. Just makes me not want to go out!
  18. Avatar

    Steak Club tonight, isn't it? How much are we talking here?
  19. Avatar
    48219368-ZRM4e.jpgI agree with the smaller portion
    I ordered this side of halloumi with my breakfast and this was served....costing £2.15
    I refused to eat it.
    Dont they sell hallooumi fries for like £3? Would justify the price more with a proper portion
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    I can only afford to go for a drink at Wetherspoons, can't afford to go to my local as almost £10 for 2 pints
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    Legit though, if you like Chicken Wings, order some the next time you go. Absolutely divine. Seriously.
    Oder the 3 deal. x2 Wings, x1 Pizza. Always good to share
  22. Avatar
    So that's about equal to a free black pudding with breakfast, happy day's. 🍽️
    Except they stopped doing black pudding. So that's me never going back there again well that and the fact that Tim Martin's a bit of a tool
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    I can't help but noticed that the implication of this campaign is that a meal prepared and served in Wetherspoons has no added value over the input ingredients and as such should be taxed identically to raw fruit and veg.
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    Whenever I go in my local wetherspoons for a breakfast at 9 - 10am there's always the same guy sat in the same seat, reading the paper nursing a pint. I always wonder how you could have a pint first thing and the rest of the day not be a write off.
    I don't think it was a judgemental comment, I read it as more sympathetic to those that feel they need to turn to booze at that time in the morning, when there's the whole day ahead. I'd not considered shift workers though.
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    Top bloke. Excellent business brain. Good cheap food and drink. If you don't like it don't go.
  26. Avatar
  27. Avatar
    As lovely as this is, a vat reduction won't mean that the price we pay would definitely be reduced. It'll just mean that the hospitality sector would be able to keep more money, as was proven during the months following the lockdowns...
    Yep, prices went up if anything at wetherspoon.
    We certainly didn't see the temporary reduction.
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    48224123-Nkr9o.jpgSomething else from WETHERSPOONS. They're very considerable.
    This, which l believe is a spoof, has been doing the rounds on social media.
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    Nothing against spoons, the prices are great and had a cheap meal many a time. However their Guinness is awful (in Belfast too), not convinced it even is real Guinness. Happily pay a couple of quid more for a nicer pint.
    Can't say I've noticed their Guinness tasting any different from most other pubs in Belfast.
  30. Avatar
    includes Northern Ireland. (edited)
  31. Avatar
    Aka put pressure on the government for the tax payers to ensure they get more profits. Heven forbid they don't get to beat last years profits.
    We are talking about VAT here mate, the retailer takes this on behalf of HMRC
  32. Avatar
    Don't bother
  33. Avatar
    I don't like the idea of going to Spoons but it's just so damned cheap
    And as money gets tight to be able to go out and have a pint or two this is a nice touch.So get out,start the weekend early and support this initiative to prove to those that should be listening that its a good idea.Oh and drown your sorrows and get completley mullered...
    ps if it was after 9 oclock i would of said "Get w... ah do what,it's only 8.47 " and thats why its mullered.
  34. Avatar
    What utter nonsense.
  35. Avatar
    Jeeez I thought they were cheap enough already
  36. Avatar
  37. Avatar
    Haven't spent a penny in there since brexit. Had enough of that propaganda magazine that Tim used to peddle his lies. It's for people who have given up life and accept their position as simpletons.

    Basically I'm not a fan.
  38. Avatar
    This is the winter of our discount plate
  39. Avatar
    I mean, the problem with their campaign is they are asking for the same rate as an industry that isn't hospitality.

    Seems like Tim Martin has trouble understanding semantics.

    Will that 7.5% saved by Tim, 100% go to the bar and kitchen staff's pockets on top of their normal rate ? somehow I don't think it will. (edited)
    I'd suggest it would, thus this offer. It makes more sense for Wetherspoons to decrease prices as much as possible throughout their vast amount of establishments and increase footfall, increasing overall turnover.
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    Living the dream!
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