Wetherspoons January Sale 4th to 14th January
Wetherspoons January Sale 4th to 14th January

Wetherspoons January Sale 4th to 14th January

Problems with the link at the moment as its not showing prices but should be working soon. Title pretty much says it all.


link works for me. just no prices on it!

title says nowt, link not working/no sale prices so no info to vote on lol, if you know whats on sale then write it, dont be lazy!
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There won't be prices, different areas have different prices.

Hopefully they'll sell beer for 99p again like they did a couple of years ago, though I'm not getting my hopes up - especially after they raised their prices by about 10p/pint a few weeks back, presumably so they can claim that they're not passing on the VAT increase next month X)

Ruddles £1.49 Pint

JD Wetherspoon is not re-running its 99p pint deal in its January Sale next month, BigHospitality has learnt.

Wetherspoon's January sale has caused controversy in the past

Wetherspoon's January sale has caused controversy in the past

Next year's sale will see pints of Carlsberg sold for £1.99.

Pints of Ruddles, bottles of Becks, Smirnoff & Monster and Gordon's gin and tonic will cost £1.49. Bottles of Frascati wine will go for £4.99.

Food offers will include tuna mayo jacket potatoes for £1.99, fish & chips plus a tea or small coffee for £1.99, and chilli con carne or five-bean chilli and a drink for £3.99.

The promotion will run from 4 to 14 January, except in Scotland, where it starts on 5 January.

Controversial offer

Wetherspoon caused controversy with its 99p deal on Greene King IPA in the January Sale of 2009.

The brewer accused Wetherspoon of devaluing its flagship brand. Some Greene King tenants were also annoyed that JDW was selling IPA for cheaper than they could buy it.

Wetherspoons later switched IPA for Greene King’s Ruddles beer to placate the Suffolk company. The 99p deal re-ran in January 2010.

The 2011 January Sale is being advertised on posters at Wetherspoon pubs from this week.

Liking the sound of the £1.99 fish and chips which effectively makes it 90p/£1 for the meal if you were getting a coffee anyway! Ace! Shame no 99p drinks this year! Perhaps more offers will be announced yet; shame no details on their official site or owt.

As oooooz said earlier, Wetherspoons prices vary from area to area, London meal prices are anything up to a pound higher than say, Manchester.
I was in Wetherspoons last night and saw the new menu, much the same as the old one + 2-5%
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