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Wetherspoons Monday Club - Pint Ruddles or Worthington's from £1.49 / Pint Shipyard or Strongbow £2.25 / Guinness £2.99 (price may vary)

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About this deal

Wetherspoons will be running reduced drinks prices every Monday (excluding bank holidays) across 900 of it's pubs. A pint of Ruddles or Worthington's will be £1.49, with pints of Shipyard or Strongbow £2.25, Budweiser £2.69 and Guinness reduced to £2.99. Prices may vary by location, so check local pricing on the Monday at your local. Prices listed below.



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Below is a list of the full list of items included in the deal at all branches of Wetherspoons each Monday (prices may vary by location)

  • Ruddles or Worthingtons - £1.49
  • Abbot Ale - £2.25
  • Shipyard or Strongbow - £2.25
  • Coors or Carling - £2.49
  • Budweiser - £2.69
  • Guinness - £2.99
  • Au vodka (strawberry burst, blue raspberry, pineapple crush, pink lemonade) - £1.99 including mixer
  • Sidemen vodka (tropical ice, mixed berry) - £1.99 including mixer
  • Smirnoff raspberry - £1.99 including mixer
  • ·Gordon’s pink gin - £1.99 including mixer
  • Jack Daniel’s apple flavoured bourbon - £1.99 including mixer
  • Captain Morgan’s tiki flavoured rum - £1.99 including mixer
  • Disaronno - £1.99 including mixer
  • Bumbo rum - £2.85 including mixer
  • Jack Daniel’s - £2.85 including mixer
  • Kraken rum - £2.85 including mixer
  • Any two cocktail pitchers - £13.25
  • Pepsi (Max, Max Cherry, Diet) - £1.65
  • R Whites lemonade - £1.65
  • Monster (all varieties) - £1.65
  • Brecon Carreg water (still, sparkling) £1.29

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  1. lucas's avatar
    My local in Twickenham sells the shipyard for £6.50, (their brewdog pints are £7.75 or £8.75 on a rugby day!) I can either drink 4 pints in spoons for £9 or in my local for £26. And the spoons beer is always fresher and better kept.
    muffboy's avatar
    Spot on post. I refuse to give my business to the local pubs near me in Burbage, extortionate beer prices. I had a couple of really nice ales yesterday in Beduff spoons, both £1.49 a pop! Never get a bad pint in spoons either due to the volume/turnover whereas in local pubs it's often sat in the pipes for a day or two.
    Monday club has been going for years, this post is irrelevant?
  2. ansonuk1's avatar
    🔥 Excellent prices, business and owner
    ogeran's avatar
    Excellent owner, debatable. ( Head down, running away as fast as I can before anyone sees me saying this)
  3. fangsofthefox's avatar
    Cheaper prices I guess but the selection available is a bit grim.

    Still voted hot tho.
    nigelbutler's avatar
    I think the choice of beers and lagers is pretty decent really..... better than most pubs charging six quid a pint
  4. Gstar2006's avatar
    I thought they've been doing "monday club" reduced prices for years now?

    I can confirm our local was running reductions this week on Monday.
    nigelbutler's avatar
    Yes but the reductions are much better.... Previously Guest ales were £2.41 at my local now they are £1.99 .... Pretty decent reduction so well worth a post!
  5. jederer's avatar
    Imagine the clientele in Spoons on a Monday
    Haircut_100's avatar
    Yes, imagine people from all walks of life enjoying an inexpensive pint in unpretentious surroundings.
  6. noson's avatar
    Never trust the lines in a spoons.

    Bottles only for me.
    andypearce543's avatar
    Just about the cleanest beer there is apparently that's why it wins awards. Probably because of the high turnover and it isn't sat there
  7. bailey87's avatar
    I love Shipyard in a can. Whenever I get it on draught from spoons it tastes totally different and not as nice
    noson's avatar
    They don't clean there lines. That's why.
  8. nigelbutler's avatar
    Yeah the reductions now are much better!

    Guest Ales were £2.41 in the Hertford area now at £1.99

    Really decent reductions now. A nice surprise!
  9. cannibalwombat's avatar
    I remember at uni in the late 2000s, Ruddles pints at the local 'spoons used to be 99p. Good way to warm up for a night out!
    Al2001's avatar
    I had a 99p ruddles 2 years ago (admittedly with a CAMRA 50p off voucher!)
  10. Chanchi32's avatar
    you may have to go to the earl of dalkeith instead of Aldi
    hotmik's avatar

    Not too bad price any day of the week at the Earl, Kettering
  11. supamart's avatar
    I think it stopped. I don’t remember seeing it for quite a while now.
  12. turtles1's avatar
    My local, Paignton, has been closed since February for a huge refit and extension. Was due to open two days ago but still closed AFAIK.
    bharathomes's avatar
  13. extonjoe's avatar
    i could get pissed for a fiver back in the day


    1985 days (edited)
    hotmik's avatar
  14. sarkymark1's avatar
    3 pints for a tenner. That's a result!
  15. DJ.Mole's avatar
    Scotland surely shafted?
  16. Mr-Friday's avatar
    Surely the point of "rating" the deal on offer here is looking at the value for money rather than your view of the owner ?

    The fact you can buy a pint for this price is a great deal. This is from someone who doesn't drink beer but that doesn't stop me appreciating this deal for those who do drink beer (and these particular beers /ales)
  17. herrbz's avatar
    I thought this was their standard deal?
  18. BlueCreek's avatar
    It’s currently £1.99 for coors and carling at my local.
's avatar