WH Smith DVD Sale - Instore Only

WH Smith DVD Sale - Instore Only

Found 28th Feb 2007
WH Smith are having a DVD sale on at the moment.
In-Store only, as i checked online, and they were far more expensive.

Compared to other Online retailers, most the others couldnt match.

Happy Gilmore - £2 (nearest is HMV @ £4 if you can get it delivered, i gave up after a month previously)
Human Traffic - £2 ( nearest is DVD.co.uk @ £3.95)
Donnie Darko (Single Disc Directors Cut) - £2 (Nearest HMV @ £5)
Green Street - £4 ( Only match Amazon @£4 + Del)

Those are just what caught my eye, there were more there including 2Fast 2Furious @ £3-4 and some trashy looking horror films around the £1 to £2 price range. Some people like them.


Saw Happy gilmore today for just 1.97 in Tesco, there were one or two others at that price too. Can't remember which ones tho!

Human Traffic was £2 too and Donnie Darko £2 in Asda. I think they have Green Street at £4 in Tesco too.
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