Wh Smiths Privilege discountcard

Wh Smiths Privilege discountcard

Found 25th Mar 2008
Just been handed a discount card for 20% off Books , stationery ,pc accessories, arts and crafts , board games and jigsaws,photo albums and frames, calculators and organisers,
10% all cds / dvds console games ,pc software & hardware, ink cartridges , greeting cards & wrap , diaries .


I'm going to expand on this...

When you make a purchase in WHSmith the counter staff will scan and hand you a discount card that can be used against purchases made from Monday 7th April to Sunday 13th April (One Week Only). You could ask for a card without making a purchase, but as they need to scan the card through the till first, they may not be able to just hand one out.

The card offers an up to extra 20% off throughout the store.

20% Off is valid against:
ALL Books
ALL Stationery
ALL Pens, Pencils & Refills, PC Accessories & Paper, Photo Albums & Frames, Organisers, Board Games & Jigsaws, Calculators, Art & Craft

10% Off is valid against:
ALL CDs & DVDs, Console Games
ALL PC Software & Hardware
ALL Inkjet Cartridges, Greeting Cards & Wrap, Diaries

I got one of these that is valid from 24th-30th March - same discounts - but it is also valid online by entering PRIV20 at checkout.

do they have discounts on magazines too?

Should be in deals.. not vouchers

I work at WH Smith part time to pay my way thru uni... and these cards supposedly have to be scanned thru the till but that's only so head office make sure we are handing them out. If u want one... then ask, cos the company will gladly give u one as they will be getting your custom.
I'll be using my staff discount with this discount card...
So 30% (As staff discount is 12.5%... but they take the discount off of the total after the other discount goes thru)
off of all the rubbish stuff that they make most of their money on... books, stationery.
& 21.25% off of the good ol' entertainment bits and bobs...
Now to find out if there are any clubcard vouchers knocking about on here to print off.
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