Whalen 3 in 1 upto 52 inch tv stand - instore costco, same as weblink £119

Whalen 3 in 1 upto 52 inch tv stand - instore costco, same as weblink £119

Found 2nd Jan 2017
Happened to be in the Manchester Costco, and picked this up, for the price, it's pretty solid, metal and wood stand, looks exactly the same show on Costco website...

Though mine the specs are slightly different it not by much

Length 117cm

Height 67 cm without the LCD frame attached, not attached mine

Depth 48 cm

Build not to bad took about 1 hour, as draws are pre built,
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I'd vote but I have no idea what a Whalen 3in1 is.
Is is whale blubber 3in1 organic oil?
Yes there is a picture but as it Stands, I can't read it very well on my small TV (phone) screen.
£214.99 online
Yep, sorry, couldn't get the picture and price, together, thanks
I bought a Whalen 3 in 1 stand from Costco last year. It was dark wood with black glass shelving. Really happy with it
I bought a similar one locally via Scumtree with a drawer at the top. They're pretty sturdy items, I'd recommend these Whalen units
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