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Great reviews and a great price!
Could always get Richersounds to price match these (149 quid at Richersounds!)

Please note-these are open boxed!


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Brilliant for the money, always loved this speaker, kevlar cones, curved cabinet to reduce standing waves, cast speaker mounts.

A serious upgrade for bundled speakers with smaller systems. superb.

Richer won't price match open boxed!

Nice sound in a compact unit. As with all speakers try and listen to them in (say) Richer Sounds with a similar set-up to yours to see if they are what you want. On the other hand just buy them you won't be disappointed. I bought a pair for one of my kid's set up - nice

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Richer won't price match open boxed!

Didn't know this

They are 129 quid brand new for anyone wanting to get them price-matched @ Richersounds
Here is the direct link : superfi.co.uk/ind…197

Just out of interest what is the performance difference with regards to quality of sound between 4 / 6 / 8 ohm speakers, whats best?

Nice speakers.

Beware Superfi - Ensure that they have the item in stock. I've had problems in the past with items being ex-display, or not in stock when I tried to order, but they "kindly offered" a suitable replacement which happened to be more expensive!!!

Tread carefully guys.

[SIZE="2"]I had these speakers and sold them on ebay as I wasn't impressed with the sound. They seemed to lack bass and sounded 'nice' - I mean nice as in 'polite church service' nice, not nice as in 'coooool' nice. Perhaps another way of putting is, that they were mellow, yes, that's the word I'm looking for, they sounded mellow. I prefer a more dynamic sound.

I currently use a pair of Mordaunt Short floorstanding speakers as my main front speakers with a pair of MS 902i's as rear speakers in my 5.1 set-up. I did a side-by-side comparison between the Wharfdale 9.1's and the MS 902i's and can confidently say that the MS 902i's deliver a sound with more bass and liveliness. As these speakers cost roughly the same, compare them if you can, but if you can't I recommed the MS 902i speakers if you prefer more bass and liveliness from your speakers.

I accept that it's a descent price for the speakers, especially as I paid £150 for them, so I'll not vote hot or cold, but, I feel obliged to share my experience nevertheless. :roll:[/SIZE]


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that these speakers aren't intended for home cinema. They're more orientated to hi-fi use - in other words: two-channel stereo reproduction (rather than your 5.1 setup).

Personally, I've always been impressed with the bass response from Wharfedale Diamonds considering their size.

I second that, the sound is full and certainly not lacking bass.

9.1 was originally marketed as a stereo standmount speaker

and has had more than one home cinema setup created around them (]9.1 AV for example) Which like the stereo reviews gained maximum score

Unlike the Mordaunt Shorts, you don't have to be too picky about what hardware you partner them with.

Another excellent feature: they are front ported, meaning you can have them quite close to a wall without a loss in performance or 'bass boom'

Sold out now. I guess they only had one pair. Shame as I was going to have them.

Check the second hand market, 150 would get you some monitor audio silvers if you paitent m8.

Really fantastic speakers, I have a pair of these at the back of my room with my seperates system. Really can't fault them.

[SIZE="2"]Although I have a 5.1 set up, the comments I made about the Wharfdale 9.1 speakers were based on my use of them as my main stereo speakers when listening to music. I use my 5.1 set up about 10% of the time (or less) as I rarely watch DVDs in 5.1.[/SIZE]
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