Wharfedale DVD / DIVX  Player - just £22.92 delivered !!!!!!!!!

Wharfedale DVD / DIVX Player - just £22.92 delivered !!!!!!!!!

Found 2nd Dec 2006
Wharfedale 3210 DIVX DVD Player (Black Fascia With Blue Text Display) is just £22.92 delivered from Ebuyer.com

Looks like a bargain to me. If the direct link doesnt work, use the Quickfind code 12029 to do a search.

DVD, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, VCD, S-VCD,CD-DA, CD-R/-RW, MP3, WMA, JPEG-picture-CD playback
PAL / NTSC playback
VFD vacuum-fluorescent display
16:9 widescreen, 4:3 letterbox, 4:3 PAN & SCAN aspect ratio support
Video DAC: 10 Bit, 54 MHz, Audio DAC: 24 Bit, up to 192 kHz
Navigate menu during MP3 playback
Up to 8 different audio language selection
Up to 32 different subtitle language selection
Up to 9 different angle selection
Parental lock
Still picture and frame by frame playback (DVD mode)
Slow motion DVD playback in different speeds
Fast forward & reverse DVD playback in different speeds


can't find any reviews or info at all on this (!).. at least need to know what chipset this is, before i'd buy..
all i can see is richer sounds have it for £10 more.
almost certainly a rebranded something but i don't know enough about divx dvd players to see what.

Reviews aren't that positive unfortunately.

This is the same product that Netto was selling for £19.99 a couple of weeks back


How could I find out what chip set is inside, short of taking it apart and looking to see what is written on the chip?

I guess you should ask this question on VCDHelp... Some chipsets (ESS and MTK ones) can be easily identified by the look of setup screen but even so it is impossible to tell which chip revision it is.

Was looking at this as an xmas pressie earlier for my dad... Comments from the topic in above link don't sound too good

It's either this one or the £30 one in Argos. Suggestions?

The Argos one died soon after I bought it so it went back to store. Hope it'll make your choice easier

Let me complicate things a little for you at risk of many people posting to the contrary telling you they have ordered thousands of pounds worth of goods from ebuyer without a problem.

I tried to buy from ebuyer once and never again! Do a google on this company and you will find I am not alone in my experience; many also used to use them a lot until the first time they had a problem. e.g.


The issue is that if all goes well with the transaction, you will not have a problem with ebuyer (obviously!)

It's when something goes wrong the problems start...and big time! I don't want to get embroiled in a big argument over this, but you need to ask yourself if buying a product that already has question marks over its quality from a company that has non-existent customer service skills is a wise decision.

You might think that as with any sale to a consumer you are covered by statutory rights. Well legally you are, but ebuyer is well known to South Yorkshire Trading Standards and ultimately your only recourse will be to take court action against them if they fail to comply. They'll laugh at you doing this; they already have a list of outstanding CCJs against them, at least they did the last time I looked.

I'll say no more, the choice is yours but do your own research first.

I had several problems with eBuyer (strangely, always with DVD recorders - they shipped DVD-ROMs instead of DVD-RW every time) and it always was resolved to my satisfaction. But apart from that, they were OK for me.
Obviuously many other people had bad experience with them

i've order from ebuyer maybe 20 times, a couple of times they've sent the wrong thing.
(i went off topic sorry)

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Please post all comments / suggestions related to this product. Any opinions about ebuyer can be said in a separate feedback thread in Misc forum, which can be linked here.


If anyone actually has this could you answer a couple of q's?

Other than obviously not supporting QPEL/Packed Bitstream etc, does it play DivX 5/6 without any issues such as audio going out of sync? Or any issues at all?

I want a cheap xmas pressie but it'll be a waste of £20 if it turns out a dud after a week.

I have one of these (purchased from Netto)

Mine plays the following without issue:
DivX 5.x
DVD -R/-RW/+R recorded using a Panasonic DVD recorder (recording must be finalised)
Pre-recorded DVDs
Pre-recorded CDs
It even plays a VCD from Hong Kong that I cannot play on my computer
(I'm not suggesting this is an exhaustive list - it's just the ones I have tried)

I would say though that my DVDs & CDs are in tip top condition; they have not been used as frisbees or coasters - they don't even have any fingerprints on and some reviews have suggested that it is the quality of the media that is important as to whether they play on this DVD player.

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Thanks for the feedback Premier

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Still around... thanks to cycleman for the reminder :santa:

is it multi region and if not does the below hack work?

open tray place region 1 dvd in it but dont close the tray!
on remote press 0 1 2 3 then play .
all done
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