Wharfedale DVD3210HDMI DVD Player with HDMI £32.68 delivered

Wharfedale DVD3210HDMI DVD Player with HDMI £32.68 delivered

Found 18th Aug 2007
Wharfedale DVD3210HDMI DVD Player with HDMI.


DVD, VCD, SVCD, CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW, JPEG and MP3 playback compatibility.
Upscales resolution to 1080i/720p.
Nicam sound system.
2 channel stereo output.
Supports region 2 coding.
1 SCART socket.
HDMI output socket.
Remote control requires 2 x AAA batteries (supplied).
Size (H)4.5, (W)42, (D)29cm.
Weight 3.1kg.


thats just one person though seem good


thats just one person though seem good

yep still a cheap price for an upscaling DVD player :thumbsup:

i have just been told by a mate that whalfdale to make a lot of products that dont last very long. Just food for thought

I bought three of these at Christmas as presents, and almost immediately two of them had to go back due to playback issues. One major problem seemed to be that when upscaling some DVDs the playback would continually freeze for brief moments throughout the film. I would personally not recommend this player.

good price for an upscaling hdmi connecting dvd player, however wharfdale are not the company they used to be.

i think they were brought out or something, they used to be a great make for speakers back in the day but their name is now attached to budget items rather than the middle to top line stuff they used to do.

voted hot as it is a good price for the item, there appear playback issues ( not the posters fault) but the hot vote is because it is a good price for the product.

I bought the ]very first DVD that Wharfdale made. It was sold in Tesco for the low price of £180! This was when the next cheapest player was about £350.

Anyway, it was rubbish. Poor build quality, poor visual quality, lousy remote. Although, on the plus side, it was region-hackable!

It stopped working after about 18 months, and by then, sub-£100 players were readily available. It was on par with Matsui and other cheapo brands.

I'll never buy another Wharfdale again - in my opinion, its better value to throw your money away. You'll at least know what to expect!



it might be worth a punt at the price you can always end it back

send even

the review on e buyer seems positive

I would consider spending a few pounds extra on the Philips DVP5960 from Amazon for under £40 delivered. Gets consistently good reviews. Bought one as a present for friend couple of weeks ago and it's driving his 720p TV via HDMI->DVI very satisfactorily.

Can be made multiregion in a few seconds using its remote.

Duplicate post, I posted this almost a month ago and the price has not changed:


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ebuyer have this listed as deal of the day thats why i posted it
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