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VAUXHALL CROSSLAND X SUV 1.2 Elite Nav 5dr - 2 year lease, £925 down then £154.20 per month @ What-Car
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
Decent spec on this SUV with 8,000 miles a year. No admin fee. Thanks to m5rcc for this lower price. The tyres will last the term of the lease. Link to review here.

I am sure it will be sufficient to get places. But it is pretty weak, considering bhps are pretty cheap these days.


83bhp is pathetic for a car this size, I have a small hatchback with 99bhp and it feels lacking at times.


That's very helpful - thanks. Definitely food for thought. When you start to add up these 'hidden' costs it can often turn a good deal into a not-so-good deal, and vice versa.


Hi Mr Nuts Just to point out the difference between 42mpg and 32mpg. The difference in fuel would be 542 litres if you did the full 16,000 miles which at £1.15 equals an extra £623 over the 2 years or £26 a month. Might be worth it???


Pity its an absolutely dreadful car.

Ford Kuga 1.5 Ecoboost Zetec (3 + 35 @ £197.15) lease, 8,000 miles per annum - total £7,492 for 3 yrs @ What Car
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
£7,492 to lease a family-friendly petrol Ford Kuga for 3 years. No, you won't own it but it's probably less than the cost of 3 years depreciation. Works out at £208 per month. As w… Read more
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So you've got £6k of depreciation, road tax to pay for years 2 & 3 and then how do you finance the additional £17k you pay up-front? That's easily £1- 1.5k in interest if you can afford to repay over 5 years. And then when you come to sell, there's another new model out meaning yours is worth even less! Lease deals suit those who are happy to work within the restrictions and enjoy fixed cost motoring.


Thought so (lol)


You can only drive it in a wig and heels or the immobiliser kicks in


I think the kuga is being reworked, as is the audi q3, as is the evoque. Hence big discounts. Not sure it's worth it unless you want to keep the car for a good while as your resale will be that much lower as it is an old model as soon as you buy it


Wow, I stand corrected lol, although I notice the List price is about £700 out from Ford's website configurator which would be cause for concern, have you bought through this website/company before how were they? and also no metallic paint which is a further £570 extra

Honda Jazz Hatchback 1.3 VTEC S 5dr - 2 Year Lease, initial payment £408.63 then 23 payments of £136.21 @ What Car leasing
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Sorry for posting yet another lease but I'm hunting around and found this. Not a car for me but a decent car and a low deposit. 8,000 miles a year. I can't see a mention of a proc… Read more

Looks that way, so I've expired the deal.


Has this gone now do you know ? I can only find the 24 months deal as a business lease :(


All prices are including VAT.



it excluding VAT. I did contact them via Whatcar. Its from Marshall Honda Yorkshire. Cold

Cheap Lease - Skoda Octavia Hatchback 1.0 TSI SE Technology 5dr £78.13 p/m Initial Payment £2,400.00 24 months - £4196.99 @ What car
Found 13th Nov 2018Found 13th Nov 2018
I have just come across this. Most cheapest deal ever. Around £78 personal lease with 10k mileage also. Business lease is even cheaper. 24 months. Upfront is a little high with £24… Read more
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Doubt it would be still there after almost a month... Check leasing dot com.


Could you provide link to PCH? Can't find on website. Cheers


Call them for other mileage or pay the extra if you go over. The cars don't self destruct when you get to 8K


This link offers only 8,000 miles



Vauxhall Astra Hatchback 1.6T 16V 200 Elite Nav - 36 Month Lease - 3+35 - £159.48 Per Month total cost £6,205 at What Car? Leasing
Found 31st Oct 2018Found 31st Oct 2018
Thought this was a reasonable deal for a 36 month family car lease (equivalent to £2,068 per year). 3 months upfront (£478.44) and then 35 payments of £159.48 (+£145 admin fee). … Read more

How many years warranty on these new?


Many are ex motability too


Total for us comes to around 6500 total inc. but work a lower deposit


Not sure whether your numbers include the doc fee, but total for us including doc fee is £6187.60, same mileage and term only difference is 6 + 35.


Monthly Price: £167.38 (Inc VAT) Finance Type: Personal (Switch to best Business price) Initial Payment: £502.14 (Inc VAT) Term: 3 + 35help Contract Length: 36 Monthshelp Yearly Mileage: 8,000 mpa For me

Volkswagen Polo Diesel Hatchback 1.6 TDI SE 5dr - 24 Month Personal Lease (3x23) - 10k miles per year - £175.20pm - Whatcar Leasing
Found 19th Sep 2018Found 19th Sep 2018
Limited Stock available for delivery on or before the 31st December 2018 (3 x 23 payment profile0 £525.60 upfront then 23 payments of £175.20 Total cost of lease = £4555.20 (£18… Read more

Best to ignore this one. Once you comment he will come back with some sort sort of counter argument. normally bs, quoted from some bs website. He comments on all lease deals, too try to make himself relevant on here. So post your comment then move on


did anyone actually order one?


Not available for 23 months anymore


Well that is how Britain survives: on the basis of fake wealth created by ridiculously high prime London property prices fed by foreign investment of dirty money without any effective control, keeping Britain just about afloat. That's also why people who would never previously have dreamed of owning a £50k Audi are driving them on £650/mth PCPs. No skin off my teeth. Just stating the purpose of cancellation is not for self-benefit or getting one over the dealer and/or manufacturer.


Nothing to do with capitalism. You could buy a used car but then you are not comparing like-for-like. This calculator could give you an impression of the future residual value of a car, adjusted for age and mileage.

Mazda Mx-5 Convertible 1.5 SE 2dr 2 yr lease £943.20 Intl payment and £157.20 monthly. Total cost - £4,558 @ What Car Leasing
Found 8th Sep 2018Found 8th Sep 2018
Winter is coming! And what better way to enjoy it than with the top down, sleet blowing through what's left of your hair, and kids tucked safely away in a nice cosy boot space. S… Read more
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This one seems to doing OK for a hairdresser's car. I guess it just has to be in the right hands.


Sounds sensible, could well be. Mine was a personal lease.


My first lease was a business lease as a sole trader and I was not allowed to buy the car my last lease was personal and I was given a purchase option, both direct with VW so maybe that is the difference?


It isnt a GT86 replacement, its is the Toyota Supra replacement. The Toyota variant will be a coupe, not a folding tin top. The Z4 will have a cloth roof for weight reasons, the last Z4 was criticised for its weight and lack of agility - the new Z4 is being pitched against the Boxster so it needs to up its game on those fronts.


It's about weight.

Audi A1 Hatchback 1.4: Initial payment of £810.30 plus 23 payments of £270.10
Found 9th Aug 2018Found 9th Aug 2018
Audi A1 Hatchback 1.4: Initial payment of £810.30 plus 23 payments of £270.10
Fancy a new Aldi? Here’s a great deal from What Car? Audi A1 Hatchback 1.4 TFSI Sport Nav 3dr 24 months Initial payment of £810.30 plus 23 payments of £270.10 8,000 miles a y… Read more
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This is a terrible deal


A 24 month lease for 7k is a joke frankly. Especially when you putting nearly 1k down as a first payment. After the 24 months is up, you'll have to drop another big down payment on your next car so you're bleeding £500 a year in just fees before you even get the car.


That’s funny, it’s almost like you’re assuming only poor people would choose to shop at Aldi or Lidl.


It amazes me how many audi, merc and bmw drivers shop in aldi, lidl. I suppose woth pcp and leasing it lets the masses think they are rich lol. With some of the payments I see ints no wonder they try and save money everywhere else. Nothing wrong with aldi and lidl though.


Whilst I agree the deal is poor, the car is OK. Never been into Audi as a brand but had one of these for a few weeks in Spain last month and it was actually pretty good. Fun to drive and quick enough for what it is. In spite of what people say I don't think it is as good inside as a BMW but it was fine enough.

Suzuki Vitara Estate 1.6 SZ4 5dr: Initial payment of £684.93 plus 23 payments of £228.31
Found 9th Aug 2018Found 9th Aug 2018
Suzuki Vitara Estate 1.6 SZ4 5dr: Initial payment of £684.93 plus 23 payments of £228.31
Hey car fans… how about this lease deal Suzuki Vitara Estate 1.6 SZ4 5dr Initial payment of £684.93 followed by 23 monthly payments of £228.31 24 months 10,000 miles a year … Read more
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The Volvo V90 deal that I posted on here a few months ago. It's expired now unfortunately


If you don't mind me asking what car do you have, what was the deposit, how much are the monthly payments? Currently looking into leasing a car.


I'm paying £7250+ over 2 years. This year was £3620, next year prices will almost certainly rise. My point was that I pay more for my season ticket than my car and still have nothing to show for it. I commute about the same in the car as I do on the train 11k to 14k per year. I work in London and make weekend trips to Leicester and back to get my kids. Okay the Car price doesn't include fuel so technically a bit more expensive.


Surely your fuel costs would be pretty high (I'm assuming it's a long commute if your season ticket is £7250.) Also that's a lot of miles (so extra maintenance) and would it also take a lot longer than the train? I suppose foregoing parking at a station would offset some of that cost though.


I paid a £3,000 initial rental (no such thing as a deposit with contract hire) for my Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 Supercharged S 3 years ago. Unless my memory is failing, I'm pretty sure they didn't cost £6,000 brand new.

Kia Picanto Hatchback: Initial payment of £890.94 plus 23 payments of £148.49
Found 8th Aug 2018Found 8th Aug 2018
Kia Picanto Hatchback: Initial payment of £890.94 plus 23 payments of £148.49
Hey petrolheads! I spotted this great lease deal. Kia Picanto Hatchback 1.25 2 5dr 24 months Initial payment of £890.94 plus 23 payments of £148.49 8,000 miles a year Tota… Read more
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I was basing it on 2 sets of tyre changes in 12 years. Hardly unreasonable! If anything, most people will need to change tyres much more often than that due to mileage or unfixable punctures.


(y) only did 30k... cant walk that far and taxis around here would cost more :D changed job a few years ago so working from home,£400 a year on insurance and tax and 50 to the gallon... no point in getting rid (y)


Only 1 set of tyres over 12 years?? :o You went joking when you said low mileage! It would have probably been cheaper for you to just get a taxi for each journey at that rate! Or just walked.....


I just bought 4 Goodyears for my wife's Citroen for 65 quid each, total £260 - so where do you get the idea that 'even the cheapest tyres would set you back £350'? And she has managed 6 years on the last set so I am sure 12 years with only one tyre change is not impossible.


Heat added...

Citroen C3 Hatchback: Initial payment of £500.40 followed by 23 payments of £166.80 @ What Car? Leasing
Found 7th Aug 2018Found 7th Aug 2018
Citroen C3 Hatchback: Initial payment of £500.40 followed by 23 payments of £166.80 @ What Car? Leasing
In the market for a new set of wheels? How about: Citroen C3 Hatchback 1.2 PureTech 82 Flair Nav Edition 5dr 24 months Initial payment of £500.40 plus 23 payments of £166.… Read more
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Nothing. But I'd take nearly any other brand over a French one. They are cheap for the wrong reason.


It’s French and what’s British there to compare with?


It’s ok your mums here to help with my gear stick operation. She said the problem was a stiff stick


Bear in mind the quoted survey results do mention in the intro that (whilst the reported "problems" are weighted according to severity/inconvenience), a lot of the problems stem from ever-evolving in car technologies (including issues like bluetooth connectivity or secondary electronic problems) so appearing at in the bottom half of the table doesn't necessarily mean the vehicle is going to break down. The Mini we had on lease had one "problem" when we had it (so would fall into the problem statistics) but it had absolutely zero impact on it's use (I can't even remember exactly what it was, but it just meant they had it for 15 minutes longer at service time to do a software patch). As someone pointed out, you have VW/Audi and Seat/Skoda at opposing ends (despite the fact that many of the mechanical components are going to be the same), and you also have Citroen and Peugeot in both camps when they definitely share masses of parts - I'm genuinely curious as to whether this is related to fussiness of owners, brand specific parts failing (ie trim or bodywork) or whatever else that causes such a big difference?


Sadly not funny as its manual But it is funny you can't drop a gear to drive an 82BHP car up a hill Do you find many family cars a challenge to drive? Is your test soon? :D :D :D

Honda Jazz Hatchback 1.3 I-VTEC SE 5dr £135.24 a month £811.44 deposit 8k miles 2yr lease £3921.96 @ What car
Found 6th Aug 2018Found 6th Aug 2018
Honda Jazz Hatchback 1.3 I-VTEC SE 5dr £135.24 a month £811.44 deposit 8k miles 2yr lease £3921.96 @ What car
Been looking for a sub £150pm 2 year lease deal for the Mrs with a low deposit, and the Jazz seems to be one of the more practical hatchbacks in the supermini price range. Keen to … Read more
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Because some people like the monthly amount and nothing extra because everything is under warranty. Apart from servicing my missus hasn't spent anything else on the car in three years, no tyres, no big repair bills etc.


It might work (lol)


Appreciate the comments and not to disregard them, but I’m gonna message them and try it on! Will report back if successful


You'd need to be a VAT registered business to get the deal, regardless.


I appreciate that but it’s £98.90+vat which is £118.68 inclusive of VAT and £712.08 month one, both of which are cheaper than this deal

WhatCar Leasing Deals Thread *Updated Weekly*
Found 27th Jul 2018Found 27th Jul 2018
WhatCar Leasing Deals Thread *Updated Weekly*
Car leasing deals thread. All with no admin fee. Hey petrol heads! If you’re looking for a new car lease, the deals below are some of the hottest around. All come with no ad… Read more
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So much for the weekly update...


Staggered the OP hasn't called this a megathread yet...


Are my eyes deceiving me or i have just read that a fiesta 1.1 will cost more than £5k to rent for 2 years and restricted to 8k miles per annum. Forget the buy v rent argument anyone who goes for that deal needs their head read, it's common knowledge that Ford mark up their vehicles 20% over to allow for discount, I would hazard a guess without looking into this I could buy that same vehicle new for £12k and 6 months old less than £10k at auction.


At 4 years most cars will have lost more than 50% of their initial value. The repayments on a 3-4 year lease will typically be over half the value of the car, so you will have paid the same if not more than the sticker price of the 3 or 4 year old car on a forecourt. Just because the monthly looks affordable doesn't mean it doesn't add up to a large amount. According to the AA Typically the rate of depreciation slows with age Year one A new car loses value as soon as you drive off the forecourt and by the end of the first year will have lost around 40% of its value. This varies a lot though and the best may lose as little as 10%. Year three If you do 10,000 miles a year, the average car will have lost around 60% of its value by the end of its third year.


Less than 50° of heat yet somehow that's good enough to make it onto the WhatsApp deals alert! Hmm! :/

What Car? Leasing megathread. All with no admin fee.
Found 18th Jul 2018Found 18th Jul 2018
What Car? Leasing megathread. All with no admin fee.
Hey petrol heads! If you’re looking for a new car lease, the deals below are some of the hottest around from WhatCar. All come with no admin fee which reduces the initial costs.… Read more
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Hi was looking at the C63 coupe myself, going through a broker, i.e drivethedeal or orangewheels you can get 9k off the car and the GTFV of the car is set quite low so by my maths it would cost with 2500 deposit and 725 a month for 4 years but would have around 8-11k in equity at the end of the deal. That was PCP though.


I chose cabriolet on the original list, just doesn't reveal cabriolet on the title. Either way, it's dear. But to be expected from a performance car. They're not going to give it away.


Well, its 54k outright as interest adds another 4-5k over 2 years. so yeah, not sure about the deal. Link you showed is saloon, not cbsriot btw, but yeah roughly 28% seems to be the percentage of rrp


Now sounds even worse. This car would only have a residual value of £35,275 after two years and 20k on the clock, which is more than the balloon itself, let alone the £21k already paid for the lease. So if you want to pay £59k to own a two year old car, by all means go ahead. I don't think paying 29% of cost to lease is a good deal, but yes, it's been offered to you at a cheaper price than other places.


It was based on 2 years and option to buy it for 38k in the end if I wish. works out around 21k paid in 2 years (inc deposit

Vauxhall Crossland X 1.2 Elite NAV 4 years lease - £920 deposit - £153 per month @ Whatcar leasing
Found 11th Jul 2018Found 11th Jul 2018
Vauxhall Crossland X 1.2 Elite NAV 4 years lease - £920 deposit - £153 per month @ Whatcar leasing
Seems like a fairly good price for this car £153 per month.

Captur rip off design


£8264 I’d rather buy one thanks


Again 4 years on a lease is too long but further down the link supplied is 10K miles/pa on 24 months for a lower deposit at £593.25 and 23 months at £197.75. My maths might be a bit ropey but I get that to ££5141.50 plus whatever the admin fee is. Net £214.23 excluding admin. If only it was a diesel at that price, I had one from the garage as a courtesy car and quite liked it to drive.


Wouldn't go near a lease that takes you past the warranty period.


4 years and your responsible for any repairs for the MOT, etc.

Ford Focus ST-Line Navigation 140bhp 1+35 and 3+35 options  £192 a month (total cost £6,947.20) at whatcar.com
Found 2nd May 2018Found 2nd May 2018
Ford Focus ST-Line Navigation 140bhp 1+35 and 3+35 options £192 a month (total cost £6,947.20) at whatcar.com
The link is to the dealer's page and lists a 3+35 option - but when I phoned them up I was able to ask for a 1+35 option which I've based the money option 1+35 for 8000 miles per… Read more

For the purposes of this post, I would say you should spell out your example. Demonstrate that you can find a similar car, that is a few years old for £7k plus what additional costs there would be over 3 years and 24k miles. There some known ones like MOT and Road Tax, plus at least one major service (possibly involving cambelt). Purchase method might include cost of interest to be added. Reasonable assumption around additional maintenance or repairs. Finally, what oculd you easily expect to sell it for (or value it a) after those 3 years and 24k miles. Granted you may keep it longer than 3yrs and the rate of depreciation tails off, but it's the closest you're going to get to a direct comparison for a lase vs buy 2nd hand - although by virtue of it being a 2nd hand, older car, it's not really comparable.


in fairness, i switched to leasing (after always buying £2.5-£4k 2nd hand cars and keeping for 5 years) by reading these deal threads. I now lease. The obvious advantage for e has been reliability in the car as I was often paying for repairs and extra maintenence, which can be expected for a car over 10 years old. i'm approaching the end of my first lease in Oct. I was lucky to get a very good deal. Would I consider leasing again? it depends on the experience of handing to back and how nit picky they are. I know Iv'e got a few repairs to do to body work but as mentioned above, I'm consciously thinking about mileage as I approach my last 6 months and the fair wear & tear is a bit of an unkown, even with the BVRLA guide. I may consider buying 2nd hand but upping y budget to £6-£7k and banging that on my credit card (2 years interest free) if a dealer accepts CC payment with no additional charge. Back to the original point, even if constantly repeated arguments, it's a good place to have them. Helps many people as it helped me understand


that's my thought too. Usually I would find the best deal available elsewhere then ask a few dealers to see if they could mach the payments, less the processing fee.£300 is quite hefty fee for a dealer. I would expect it to be £180 max, if not zero.


OP, I was just looking at the mailshot from Allen Ford now and this is the direct link to your deal above https://www.fordleasingdeals.com/new-car-offers/ford-focus/ cracking deal considering there aren't many cheap lease deals around at the moment.


Yeah the new 3008. It looks great in the brochure but once you're actually in one the interior, although smartly designed is very cheaply built considering the price of the car. I thought the Qashqai drove nicer too. Merc threw a £7000 deposit contribution into my deal so maybe I got lucky!

Kia Optima Diesel Saloon 1.7 CRDi ISG 2 lease PCH - Term £5810.90 @ What Car
Found 25th Apr 2018Found 25th Apr 2018
Kia Optima Diesel Saloon 1.7 CRDi ISG 2 lease PCH - Term £5810.90 @ What Car
Not a bad price for a saloon. They also have the 5 door wagon (estate for not much more) The deal is available from Kia Wessex and Kia Warwick £197.10 on a 6 + 23 basis plus £95 … Read more

LOL, 6K for a KIA.


Think it’s bang and olufsen now but appears to be an option.


I thought you got Bose with it too?


Sorry yes it is but there isn't great deal in it. Its more of a pack then an upgrade. The ride can be quite tough in them though so worth bearing that in mind


Thanks, is Black Edition better/worse than S Line? EDIT: better than S Line. Blurb below in addition to S Line It guarantees stand-out appeal through 19-inch five-arm rotor alloy wheels in a matt titanium finish (or the no-cost option of 18-inch 10 Y-spoke gloss black alloys), complemented by a titanium black styling pack which extends to the mirror housings, singleframe grille and window surrounds, side skirts, rear spoiler (fitted to the Saloon) and air intakes. Black roof rails also complement these accents in Avant models, and in both body styles privacy glass is added for the rear windows. Another Black Edition benefit that is less immediately obvious is the inclusion of acoustic front side window glass to further refine the already remarkably hushed A4 cabin environment.

BMW 218SE Active Tourer, 3 yr lease, 8000 miles pa £7403 , 3+35 payments of £194.93 Inc Vat. No Admin fee. @ What Car
Found 24th Apr 2018Found 24th Apr 2018
BMW 218SE Active Tourer, 3 yr lease, 8000 miles pa £7403 , 3+35 payments of £194.93 Inc Vat. No Admin fee. @ What Car
£7,403 to lease a small (Golf SV size) family-friendly BMW for 3 years - that's Fiesta money to drive a Beemer! List price of £25k and you'd lose at least £10k if you bought it ou… Read more
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Aside from the similar form factor, as they’re both SUVs, I don’t think they look that similar at all.


VW Group designers seem quite taken with it :D An ancient X5A 67 plate 'VW' product


I have got the 216d M-sport active coming tomorrow. 3 year lease,8000pa, £1250 and £220/month. It’s my first bmw..I’m upgrading from a corsa. XD


It didnt destroy sales thought did it? In fact, quite the reverse. Which - correct me if i'm wrong here - is kind of what a motor manufacturer wants to do? You cant please all of the people all of the time after all. Say what you like about bangle era cars but they were a lot more distinctive than the bland blobs they're now making. The new 5 series in particular is rather dull compared to the e60 in its day. The z4 was certainly never going to win any beauty contests, but i never considered it "ugly". We'd a 3.0Si Sport Coupe at one point and its one of the few cars we regret selling and i'd love another tucked up in the garage as they're now starting to appreciate. I'd no particular issue with most of Bangles designs that made it to production. The earliest 7 series looked a bit harsh but that was quickly facelifted. The 3 and 5 series E46 / E90 and E60 i thought looked well, at least in M Sport trim levels. But each to their own. Styling is subjective. "As for your 'lightly modded' MINI - good luck with that warranty! I'd say your comments in this thread show a high degree of knowledge - but a poor level of judgement. Just my opinion, of course!" Its a plug in tuning box and a performance air filter element taking it to around 235BHP ish. All plug and play stuff that can be removed in a matter of minutes. Nothing i havent done for a couple of decades on various cars and have had no issues. Its not the first modded F56 MINI out there and i'm sure it wont be the last. And to be very frank, if i decide to mod on at it - 290BHP can be easily reached - and i blow the engine out of it then i'll suck it up. I'm a big boy now. :) And i dont get where all this hand wringing is coming from RE the reliability of the F56. Theres many dedicated forums for BMW MINIs and the F56 is leaps and bounds ahead of the R56 and R53 in terms of quality, reliability and tuning capability. I guess its just people operating on hearsay when they dont know the product. Very surprised at the veiled snide comments BTW which should be beneath people on here, but clearly not. I think that speaks volumes about the individuals involved. Just my opinion, of course!


Z4 is probably the worst example of American Chris Bangle's 'flame surface' styling, which took decades of carefully developed BMW 'understated elegance' and destroyed it. BMW styling post bangle is widely considered to be, at best, disappointing. They make some very good cars (quality and reliability aside) but a growing number of howlers too. The badge will overcome a lot for a while but not forever. As for your 'lightly modded' MINI - good luck with that warranty! I'd say your comments in this thread show a high degree of knowledge - but a poor level of judgement. Just my opinion, of course! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Bangle

Volvo V40 Hatchback T2 [122] Momentum 5dr 2 Year Lease 8,000mpa £5,207.53 @ Whatcar
Found 9th Apr 2018Found 9th Apr 2018
Volvo V40 Hatchback T2 [122] Momentum 5dr 2 Year Lease 8,000mpa £5,207.53 @ Whatcar
Maybe not for everyone but I think this is a great price for a V40 with 8000 and only on a 2 year. Haven't yet managed to find out if it has the normal admin fee. Will update if I… Read more

I like Evo personally but it's down to preference. Pop into a newsagent/supermarket and have a look!


Which car journals would you recommend


Possibly but my last two cars, honda civic and audi a3 both did 100k with no issues. Clutch went bang whilst downshifting from 3rd to 2nd at about 15mph so hardly being stressed and that was after 3k miles. The other two breakdowns were sensor failures. Also the auto braking function has a habit of slamming on whilst driving through town and someone is a bit close to the pavement. If I get to the end of the lease without being rear ended itll be a miracle.


I think this is pretty much the standard price for this car. It has been available for cheaper previously https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/volvo-v40-hatchback-t2-122-momentum-5dr-2-year-lease-8k-miles-per-annum-138pm-828-initial-rental-4002-total-what-car-magazine-2823183#comment-32380535


Information is knowledge: years of reading car journals.

Dacia Sandero Hatchback 1.0 SCe Access 5dr Lease deal 48 months £5829.47 Via WHATCAR
Found 6th Mar 2018Found 6th Mar 2018
Dacia Sandero Hatchback 1.0 SCe Access 5dr Lease deal 48 months £5829.47 Via WHATCAR
6+47 Initial payment £659.94. total £5829.47. I know this will be probably go cold....Only 73BHP. Etc.... Hopefully may help someone. Going for coldest deal ever.....
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Would rather WALK.


Try driving one before you smash it to bits (y)


Good point. I think it’s important to have a universal benchmark and 0-60 has worked well for a number of years. But just like MPG, however, we need to move towards real life standards. People rarely do a 0-60 sprint. In gear acccelaration may be more apt


A few years ago me and my mate had whatever cars, and there was only 0.5 seconds between them on the 0-60mph. His car had more BHP and was faster accelerating than mine, but he had to change up to 3rd gear to get to 60mph (it topped out at about 58mph as I recall) where as mine would make it in 2nd, hence the narrow margin. If the measure had been 0-50mph, he'd have been markedly faster. So you can't just go on 0-60mph times.


Depends on your definition of nippy I guess. If you're used to driving low powered, slow, poor handling cars I suppose you may find this nippy. Surely you don't believe this is "very fast" from 0-30?!