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Vauxhall Crossland X 1.2 Elite NAV 4 years lease - £920 deposit - £153 per month @ Whatcar leasing
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Seems like a fairly good price for this car £153 per month.

Captur rip off design


£8264 I’d rather buy one thanks


Again 4 years on a lease is too long but further down the link supplied is 10K miles/pa on 24 months for a lower deposit at £593.25 and 23 months at £197.75. My maths might be a bit ropey but I get that to ££5141.50 plus whatever the admin fee is. Net £214.23 excluding admin. If only it was a diesel at that price, I had one from the garage as a courtesy car and quite liked it to drive.


Wouldn't go near a lease that takes you past the warranty period.


4 years and your responsible for any repairs for the MOT, etc.

Ford Focus ST-Line Navigation 140bhp 1+35 and 3+35 options  £192 a month (total cost £6,947.20) at whatcar.com
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
The link is to the dealer's page and lists a 3+35 option - but when I phoned them up I was able to ask for a 1+35 option which I've based the money option 1+35 for 8000 miles per… Read more

For the purposes of this post, I would say you should spell out your example. Demonstrate that you can find a similar car, that is a few years old for £7k plus what additional costs there would be over 3 years and 24k miles. There some known ones like MOT and Road Tax, plus at least one major service (possibly involving cambelt). Purchase method might include cost of interest to be added. Reasonable assumption around additional maintenance or repairs. Finally, what oculd you easily expect to sell it for (or value it a) after those 3 years and 24k miles. Granted you may keep it longer than 3yrs and the rate of depreciation tails off, but it's the closest you're going to get to a direct comparison for a lase vs buy 2nd hand - although by virtue of it being a 2nd hand, older car, it's not really comparable.


in fairness, i switched to leasing (after always buying £2.5-£4k 2nd hand cars and keeping for 5 years) by reading these deal threads. I now lease. The obvious advantage for e has been reliability in the car as I was often paying for repairs and extra maintenence, which can be expected for a car over 10 years old. i'm approaching the end of my first lease in Oct. I was lucky to get a very good deal. Would I consider leasing again? it depends on the experience of handing to back and how nit picky they are. I know Iv'e got a few repairs to do to body work but as mentioned above, I'm consciously thinking about mileage as I approach my last 6 months and the fair wear & tear is a bit of an unkown, even with the BVRLA guide. I may consider buying 2nd hand but upping y budget to £6-£7k and banging that on my credit card (2 years interest free) if a dealer accepts CC payment with no additional charge. Back to the original point, even if constantly repeated arguments, it's a good place to have them. Helps many people as it helped me understand


that's my thought too. Usually I would find the best deal available elsewhere then ask a few dealers to see if they could mach the payments, less the processing fee.£300 is quite hefty fee for a dealer. I would expect it to be £180 max, if not zero.


OP, I was just looking at the mailshot from Allen Ford now and this is the direct link to your deal above https://www.fordleasingdeals.com/new-car-offers/ford-focus/ cracking deal considering there aren't many cheap lease deals around at the moment.


Yeah the new 3008. It looks great in the brochure but once you're actually in one the interior, although smartly designed is very cheaply built considering the price of the car. I thought the Qashqai drove nicer too. Merc threw a £7000 deposit contribution into my deal so maybe I got lucky!

Kia Optima Diesel Saloon 1.7 CRDi ISG 2 lease PCH - Term £5810.90 @ What Car
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Not a bad price for a saloon. They also have the 5 door wagon (estate for not much more) The deal is available from Kia Wessex and Kia Warwick £197.10 on a 6 + 23 basis plus £95 … Read more

LOL, 6K for a KIA.


Think it’s bang and olufsen now but appears to be an option.


I thought you got Bose with it too?


Sorry yes it is but there isn't great deal in it. Its more of a pack then an upgrade. The ride can be quite tough in them though so worth bearing that in mind


Thanks, is Black Edition better/worse than S Line? EDIT: better than S Line. Blurb below in addition to S Line It guarantees stand-out appeal through 19-inch five-arm rotor alloy wheels in a matt titanium finish (or the no-cost option of 18-inch 10 Y-spoke gloss black alloys), complemented by a titanium black styling pack which extends to the mirror housings, singleframe grille and window surrounds, side skirts, rear spoiler (fitted to the Saloon) and air intakes. Black roof rails also complement these accents in Avant models, and in both body styles privacy glass is added for the rear windows. Another Black Edition benefit that is less immediately obvious is the inclusion of acoustic front side window glass to further refine the already remarkably hushed A4 cabin environment.

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BMW 218SE Active Tourer, 3 yr lease, 8000 miles pa £7403 , 3+35 payments of £194.93 Inc Vat. No Admin fee. @ What Car
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
£7,403 to lease a small (Golf SV size) family-friendly BMW for 3 years - that's Fiesta money to drive a Beemer! List price of £25k and you'd lose at least £10k if you bought it ou… Read more
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Aside from the similar form factor, as they’re both SUVs, I don’t think they look that similar at all.


VW Group designers seem quite taken with it :D An ancient X5 A 67 plate 'VW' product


I have got the 216d M-sport active coming tomorrow. 3 year lease,8000pa, £1250 and £220/month. It’s my first bmw..I’m upgrading from a corsa. XD


It didnt destroy sales thought did it? In fact, quite the reverse. Which - correct me if i'm wrong here - is kind of what a motor manufacturer wants to do? You cant please all of the people all of the time after all. Say what you like about bangle era cars but they were a lot more distinctive than the bland blobs they're now making. The new 5 series in particular is rather dull compared to the e60 in its day. The z4 was certainly never going to win any beauty contests, but i never considered it "ugly". We'd a 3.0Si Sport Coupe at one point and its one of the few cars we regret selling and i'd love another tucked up in the garage as they're now starting to appreciate. I'd no particular issue with most of Bangles designs that made it to production. The earliest 7 series looked a bit harsh but that was quickly facelifted. The 3 and 5 series E46 / E90 and E60 i thought looked well, at least in M Sport trim levels. But each to their own. Styling is subjective. "As for your 'lightly modded' MINI - good luck with that warranty! I'd say your comments in this thread show a high degree of knowledge - but a poor level of judgement. Just my opinion, of course!" Its a plug in tuning box and a performance air filter element taking it to around 235BHP ish. All plug and play stuff that can be removed in a matter of minutes. Nothing i havent done for a couple of decades on various cars and have had no issues. Its not the first modded F56 MINI out there and i'm sure it wont be the last. And to be very frank, if i decide to mod on at it - 290BHP can be easily reached - and i blow the engine out of it then i'll suck it up. I'm a big boy now. :) And i dont get where all this hand wringing is coming from RE the reliability of the F56. Theres many dedicated forums for BMW MINIs and the F56 is leaps and bounds ahead of the R56 and R53 in terms of quality, reliability and tuning capability. I guess its just people operating on hearsay when they dont know the product. Very surprised at the veiled snide comments BTW which should be beneath people on here, but clearly not. I think that speaks volumes about the individuals involved. Just my opinion, of course!


Z4 is probably the worst example of American Chris Bangle's 'flame surface' styling, which took decades of carefully developed BMW 'understated elegance' and destroyed it. BMW styling post bangle is widely considered to be, at best, disappointing. They make some very good cars (quality and reliability aside) but a growing number of howlers too. The badge will overcome a lot for a while but not forever. As for your 'lightly modded' MINI - good luck with that warranty! I'd say your comments in this thread show a high degree of knowledge - but a poor level of judgement. Just my opinion, of course! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Bangle

Volvo V40 Hatchback T2 [122] Momentum 5dr 2 Year Lease 8,000mpa £5,207.53 @ Whatcar
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Maybe not for everyone but I think this is a great price for a V40 with 8000 and only on a 2 year. Haven't yet managed to find out if it has the normal admin fee. Will update if I… Read more

I like Evo personally but it's down to preference. Pop into a newsagent/supermarket and have a look!


Which car journals would you recommend


Possibly but my last two cars, honda civic and audi a3 both did 100k with no issues. Clutch went bang whilst downshifting from 3rd to 2nd at about 15mph so hardly being stressed and that was after 3k miles. The other two breakdowns were sensor failures. Also the auto braking function has a habit of slamming on whilst driving through town and someone is a bit close to the pavement. If I get to the end of the lease without being rear ended itll be a miracle.


I think this is pretty much the standard price for this car. It has been available for cheaper previously https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/volvo-v40-hatchback-t2-122-momentum-5dr-2-year-lease-8k-miles-per-annum-138pm-828-initial-rental-4002-total-what-car-magazine-2823183#comment-32380535


Information is knowledge: years of reading car journals.

Dacia Sandero Hatchback 1.0 SCe Access 5dr Lease deal 48 months £5829.47 Via WHATCAR
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
6+47 Initial payment £659.94. total £5829.47. I know this will be probably go cold....Only 73BHP. Etc.... Hopefully may help someone. Going for coldest deal ever.....
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Would rather WALK.


Try driving one before you smash it to bits (y)


Good point. I think it’s important to have a universal benchmark and 0-60 has worked well for a number of years. But just like MPG, however, we need to move towards real life standards. People rarely do a 0-60 sprint. In gear acccelaration may be more apt


A few years ago me and my mate had whatever cars, and there was only 0.5 seconds between them on the 0-60mph. His car had more BHP and was faster accelerating than mine, but he had to change up to 3rd gear to get to 60mph (it topped out at about 58mph as I recall) where as mine would make it in 2nd, hence the narrow margin. If the measure had been 0-50mph, he'd have been markedly faster. So you can't just go on 0-60mph times.


Depends on your definition of nippy I guess. If you're used to driving low powered, slow, poor handling cars I suppose you may find this nippy. Surely you don't believe this is "very fast" from 0-30?!

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Cheap lease deal spotted if you require an Auto car! - Honda Jazz 1 x payment of 824.64 then 23 payments of £137.44 - £3985 @ What car
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
Cheap lease deal spotted if you need a cheap Auto car. 1 x payment of 824.64 then 23 payments of £137.44 total payment £3985 8k per annum Road tax included Breakdown cover includ… Read more
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It’s not Auto, it’s manual


glad you like throwing money away XD


Rather not drive a banger thanks


Great deal, voted hot and my vote put it over 100 (y) After a deal like this to replace our Nissan Note, bit early for us as that goes back in 4 months. Just browsing for now :D


XD XD 1. you dont know me 2. don't get triggered 3.what dumb ass is going to lease a car im guesing the one who got triggered in this post XD

Cheap Lease - Dacia Sandero 36 and 48 Month Lease from £109.99 a Month Via WhatCar
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
Terrible car, cheapest runaround I've seen. 48 Month - 8,000 Annual Mileage - Initial Payment £659.94 - Monthly Payment £109.99 - Total Payment over 4 years - £5,279.52 - Total C… Read more

good news!


Many don't to avoid Section 75 litigation. CarGiant definitely doesn't.


I've used a credit card to pay for a car before without charge (only part payment annoyingly, I could have got a lot of points back!) On another note there are money transfer cards you could look into also (0% Apr for a few years in exchange for an upfront fee). Worth looking into as an option Anyway, cold for me


Read the regulations and decide for yourself. In the past, I've not found it possible to use a credit card to pay for a car. I assume because the garage wouldn't be keen to absorb the costs (Merchant Service Charge) in a transaction of that size, which isn't unreasonable. And, of course, there's a difference between a charge (my word) and a surcharge (your word).


If there is, it would be illegal, as the law on this recently changed.

Honda Jazz 24 Month Lease. £3588 Total. £138.05 Month. 19.7% RRP @ What Car
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
Honda Jazz Hatchback 1.3 I-VTEC EX 5dr RRP Price £18,215 £138.05 x 23 = £3174 Initial Payment £414.15 Total £3588 8000 miles per year. Cost of RRP over two years. 19.7% £3588 / £1… Read more
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I’m not an OAP and currently have a very snazzy jazz(y)! It’s a fantastic car, automatic, with loads of kit and def NOT just for OAP’s!


Leasing is normally cheaper than PCP. If £200 is a lot might struggle. They will credit check you and might say you can't afford it. Probably worth looking at less known brands like Hyundai and Kia. They come fully loaded and are cheap because of brand snobbery. Definitely test drive anything you see


Thanks for your advice mate :) I am not majorly fussed about having the option to buy as would just be happy with whatever the cheapest cost would be for my motoring. I only do around 6000/7000 miles a year. At the moment the Jazz EX is around £200 a month, which is a bit over my monthly budget. Would leasing be the better option for me do you think? Thank you formsm2000comp


Depends on what you want. Do you think there is ANY chance you'll want to keep the car? Then PCP because with lease you can't buy at the end. PCP normally more expensive. Personally, I only do two year lease. I get bored of cars easily and two years means no mot test. Usually can get away not replacing the tyres as well unless you do high miles. Another issue is stock or to be built. These were stock. So available immediately. The downside is you can't spec any optional extras. Some cars must have certain optional extras. Remember when you go to the dealer. It could have £1000 worth of options. Your lease car might not have this. Best example for me was a stock BMW 335d. Retails around £40k. Didn't have heated seats or decent sat nav on stock models. If you go for built. You can choose the options. But you're not selling the car. So putting £1k options on a lease is no good. If you want a lot of options go for PCP. Had two leases now both stock. Fiesta st 3 was brilliant. Top of the range extras already there. Golf R standard was very poor. Android auto etc was extra so was heated screen. They are essential options which I couldn't spec because the golf was stock.


Gutted I missed this deal. I have a 2007 Jazz and it's been great and would of loved to of got another. Would you say leasing is the better option when you get deals like this compared to a PCP? Wonder if there will be anything that will be this cheap in the coming months?

VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI SE Nav 4motion DSG Lease - £246 per month equivalent, £5909 2 year total @ What Car
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Lease deal so you will not own the car, but cheap automatic 4x4 driving for 2 years. Actual deal is £203.77 (inc VAT) on a 2 year 6 + 23 deal with no admin fees at 8000 miles pa. C… Read more
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Have a look for the BVRLA booklet on this. Also look at the Passat Alltrack thread on this site from around 2 years ago.


Hello, I havent leased a car but like to lease a one. I have question from you helpful people? have you all ever had to pay extra fees when you returned the car (such as scratch in the pain or little dent etc) please advice. I heard some leasing companies give you a cheaper deal and try to get more money when you return. Thank you.


Arrived this morning, totally filthy as it was driven from Crewe. Will take somne getting used to the 1.4 DSG as opposed to the 2.0 Manual Alltrack, had a quick scout about in it and it does feel like a slight step down, but it is nice. The wife will like the DSG though so thats the main thing.


Here you go... Noticed the back is a bit of a magnet for dirt, the top of the bumper is filthy now. I think this is better to drive than the Alltrack, for some reason it just feels nicer. Definitely made the right choice on this one. Hope you enjoy yours next week.


I was going to post one earlier but decided against putting pics of my driveway on the internet. I'll be out in it tomorrow so will take some then. I got a set of rubber mats for it included in the deal and have just put those in - it comes with carpet mats but I prefer the waterproof ones. The carpet ones can go back in to make it look nice when it goes back. It's been hailstoning here so hope the paint is okay ;(

Vauxhall Crossland-X Lease, 36 and 48 Month, 8k and 10k Mileage Allowances from £986.28 initial payment - £164.38 monthly payment for 48m@ Vauxhall Greenhous via WhatCar
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Spotted this deal which I think is excellent for a 'SUV' style vehicle. Range of deals including: 48 month lease - 8k mileage - £986.28 initial payment - £164.38 monthly payment … Read more

Impossible to give you the definitive answer as to what will happen as all contracts/negotiations differ. The specific details in the terms for both the lease and insurance is where you need to look to figure out the what it's you might or might not get reassurance with gap. First premise though is if written off the owner was expecting x number of payments and the residue value to be realised. Finding a car with low mileage at same age/condition in a write off situation is not going to be that easy. I have seen direct line do that - took a few months, gave the guy 1 month rental so month 2 (whilst still sourcing) he needed to rent whilst paying lease to ensure not terminated albeit with no vechile. Owner isn't obligated to accept a different car. Worse case could be (could as it will be in the small print what happens on termination) early termination fees, all payments to conclude and value of vechile predicted at point the contract would have concluded. This would be partly offset by the insurer paying the least they can, albeit above the future predicted value at point of the incident. The difference is where gap may come as a benefit (along with your deposit). Few things to note though is most insurers offer new for old under 12 months , some 24 albeit direct line limit this to only owners (Can't remember poster name on here that gave that). Other than that exception and with a small deposit gap it could be argued as not relevant early on in the contract. Everyone will sell you gap regardless if it suits your needs (is the cause of largest number of formal complaints when people find they are not covered for situations they expected it to). Pro on lease gap insurance though, as its scope is alot smaller than buying it is also cheaper and can give peace of mind for not a significant amount. Hoping that answers a bit more of what you were asking? If not I guess itzy bitzy it is.




You offering? :o


Frustrating? Would you like some alleviation?


I dont know the answer either which is why i found your answer so frustrating.

BMW 1 Series Hatchback Special Edition M140i Shadow Edition 5dr Step Auto - 24 Month Lease, 8k Miles -  What Car
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
I'm currently in the market for a Golf R, however was just scouting around a few similar spec cars and felt this was a very good price for this particular model! Dont get me wrong … Read more
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Can't find any deals that come close to this


If there was a dislike button (for the new spec, not your comment), I’d hit it. Less power than a Leon Cupra :( I blame brexit


It's being replaced by a 2/4WD Euro hatch with a boring 4 pot engine and only 300bhp though!! So this will be the last of the rip snorting 6 pot RWD hatches that you can buy and might actually mean current M140's will go up in value, eventually!! :D


Tried 3 dealers - no one could/would come close to this on pcp (which is also 4yrs not 3). Even old TRL was still about £450 more, again, plus 4yrs not 3. Personally, knowing this is being replaced this year, I don’t still fancy driving one in 4yrs. 3 is more than enough, then I’ll be ready for pipe & slippers and a Citroen Cactus.


There’s a few loopholes on the restrictions and they’re not bothered about policing them, they’ve simply been put in place to prevent everyone wanting PCH and no-one going to a showroom for a retail (PCP) deal.

Audi A4 Saloon 1.4T FSI S Line 4dr [Leather/Alc] Lease 8k/pa 6 + 23 * £196.7 @ What Car
Found 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
Seen as Audi lease deals are the rave, I found the following if your mileage is within 8000 miles/year There's no fee mentioned but I wouldn't assume the absence of one means it's… Read more

This should be pinned to the top of every lease deal post :)


Tank on wheels, no torque, poor clutch


I have the virtual cockpit on my 2016 A3 S-line which is brilliant.The satnav takes me around the houses a bit for some reason but having 95% of the dashboard screen as a satnav is great. My favourite bit of technology is talking to the car to send text messages and seeing my inbox on the smaller pop up screen.


You forgot I'd rather keep my 25 year old Vauxhall Nova as it's a joy to drive.


Extra c£170 for 4000 miles, good deal.

Skoda Fabia Hatchback 36 Month Personal Lease, 8k Miles per Year, 3+35 £142.81
Found 21st Nov 2017Found 21st Nov 2017
Thought this was a reasonable deal. Includes free UK-wide delivery, road tax, warranty and breakdown. Two lease options: 36 months (3+35), Initial payment £428.43, £142.81 per… Read more

This is a 3 year lease at 8k miles p.a. so 24k miles in total. You'd have a manufacturers warranty for the entire term so that shouldn't be an issue.


Not touching. My friend had one and the gearbox 1st gear went on 35k, got quotes for 2k to fix it, apparently a common fault, but with anyone of 6 plastic part in the gear box! All has to be dismantled


Not a bad price, but for an extra £30 a month you can get a mid spec Octavia. https://www.nationalvehiclesolutions.co.uk/Skoda-OCTAVIA-1.0-TSI-SE-Technology-5dr-Personal-Lease/51150


Q Skoda jokes. These lease deals you are not buying the Car. What this deal means is you pay for what they calculate the Car will depreciate over the lease. So in this instance the Skoda will lose 5,400 quid while you have pleasure of driving a (joke) Skoda Car!


5.5 grand for a skoda and 8000 miles a year BARGAIN NOT !!!!

Volvo V40 Hatchback T2 [122] Momentum 5dr - 2 Year Lease - 8k miles per annum - £138p/m + £828 initial rental (£4002 total) @ What Car Magazine
Found 6th Nov 2017Found 6th Nov 2017
Cheapest lease for this car by a large margin. 24 months (6+23) 8,000mpa Initial rental £828.00 Monthly Rental £138.00 (Inc VAT) Total over 2 years: £4002 The dealer also has N… Read more

I believe he is on an old one as I signed up for the same 18 months ago.


New lease deal available on this car. Lots of mileage options available from the same broker over a 2 year lease (9+23): https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/volvo-v40-hatchback-t2-122-momentum-5dr-2-year-lease-5k-miles-per-annum-11678pm-105106-initial-rental-240-admin-fee-3976-total-pure-vehicle-leasing-2824256 5k - £3976 8k - £4317 10k - £4545


Ray Chapman Motors York


Deal is not available anymore. Who was the dealer?


Can you please share the link?

Kia Stonic Estate 36 Month Personal Lease, 10k Miles per Year, 6+35 £158.56 @ Wessex Kia
Found 25th Oct 2017Found 25th Oct 2017
Thought this was a reasonable deal for a three year lease with 10k a year mileage. 6+35 months. So £951.34 upfront followed by 35 months at £158.56. Total cost for three years: … Read more

Would be interesting to see whether carleasespy rates the 'Stonic', they haven't done a feature on value crossovers/SUVs yet


...or anything beginning with the letter ‘S’ and ‘tonic’...


Well iirc Vauxhall pulled theirs because people started complaining after it was dubbed “lifetime” and it was only some stuff and only to 100k I believe.


Yes maybe I did sell prematurely but I was more of the opinion I held on too long, when I sold it there was 74K miles on the clock, I had put 60k of those on there, If I had sold it earlier then about £1500 worth of expenditure would not of been required, but having spent it as you say I should of got my moneys worth out of it, my concern was what if something even bigger went next time, then I would of had to hold on to it a long time to recoup my money, its always a gamble and in the end leasing at least gave some kind of control over this cost.


I've been offered it in sienna brown. Not sure about that colour at all. You need to pay more for colour choice. Also there's a 14-16 week lead time.

Nissan Leaf Hatchback Acenta 5dr Auto PCH 6 + 23 * £166.16/pm 8k miles/pa £4818.64 @ Whatcar
Found 10th Aug 2017Found 10th Aug 2017
This is a lease/PCH deal for an electric car, so it's a niche of a niche in terms of who it will appeal to. The Acenta one step above the very basic model of the Leaf (Visia) so m… Read more

The below taken from BBC article suggests it could be 235 miles, if we presume Europe refers to NEDC cycle. Begs the question why tests vary so much between US and Japan to come up with a difference of 100 miles on the range! (shock) Are U.S tests more stringent, which is good if it more closely mimics real life riving situations. Quite surprising if that is the case as the beating heart of the capitalist world would've had to take on the automakers lobby.


you're right. just checked it out. bit naff so I'm hoping even better deals are available for current gen Leaf to try and shift them. If you're in the U.S, not sure why you would go for for a $30K leaf when you can get a Model 3 for $35k...apart from wait time


new model is a bit of a dissapointment TBH. 40kwh battery 150 miles range is not a massive upgrade to what we already have. I am now on the lookout for a lease as above for a couple of years then I will buy a Tesla M3


Yes, you are allowed up to 2 chargers per house. If anyone is looking for an existing model Leaf it looks like you may have to hurry. They aren't building them due to the new model being launched on the 6th so the only ones left are stock models.


31st August. Damn, I best try and see if can get it sorted out, hopefully thats the cut off day for requesting it, not actually getting it. I do have 3 other questions I'm wondering about now with having this 1. When it comes to returning the car, at the end of 2 years, do you have to take it yourself to the particular dealers, eg Nottingham place in the earlier linked site? 2. The option to rent a normal vehicle for up to 14 days, is that only redeemable from the particular garage you bought the car from? so again, would be Nottingham, or can you pick it up from any Nissan dealer. 3. Likewise with question 2, but to do with getting it serviced after the first year

310BHP Golf R DSG Estate Lease 10k miles p.a, £220.80 per month (£1,987.20 initial) £7065.60 whatcar.com
Found 3rd Jul 2017Found 3rd Jul 2017
Volkswagen Golf Estate 2.0 TSI 310ps R DSG 4Motion MK7.5 This is the facelift model. There are other terms available and excess mileage is 8.4p / mile - you can usually get a bett… Read more
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Oh well I missed out by a few quid! Few quids still a few quid though!


On my daily 10 mile commute it did anywhere between 23 and 30 depending on temperature and whether I got stuck behind stuff! It maybe did a third of its miles on the motorway now I think about it. Didn't go on them often but were fair schleps when I did.


And I'd say that 31mpg over 2 years and 20k miles, without much motorway, is a miracle.


Almost :p


​there was an issue with the residual values so some people got lucky by being quick

Ford Fiesta Hatchback 1.0 EcoBoost Zetec 5dr  (3+35) £166.72 pm . 8k PA Via WHATCAR
Found 23rd May 2017Found 23rd May 2017
3 +35 £166.72 PM £500.16 Initial payment 8000 miles PA i am new to leasing cars so calculation may be wrong. hope this helps someone
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Tbh that does look a better deal 10k miles, £471 upfront and £157 a month (just the admin fee is higher but the savings on the deposit more than make up for the £40 extra) and its a 'nicer' model with a bit more power!


I reckon this might be a better deal;- https://www.nationalvehiclesolutions.co.uk/Ford-FIESTA-1.0-EcoBoost-140-St-Line-Navigation-5dr-Personal-Lease/43601 Bear in mind though that there is an all-new Fiesta due.


Plus the £165 - £198 Vehicle Sourcing Fee

Seat Leon 1.4TSI FR Technology Pack + Free Metallic Paint 2 Year Lease 8k Miles  £4536 @ What Car
Found 11th May 2017Found 11th May 2017
I'm looking for a new car if you haven't noticed and this car has everything I could ask for the price. What're your thoughts? Free Metallic Paint Sat Nav + 8" Touch Screen Andro… Read more
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I've ordered from national vehicle today says 13 weeks how long did it take for others ?


where from?


​ what a hero, this is a cracking deal, especially being such a low deposit. thanks for the link, I would never have noticed this on the website. just ordered one today.


Ordered mine 25th April. Been told build week is week commencing 19th June and hopefully delivery 3-4 weeks later. Ordered in white. Old car is falling apart so I'm looking forward to it hopefully arriving without delay!


I ordered mine on lease at the beginning of March with a 12 week lead time, been told it may going into production in week 21 with delivery at the end of June. I believe it's due to a lack of availability the 1.4TSi which has become increasingly popular due to the public's lack of faith in diesels currently.