'Whatever It Takes' & 'Stealth'- FREE Kindle books for download at Amazon

'Whatever It Takes' & 'Stealth'- FREE Kindle books for download at Amazon

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Two free Kindle books from the same series.

Jack Brandon is the

pen name that David Stuart Back uses for his current Tom Wilder Thriller

Series. David wrote his first thriller back in the mid nineteen

seventies - and collaborated with a film and TV script writer to adapt

it for TV. The Tom Wilder Thriller Series came about because of David's

experience in high-tech and his belief along with many experts in

cyber-warfare that in the not too distant future, wars will be won not

by the conventional weapons of the past, but by clever people sitting in

front of computer screens. David has always enjoyed fast-moving

thrillers with strong character leads. If, like him, you enjoy the

exploits of Jack Reacher or John Milton, you'll love Tom Wilder -

maverick ex-Special-Ops – the SAS Regiment – and a hero of the

Afghanistan War and central character in the series.
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