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Whatsapp now available for PC
Found 11th May 2016Found 11th May 2016
Whatsapp now available for PC
WhatsApp lovers can now messages their mates without the need for a smartphone. The app mirrors the conversations and messages on your phone and is available to everyone with a co… Read more
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Definately spying on you for the NSA/CIA/GCHQ. Quite funny when someone posts a thread about a Chinese phone, someone always pipes up with hidden Chinese spyware, but they are quite happy with Microsoft NSA/CIA/GCHQ spyware on their laptops, desktops, mobiles and tablets!


Wrong, Wrong, WRONG, WRONG and WRONG again. Do Micro$oft pay you to spread their propaganda for them or do you just do it for fun? You do realise that Mac is a PC too? PERSONAL COMPUTER, is it yours? is it a computer? Then it's a PC, idiot. The term comes from a computer that isn't a mainframe and isn't a dumb terminal, your terminology is out of date and your interpretation of it isn't accurate. If you have a "smartphone", that's a PC. Given that fact, Windows certainly does not run on "90%+" of PCs. Are you actually refering to an "IBM Compatible PC"? Your terminology is still several decades out of date. Or maybe you mean the x86 Architecture? They still can run Linux, BSD, Unix, Android, Chrome OS and many other operating systems, even Windows if you're too dumb to use a real OS. Isn't OSX able to run on x86 now too? I don't really care about dumb people who do dumb things and can't handle their own security as far as I'm concerned, the Internet would be better off without these egotistical losers with their "look at me! look at me!" attitudes posting about their boring, standard issue lives every 5 minutes. If I wanted to discuss anything sensitive then I would encrypt the text myself and send it within their protocol or any other protocol to be decrypted at the other end by the recipient. Sure, it's nice if they encrypt their protocol too but since we don't have the source code, we don't know how secure that is. I'll stick to IRC, have Telegram within my IRC client and ignore the handful of people that I know who insist on using WhatsApp since there's no suitable client for me. They're not annoyed with you, dream on. They're not really watching you, they merely have to provide the idea that they could be watching you at any time, it's the Panopticon effect. In reality...ever tried to work on government contracts? Government employees are the most lazy and incompetent individuals that you could come accross, they're not capable of carrying out this mass surveilance. I'm pretty sure Snowden is still on the payroll too, it's all a deception. Corporations on the other hand are spying on you, for profit, YOU are their product, they are monetising you. I don't want to "dilute" it, it would be nice to be able to use it from Pidgin when I choose to be on a graphical desktop or Weechat when I'm in a terminal because all of my other IM accounts can be used through those via libpurple. The phone app would be a nice touch for those odd occasions where it might be useful to me. These companies should look at libpurple and similar projects, all of the hard work has been done for them, there's no need to re-invent the wheel. It's about choice, there's only two options with software - Either the user controls the software or the software controls the user. Which do you want?


It is Facebook's company. They can do with it whatever they wish. Personally, I can fully see why Facebook are trying to protect the WhatsApp brand. It doesn't need to be diluted into being whatever you want it to be.


There are many operating systems that *can* run on a PC...but there's only one that actually runs on 90%+ of all PC's. So instead of being facetious, why don't you just take it as read that when someone says 'PC', they mean 'Windows' ;) Also, I remember a while back that Snapchat got into privacy troubles because of third party apps that were using outdated (or non-existent) security on their clients. Snapchat therefore forced every third party client to close. With that in mind, why should WhatsApp take the risk and allow others to create their own versions of the app when it can clearly bring in security issues? If you want Telegram, go and chat to the handful of people that you know who are on there. For the rest of us, WhatsApp is the de facto option because it is where everyone else is. It also has end to end encryption (much to the annoyance of the US authorities)


The English language is quite limited when it comes to the word Free, there is free as in freedom and free as in free stuff, some will say libre and gratis so that you understand the two, they don't always go together. People have made free (gratis and libre) third party clients that this malicious company have ensured can no longer continue to be released despite other people having done work for them. We don't all want a phone app, some of us want a desktop or even command line program to communicate with people. Many of us want to integrate with existing messaging programs such as Pidgin or bitlbee so that all of our instant messaging is handled by one program, this company want to remove our freedom to do that, maybe there's something wrong with them.

WhatsApp now free for all users
Found 18th Jan 2016Found 18th Jan 2016
WhatsApp now free for all users
Unless you were a older user, Whatsapp has always had a small charge of 79p. That charge is now being removed (over the course of a few week) so that everyone can enjoy WhatsApp … Read more
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See my post #85.


NOPE!. iOS initially had a one off 69p payment threshold applied to this. Whereas Android had a reoccurring 69p yearly fee attached to it instead ..... :-( I was a user of Whats App on both Platforms, and came across such via both over the years! (so I was more than familiar, lol). There you go. :-)


Paid 69p once..... Not had to ever pay again. Been on the same number for 4 years now. What's app is good. Sometimes it can stick on one tick when you send a message for 5 mins, but other than that it's good. Facebook have only just acquired What's app so it's too soon to tell if they start mucking about with it. Facebook most likely bought it to get access to its millions of users information anyhow


Google it to find out.


what is whatsapp

Free Calling via WhatsApp - FOR iOS
Found 21st Apr 2015Found 21st Apr 2015
Free Calling via WhatsApp - FOR iOS
WhatsApp Calling is now Offically available for iOS devices. The latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone adds a new voice calling feature that allows you to talk to any WhatsApp us… Read more
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its okay for a start, really lagging and echoy on IOS


whats wrong with the free imessage call feature?


Woking fine now call quality is good better than viber and also my normal (rubbish) mobile voice calls.


Yes, I've just downloaded Version 2.12.1 on to my iPhone 4 and it's working perfectly.


Same here. When I tried it a few times it was taking a while for my voice to reach the op and vice versa. Very poor.

Free Calling via WhatsApp
Found 31st Mar 2015Found 31st Mar 2015
Free Calling via WhatsApp
Thought this may be useful if you haven't heard that WhatsApp voice calling is now available for all users on Android. (Previously was by invite only/beta testing) The update isn'… Read more
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Skype is a major battery hogger and a big bloat


So as long as I have Wi-Fi, I can call people in UK from Las Vegas for fwee?! Also call my girlfriend provided she has the WiFi? That's pretty awesome!




sarcasm for a spelling mistake ! Contemptible. You could at least have put a smiley on it.


I been doing this for over 7 years for free on skype, dont see point in this app, also facebook messenger does it all for free also, cant beleive people paid for this before.

Whatsim - Free whats app messages anywhere on earth (well, 150 countries) NO ROAMING FEES
Found 30th Jan 2015Found 30th Jan 2015
Whatsim - Free whats app messages anywhere on earth (well, 150 countries) NO ROAMING FEES
This is a sim card, which you put in your phone and in whatever country you are in, connects to the mobile network and allows you use of whats app. Photos and videos cost money - B… Read more

you can use this in the uk without topping up just for whatsapp message's, perfect for teenagers. I have o2 and DATA roaming is expensive in some countries so you can use this sim in a spare phone and chat away,


I don't think people understand how this works the only use of this is that you can use whatsapp text in 150+ countries without needing to pay roaming charges or needed WiFi.


£15 with delivery empty simcard cold


'Link' is dead!, so ..... :-( Lol.


Unlimited Data Plan depends in what you've agreed with your Network really?. WiFi is WiFi? .. if it free its free? .. simple ..... lol. :-)

Free WhatsApp for your PC! No more having to use your phone in the office!
Found 21st Jan 2015Found 21st Jan 2015
Free WhatsApp for your PC! No more having to use your phone in the office!
Today, for the first time, you will have the ability to use WhatsApp on your web browser. The web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations… Read more

Now works on ios!


Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry only (No iPhone).


How do I scan the QR code on my iPhone 5? Can't seem to find the web setting in the app on my phone :(


But doesn't work on Cyberfox...


Now works on both Firefox and Opera

Whatsapp - Free Text, picture and  video Messaging to anywhere in the world!
Found 6th Nov 2011Found 6th Nov 2011
Unlimited free messaging. Download the and all messaging is free to anyone else who has the app installed. Beauty of it is when you download it automatically checks your contacts a… Read more
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This is FREE and it works on Windows 7.5 (Mango) I have been using it for a few weeks now & downloaded free from the marketplace


but its not free to send if they have to use internet? How is it free?


whatsapp you right in a way... but I would rather chat/txt with my sis back in malaysia rather than waiting for her to read the email. So, whatsapp is the best option for that to connect me (I used a BB) and my sis (she has an IPhone).and when I went shopping her, I could send a quick pix for her to choose what she wants. just like MMS+SMS... and it saved me a bundle. When it comes to email, I usually delays reading/replying to it. And sometime I didn't even check my email until, I'm actually in front of a pc. But sure if you prefer email pavan4fun, than email for you then.... :D


I don't see a point in having this app at all. If the sender and receiver both have this app installed which implies they both are connected to the internet on their mobiles, there are emails to send texts and videos and much more, why this silly app??


On Android its 99p after free use of one year, its a superb app. use it so chat with several friends who aren't on the same platform and free texts too.

Whatsapp Free On Nokia - new version with Picture, Video & Audio Messaging -
Found 25th Dec 2010Found 25th Dec 2010
*** This is the new version, that now allows Nokia users to send images/audio as well now *** Please download the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger below and enjoy our service … Read more

does this new version of whatsapp work on my maemo5 N900?


Try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it, not sure what your on about being messed up. My one did mess up the contacts with having them 2-3 times, same names different numbers, I just reinstalled and it works now.


this app does not work on N95 smoothly as , the txt and number get mixed up?????? why and will u fix this pic and vid sent on this version txting is a pain


I have this app on my fone. its a great app!!! it works a bit just like the blackberry messenger. you can chat with people with blackberrys and iphones. Its easy to use as well cos it brings up a list of your contacts that already have the app and saves them in your contacts.


thanks. trying the new version now :-)

Found 9th Nov 2010Found 9th Nov 2010
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it's posted under mobile freebies, not deals. isn't that the point of this section?


It should be free because it's a flipping Beta!! "Please download the beta version of WhatsApp Messenger below and enjoy our service free for one year."


i need to buy android phone to get this.........hottttt


not to shoot down the deal but, hasnt this always been free? i've had this on a blackberry and android and never had to pay for it.


people, don't shoot it down just because you don't find it useful to you. WhatsApp is a kind of instant messenger that you can link with all your friend regardless the type of phone they uses and where they are; blackberry, Nokia, Iphone, sony ericsson, HTC ....... It save so much money and waiting for email to push/pull. Deal is a deal you do not have to buy and get in touch with people. It is best for people looking the cheapest SIMs deal for thier kids, it works on itouch as well. as long as you have access to internet.