wheat crunchies 15pk @ Farmfoods £1

wheat crunchies 15pk @ Farmfoods £1

Found 10th Dec 2014Made hot 11th Dec 2014
£1 for a 15pk of wheat crunchies at farmfoods

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good find op, heat added

Hot hot hot!

coventry bell green ones were short dated 20th dec but still good deal

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The ones i got today are 3rd Jan 2015. But its only best before so good for a while after

who love wheat crunchies

I haven't had these in years! Your post has inspired me to stick it on my shopping list :P

love these cheers op

Love these


Purple flavour are awesome. Will buy. Hot.

Cheese and onion wheat Crunchies are probably the best crisp in the world - hope walkers don't get their hands on them

These were loads.better when they had worcester sauce flavour :-(
Spell check has failed me today, apologies

saw these but got the 18 pack of nik naks for a pound instead
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