Wheel of fortune at Opodo.co.uk
Wheel of fortune at Opodo.co.uk

Wheel of fortune at Opodo.co.uk

Not sure whether this should be posted in Deals or Vouchers but just went to Opodo.co.uk and they had a wheel of fortune promotion on their homepage.

Only until midnight get discount off your flights. I managed to get a £10 code

Trying to book now but site is slowwwwww.


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might be a genuine promotion, or they might have bumped up the fares, who knows

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ok I think the whole Opodo website is down now!

site must be down

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yeah bummer because I was looking for a flight through skyscanner and the cheapest price i found was through Opodo, but Skyscanner cant confirm the price cos it can't connect. Hope it straightens itself out before midnight

£10 off car hire.....

very convienient if you ask me....... just refreshed the page they r having site maintanance Mmmmmmmmmmm bet it will be back up and running after 12 am

£10 off flights .... NEON

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£10 off car hire.....

reasonably sure it's for flights, otherwise not useful to me

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£10 off flights .... NEON

yep same code as me haha, just wish i could actually get the site to load!

£10 off car hire = plains

£10 off hotels = city

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grr i hate skyscanner sometimes gets me excited by telling one price, then when it tries to confirm its much higher!

Its up and running.

£10 off flights .... SUNSET

Anyone got the £100 off? ;-)

£10 off hotels = MUSEUMS

got the code "sunset" for a tenner off flights..

£10 off Car hire -' plains'

car hire= views


car hire=scenery

£10 off flights - nightclub
£10 off car hire - deli

hopes its of use to someone!
expires midnight tonight 7.1.10

£10 off hotels - Adventure

7% off hotels - upto 12th Jan - Code: metro


7% off hotels - upto 12th Jan - Code: metro

"metro" = 7% off hotels
"tour" = £10 off flights
"pelican" = 10% off car hire

£20 off flights = eagles

do u know if this is price off each flight?

I think you are allowed to use it once per account. Yesterday, I booked a flight to HK for my mum using the code stars and received £20 off.
However, when I tried using it again on the same account, a message came up saying that I have attempted to use it the maximum number of times.
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