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GT GTS Expert 2015 Road Bike £329.99 delivered @ Wheelies
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Dropped even further! Not bad specs for the money! Some good bits in the BF sale, including cycling gloves that have dropped down to £3.99 a pair again. Bike specs here Frame - G… Read more

£349 now


Looks like and extended black Friday deal, but cheaper! Ends Soon GT GTS Expert Road Bike


Nice looking bike. Voted hot.


Hot - great price with Tiagra. 6% Quidco too.


Great deal

Altura night vision sale Wheelies - EVO waterproof hood at £4.99
Found 16th Sep 2015Found 16th Sep 2015
Wheelies are offering discounted Altura night vision cycle clothing. Some deals look fairly similar to other suppliers. The EVO waterproof hood at £4.99 looks a decent price. Have … Read more

Well, many people know about Superdry, North Face, Regatta, etc. I doubt if a lot of people in this forum have heard about Altura. It is not uncommon to get a jacket for a fiver in the clearance offer ....


Come on ,who would think its an altura jacket for a fiver. Also altura evo jackets come without hoods so this is a good deal for those that need the hood attachment which I have just purchased. Thanks for posting OP and have some heat




+1 for changing the misleading pic


I got excited thinking it was £5 for a jacket and then realised it was just the hood. More accurate photo might be [img]http://www.fawkes-cycles.co.uk/images/nightvisionevohood.jpg?width=222&height=222&format=jpg&quality=70&bgcolor=fff[/img]

Altura Airstream Mitt £4.99 @ Wheelies
Found 11th Aug 2015Found 11th Aug 2015
The Altura Airstream Mitt is equally well suited to road cycling as it is to mountain biking & leisure cycling. The light and breathable mesh backing aids cooling and prevents… Read more

Mine have just turned up & they're excellent for a fiver, great fit. Would have been nice to have some pull off loops but hey ho


Have some of these, really don't like the velcro fastener. Decathlon do some for not much more inc delivery which are a lot more comfortable imo: http://www.decathlon.co.uk/500-cycling-gloves-orange-id_8307689.html


:D ;)


XL. You know what they say, big hands - big gloves


Just what I needed. Thanks OP!

Altura Night Vision Evo Waterproof Cycling Jacket 2014 £59.99 @ wheelies Usually £90+
Found 4th Aug 2015Found 4th Aug 2015
Super duper commuter cycling coat, yellow, red, black and green in all sizes available! Comes with a high breathability rating so you don't boil in the bag like the cheaper waterpr… Read more
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Evo now £24.99 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/altura-night-vision-evo-waterproof-jacket-was-99-now-24-99-leisure-lakes-bikes-2294029


That's not the evo, cracking price for the regular one though!


Not a bad price, if you are a small and want a black jacket £29.99 on http://www.leisurelakesbikes.com/p/11936/altura-night-vision-waterproof-jacket-sale

Genesis Volare 10 2015 Road Bike - £499.00 - Wheelies Direct
Found 28th Jul 2015Found 28th Jul 2015
4.04% TopCashBack Great road bike for those that want something a little different. Frame: Genesis Mjölnir Seamless DB Cromoly w/ Ø44mm oversize headtube Forks: ADK Carbon Road R… Read more

There is a code "EXTRA10" for £10 off.


some more info about the bike https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/2015-genesis-volare-10-road-bike-pro-black-reduced-from-1000-499-99-swinnerton-cycles-2234075#comments

Altura Mayhem Short Sleeve Tee 2014 only £9.99 with free delivery @ Wheelies Direct
Found 14th Jul 2015Found 14th Jul 2015
Thought this was a smart cycling jersey / tee for the price. Seems to be selling around £18+ elsewhere too. Good Reevo reviews too 9/10. Altura’s Mayhem Short Sleeve Tee is a real… Read more

I have had XL in Altura stuff before so ordered this size which is way too big on me. I have ordered a large and medium to see which fits best and use free returns for unsuitable size. I guess the sizing is because it mentions trail riders who tend to wear looser fitting clothes than us road bikers and when I read the description tab it says it's baggy..


Anyone know what there sizes are like ???


Anyone know what there sizes are like ???


is this not just a polyester v neck t shirt and nothing more ?


Really like the Jersey the guy going downhill wears on the Jersey page....can't seem to find it, anyone happen to know what it is? It's wine and black with one sleeve grey....kind of reminds me of an endura hummvee top but I don't think it is. I don't really like pack pockets anyway...trusty rucksack :)

White Lightning Epic Ride Squeeze Bottle (120ml) was £6.99 now £5.99 + FREE DELIVERY @ Wheelies
Found 10th Jun 2015Found 10th Jun 2015
White Lightning Epic Ride Squeeze Bottle (120ml) was £6.99 now £5.99 + FREE DELIVERY (The 240ml bottle £8.99 is currently OUT OF STOCK)
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Had a few Epic rides after a bottle or two of White lightning


Hope the weather at the weekend will be better then you can get the bike out and see how far you get!


It's been a while since I had an epic ride.........


"Epic Ride - Light Lube". Chortle Chortle......... oO


Better tasting variant of the old alcoholic classic.

Up to 48% off the retail price of a new bike for cyclingtowork scheme cyclesolutions
Found 6th May 2015Found 6th May 2015
I have been given an email from my employer about cycletowork scheme with cycle solutions and i have taken up the scheme I have brought a £550 hybrid bike as as its with the schem… Read more
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u are part right. everyone i know who works for various companies from council to royal mail and even myself have had these from different chemes and all have paid 50-60% of the bikes value and at the end u pay a release payment £500 bike is about £30 and for me 2 i paid £313 including fee for a £500 that was reduced from £600. how the contract is worded is no how the deal pans out,its just a loophole. i paid £3.89 a week and then a release of £30 ish ,some shops do not allow u to buy discounted bikes but many do. also the final fee u pay is actually for a further 3 years extended rental and after that you can keep it. When the Hire Agreement and salary sacrifice ends, you can keep your Cyclescheme Package by making a final payment. It's a small amount, however. For a Cyclescheme package under £500, you'll pay 3% of the original value; for a package over £500, it's 7% – so a maximum of £70 on a £1,000 package. The bike remains ‘hired’ for a further 36 months, but with no more monthly payments. Ownership can then officially transferred to you at no extra cost. The transfer of ownership payment is why you save a minimum of 25% rather than a minimum of 32%. Many Cyclescheme participants will save more. u dont pay 25% of the value,you save that as a minimum.


Up to *


My employer waives the final fee, and it then becomes a benefit-in-kind, so we then pay tax/NI on it. So, when my last three year scheme finished earlier in the year, I had to pay tax and NI on £70, and the bike is now mine. **edit** just looked at the link you posted, and as my employer only allows us to get a new bike every three years, the £70 is 12% of the £600 voucher I got three years ago.



It's still very good for basic rate tax payers, it equates to a saving of 32% ( income tax & NI).

onguard pit bull bicycle lock £22.98 @ Wheelies
Found 25th Jan 2015Found 25th Jan 2015
was looking for a lock for my son when I came across this 50% off rrp and pretty decent reviews Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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I owned an onguard lock and was very happy with it, the 5 keys is usefull too! If you are insuring your bike, check the category of lock required with your cover, I know my last onguard wasn't compliant so it sadly went.


Well, you can get the thicker shackle Brute version for £21 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Magnum-ONGUARD-Bicycle-Security-LK8001/dp/B00AWAJYF0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422225598&sr=8-1&keywords=onguard+brute I think they're both still sold secure gold rated, for what that's worth - but obviously not the cable.


not sure if i would trust my bike wirh this


Often cheaper than this


Good lock. I just leave mine on the bike rack at work as it's quite heavy and carry a light lock fit occasional use.

Specialized lightweight waterproof cycling jacket - £14.99 @ Wheelies Direct
Found 25th Nov 2014Found 25th Nov 2014
Specialised lightweight packable emergency waterproof jacket. Reflective trim on the lower back. Reduced from £59.99 to £14.99. Free delivery too, size Small and medium still le… Read more
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Took my money but I had to chase them up and they tell me there is no stock. Very poor service


Out of Stock


I think you will loose water resistance once washed.


Small now sold out. Looks great, would watch my white bike ;)


From the blurb: Extremely lightweight and packable, this emergency jacket can save your ride - and your hide - in sudden downpours or unpredictable weather. Ultra-lightweight woven polyester has a durable, water-resistant finish Strategically placed stretch mesh panels increase breathability Reflective trim on lower back for visibility Open waist construction allows air flow with less billowing Form fit sizing So, it's water resistant. Ordered, thanks OP!

SealSkinz waterproof socks £13.06 @ wheelies
Found 8th Sep 2014Found 8th Sep 2014
Had been looking for a water proof socks. Found this worth the price with free delivery.

Do these fit all? I'm size 10 but it only says SML for size


thanks but they have same size selections as wheelies only size 3-5 uk (s) or 12+ uk (xl) on some and just 12 + on others looking for medium or large


Some more SealSkinz on offer here, hope you find something suitable :) Link is for a pair of mid-calf socks, there are others available at the bottom. http://www.evanscycles.com/products/sealskinz/thin-mid-length-sock-ec030439?country=GB&currency=GBP&gclid=CNH4yoif0cACFQrjwgodhGcAdg&gclsrc=aw.ds


only xl large sizes 12+ would have bought some if their was any at my size


Sealskinz are fantastic I've got two pairs :)

Save 50% - Cateye Reflex TL-570 Auto rear bike light, free P&P - £14.85 @ Wheelies Direct
Found 23rd Aug 2014Found 23rd Aug 2014
The nights are starting to draw in, be seen on the road with a Cateye Reflex TL-570 Auto. It is a light and movement activated rear bike light. Free P&P Here is the Cateye blu… Read more

Looks like a poor design http://m.rei.com/product/807255/cateye-tl-ld-570-reflex-auto-rear-bike-light


Perhaps you need two of these.


God the nights are drawing in. I will be lit up like a Christmas tree and their will still be near misses from idiot drivers who didn't see me...

Onguard Pitbull Lock Shackle U-Lock Plus Cable - Gold Sold Secure Rating 115 X 230 X 14mm £19.99 @ Wheelies Direct (NOW 22.98)
Found 13th Apr 2014Found 13th Apr 2014
SAVE 55% (SRP £43.99) and free delivery. Cheaper than E-bay. Payable with card or PayPal Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. @ wheelies.co.uk - rodman

If everyone moved to crime free places, those places would become crime ridden and the places they left crime-free.


Mine just turned up but no cable? EDIT: They sent the wrong item, got this instead: http://www.wheelies.co.uk/p59958/Onguard-Pitbull-LS-U-Lock---Gold-Sold-Secure-Rating.aspx


So you live in the **** end of scotland, who cares? The vast majority of people use bikes for things like commuting to work or popping to the shops, the exact sort of places bikes are more likely to get nicked. Regardless, I've ordered this for the lads new bike.


No no, I'll not be disclosing my whereabouts on here, but I will say that I live 85 miles away from the nearest cinema/supermarket/clothes or shoe shops etc. I removed myself from all conveniences and at the same time, all the nasties in life. Where I live is crime free, in fact it just made the local newspaper that somebody had snapped the aerial off a parked car and police were looking for information. :)


Why not just put this to rest and post a rough location (even if it's just the coordinates for the nearest Spar) - I'd be ever so interested to hear about this haven of the North - I'm pretty sure the media would, too!

£140 off A Cannondale Quick CX 5 Bike - wheelies.co.uk - £329.90
Found 12th Dec 2013Found 12th Dec 2013
Appears to be a decent deal for a decent bike. Just brought myself one to get too and from work, starting the New Years resolution of losing weight early!

The forks and wheels are not brilliant quality. They spent a lot getting those lovely welds on the frame, which is probably quite nice, and the gears are perfectly adequate, but the wheels are probably quite heavy and the fork would be best replaced with a rigid one (£20 off eBay.) That said, it's a great bike from a great brand for the money. For commuting, save £60 and get a Revolution Courier Race '13 (I posted it earlier but can't add links in comments), which is lighter and faster but not so capable offroad.


The forks and wheels are pretty not brilliant quality. They spent a lot getting those lovely welds on the frame, which is probably quite nice, and the gears are perfectly adequate, but the wheels are probably quite heavy and the fork would be best replaced with a rigid one (£20 of eBay.) That said, it's a great bike from a great brand for the money. For commuting, save £60 and get one of these, which is lighter and faster but not so capable offroad.


Cannondale are normally great bikes. what's specifically wrong with this one?


I have this exact bike for 12 months. Bought it when it came out for £349. Would say it is not worth the money as you can get some better deals. CANNONDALE are a brand that thinks it is great but really you are better off with Giant or Specialised or something similar for a better price. Wheelies are just trying to get rid of old stock and make it look like a good deal. All 2013 model bikes will eventually be reduced and for a better price.


Looks like it's just a BSO with a Cannondale badge. You can do a lot better for £329, having seen past deals posted on here for bikes.

Giant Mountain Bike for only £199 at Wheelies!
Found 8th Dec 2013Found 8th Dec 2013
Had another email off Wheelies about their 12 days of Christmas. Todays deal is awesome, a mountain bike for only £199, and a Giant at that. There is Womens and Mens there too. It… Read more

Great deal for the money. The frame will be decent and the components although basic will be enough. No need to buy a BSO when you can get a decent bike for £200. Good spot OP.


Sorry, added now.


put retailer in title please


The medium sized one should be good for you .


I'm only 5ft 6" so guess this will be too big!

Bike Hand 19pc maintenance kit.  £24.99 delivered @ Wheelies.co.uk
Found 10th Jun 2013Found 10th Jun 2013
Been looking for a decent all-in-one kit as all my tools seem to be spread out over various bags, and I always struggle to find what I need. Sale on for fathers day, reduced from … Read more
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god starter kit


£24.99 is about right for this quality. I wouldn't pay anything near £65 for it.


Looks a lot like the set I bought from Lidl last year for ? the same price. That is a good set :)


Always ride with a backpack on! What else would you carry your beer in?!


You going to carry it in your jersey pocket ?

Specialized Women's Cycling Gloves
Found 29th Mar 2013Found 29th Mar 2013
Been looking for some good quality cycling gloves on for a while. Brought these last week and they're great. I'm actually a guy so I brought the xl ones which fit my medium sized h… Read more

Yup. I was responding to the OP who said he was a guy.


That's probably why they've been advertised as 'women's' gloves then.


I wouldn't have thought these would be a great fit for a man. A man's ring finger is longer than their index finger, and this is reversed for women. That might not make a huge difference though, so if you feel it's worth a punt, go for it.


Brilliant price for an excellent set of cycling gloves. Many thanks.

Diamondback Poison 25/9 BMX Bike -RRP £269.99 - Down to £129.99 Built & Delivered @Wheelies
LocalLocalFound 10th Feb 2013Found 10th Feb 2013
Cracking deal for a decent BMX...Had mine turn up Friday built and ready to go!

I've got the 2012 model, it's got 14mm rear axle and 10mm front axle. Decent heavy duty 3 piece cranks. I am 6'5" and 19 stone and it's spot on for me, manuals we'll, and jumps nice too.


Thanks for your enquiry. Do you mean, how much weight the bike can take from the rider? In that sense, It's a steel frame and fork BMX so it's pretty durable by all accounts. Diamondback don't issue a 'max weight' allowance but i guess anything up to 18 stone (ish) should be okay. Kind Regards, Nick


10mm axles = cheap;


id love one of these, i'm 37 yeas old and 6ft , do you think i'll look a bit big for it....


Great price, nice find OP

Genesis Core 26.2 - Cracking price for a medium level hardtail Mountain bike. £499 @ Wheelies Direct
Found 17th Jan 2013Found 17th Jan 2013
Forget about spending hundreds on mobiles and sitting on your fat sweaty ****, you fat boys need to get outside and enjoy the great oudoors. This bike is very good for the money, c… Read more

no, not whatever halfwit,its used not new,doesn't include delivery or interest free payments.


yeah whatever :D


Wow yeh thats a very good deal :)


like 2nd hand.


Like new :P

Screwdriver set for £8.00 @ Wheelies Direct
Found 10th Jan 2013Found 10th Jan 2013
Five pieces per set, including two crosshead and three flathead screwdrivers. Different screwdrivers for various user requirements. Flathead: 5.5*100mm, 6.5*100mm 3 * Crosshea… Read more
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£8 for 5 screwdrivers, where is the deal?


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/draper-diy-series-45-piece-screwdriver-pliers-set-9-00-click-collect-asda-1418731 These are a great wee set

Avenir Pannier Carrier/Rack £12.97 Delivered from Wheelies.co.uk
Found 28th Dec 2012Found 28th Dec 2012
Avenir (Raleigh) pannier carrier. I ordered this carrier early on Thursday morning and it was delivered today, so fast delivery. The carrier itself is lightweight, and rated to c… Read more
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Your back sweats a lot when wearing a rucksack on a bike. I much prefer carriers and pannier bags.


Keep toying with the idea of getting one of these rather than a back pack, but they do make your bike look a bit naff, don't they?

High5 750ml Bottle with 10 x Zero Energy Tablets  £3.59 free delivery @ Wheelies Direct
Found 23rd Oct 2012Found 23rd Oct 2012
Good price for the bottle alone. Includes 10 tablets and free delivery so can't be bad. click on link for full spec

Vote hot, but I don't need Zero Energy. I've already got that. Time for a nap, methinks


a decent deal along with a free bottle. i occasionally buy these sort of deals if the kids need a new sports bottle. personally, when im on a decent ride i just put some dilute in my bottle/camelback, a bag of jelly babies and a snickers.

White Lightning Epic Ride bike chain lube 240ml £7.54 at Wheelies
Found 24th Sep 2012Found 24th Sep 2012
. Good quality chain lube in 8oz/240ml squeezee bottle at £7.54 delivered. Best price I could find by quite a way Extreme Durability, Smooth Shifting & Quiet Riding In All R… Read more

long haul durability without the excessive grime build-up... nice!


Hot, I've just run out of durex play, this'll do the job nicely.


Thanks bigflump -; I didn't know how to (as you probably guessed)


Thanks for posting, I've added a pic to your deal :)


Not to be confused with the teenage drink of choice

Knog Frog Strobe Light Set for £12.18 @ Wheelies.co.uk
Found 6th Sep 2012Found 6th Sep 2012
Ideal for the winter months. Cheapest I can find the set for LED strobe system with lens Water resistant Flexible silicon body Integrated clipping feature Quick release mount… Read more

http://www.wheelies.co.uk/p37794/Knog-Frog-Strobe-Light-Set.aspx link


Pretty cool, smaller than I thought they'd be but they seem well made. Happy enough, just wish I had two sets. X) Sent them an email anyway so hopefully they'll post the other set out.


Sorry to hear that. What are the lights like?


My package came this morning and they've only posted out one set, not the two I ordered. First order from Wheelies and I suspect it may be the last.


I can't get the lights off of my old bike due to the screws seizing, so the silicone design of these is a real draw. I cycle on well lit roads, for the most part, so these are enough to keep me safe

Moon Gem 20 USB Rechargeable Front LED Light £15.98 @ wheelies.co.uk SAVE 36%
Found 26th Aug 2012Found 26th Aug 2012
Technical Features: 19 Lumen (270 LUX) output 3 Ultra bright LED’s Charge time 2.5 hours from flat Run time: Full beam 3.5 hours/Medium beam 6 hours/Low beam 8 hours Features: B… Read more

Been using these lights for a while now. Really pleased with them.


Can't see why this is so cold... It's a good price for a 1/2 sensible commuter light, have some heat op (not that it'll make any difference now!)


edinburgh bike co op available instore or for delivery but £20 min spend for delivery


Do you have a link for a USB Rechargeable Front LED Light?


if you're after a bike light get one from dealextreme for half the price + 20 times the power

Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc 2011 @wheelies
Found 18th Aug 2012Found 18th Aug 2012
2011 model. Near same as another deal but this has brake discs. Only in medium.
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It's a bigger size. Only difference is the brakes really.


That's a far cheaper model of the same bike without disc brakes, only 50 quid off to which is hardly a bargain :\


Alternate deal HERE Only in 23' xxl though.

High five 750ml bottle + 10 x zero energy tablets £2.98 delivered @ wheelies
Found 12th Aug 2012Found 12th Aug 2012
Bargain for the bottles with 10 zero tabs.
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if you are from northern ireland then you will have to £22.50 for the postage alone. boo!


Amazon, got in just before they changed the prices and realised that they must have &&&& up [img]http://charts.camelcamelcamel.com/uk/B003Y3LWXY/amazon.png?force=1&zero=0&w=725&h=440&desired=false&legend=1&ilt=1&tp=all&fo=0[/img]


bargain, where was that?


oops so it is so many High5 deals of late got confused. I picked up the multipacks of 8 tubes of 20 tablets for £6 the other day, bought 2 boxes of every flavour will last me and the partner for ages


That's not for the same thing though, this comes with 10 zero tabs, that comes with 4 energy gels

Compact 13 Piece Bike Toolkit - Awesome price from Wheelies @ £21.99
Found 13th Apr 2012Found 13th Apr 2012
Sweet little 13 piece tool kit, a must have for the serious bikers out there. Great price at £21.99 as I've seen it elsewhere for double that price. Snap em up folks, I've ordered… Read more

lidl have one next week for £3.99 http://www.lidl.co.uk/cps/rde/xchg/lidl_uk/hs.xsl/index_30496.htm


1982john - No it doesn't have a chain cleaner but just found this on the Wheelies at £8.99 with free delivery reduced from £14.99 http://www.wheelies.co.uk/p45357/Bike-Hand-Chain-Scrubber.aspx I need to get off the Wheelies site, get some work done and stop spending !!!


Lidl have their 35 piece set for about £25 next week. Work it out!


Just realised I have linked to the Wheelies Website and not the actual deal. The URL for the deal is >> http://www.wheelies.co.uk/p50650/Bike-Hand-Bikeland-13-Piece-Tool-Kit.aspx


does this have a chain cleaner? i need a tool kit for bike service if anyone could recommend one which has everything i need it would be much appreciated.

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