Wheelman Xbox 360 (Amazon Pre Order £29.99)

Wheelman Xbox 360 (Amazon Pre Order £29.99)

Found 5th Mar 2009
Demo of Wheelman was release today on the XBL marketplace, was having a look around and currently the cheapest place to preorder is Amazon. Graphics are not fantastic but the gameplay is very orginal and very entertaining.


is this a game about a man in a wheelchair, gta style?

Buy this game and save Midway!


Buy this game and save Midway!

Ubisoft have taken it from Midway, so it won't save Midway if you buy it.

Buying Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe is more likely to help.

just played the demo of this on Xbox licve seemed pretty fun kind of a cross between burnout and midtown madness. Seemes like it could be good but maybe not 30 quids worth

the name of this game is so lame

At ]Game it's £29.99 + Quidco
At ]Play it's also £29.99 + Quidco
At ]GameStation it's £29.35 + Possible Quidco

Liked the demo and the rest of the game is supposed to be more free form like GTA. Tempted

taken from gamer tv when they did a review on this game a few weeks back

there is no online and its a short game , it is meant to be a good game but it has rental written all over it

so save ur money just rent it from lovefilm or blockbuster etc
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