Wheelspin (Nintendo Wii) £4.99 delivered @ Gamestation

Wheelspin (Nintendo Wii) £4.99 delivered @ Gamestation

Found 16th Jun 2010
Speed into the Zone, and Experience an Intergalactic Thrill Ride!

Developed by Archer Maclean?s independent UK studio, Awesome Play, Wheelspin features Solo, Race and Battle Modes to test gamers? skills.

Spread across a wide range of exciting interplanetary tracks, you will have a variety of explosive weapons at your finger tips, secrets to discover and upgrades to unlock.

To top it off, Wheelspin features split-screen multiplayer modes for up to 8 players to pit their wits against one another. Yes, 8 player split-screen, where players can frantically race and battle it out against one another, all from the comfort of the same living room.

Wheelspin on Wii features include:

SOLO mode - with phantom cars and racing lines to guide you
RACE mode ? go head-to-head against 7 friends or computer AI drivers
BATTLE mode - blast your opponents with massive weapons
Up to 8 Players ? In Race and Battle modes
30 levels of dramatic racing action to be played multiple times
Roller coaster race tracks with loops, twists and hairpin turns
Stunning terrains set on colourful planets, floating asteroids and space stations
Progressive level-unlock structure ? play your way to the top of the innovative engine upgrades and other car mods
Over 160 variations of 6 basic cars
Off-track secret bonuses and hidden shortcuts
Use boost pads to make incredible jumps and accelerate into the speed zone
Revisit unlocked tracks with enhanced cars to set an overall Apex Score Rating

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One word "Diabolical" if you have a nephew you despise (like me) than getting him this for a B'day present is the only reason to consider buying this abomination (yes even for a fiver).

You have been warned :whistling:

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