Where's Bin Laden: CIA Undercover Edition (Book) - £3.64 @ WH Smith
Where's Bin Laden: CIA Undercover Edition (Book) - £3.64 @ WH Smith

Where's Bin Laden: CIA Undercover Edition (Book) - £3.64 @ WH Smith

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Not quite royal wedding memorabilia, but today it's about as close as you're gonna get.

'Where's Bin Laden' Description

In this book, there are puzzles to solve, riddles to unravel, tongue twisters to untwist and lots of jokes too. Look for Bin Laden (or Bin Baby) among all kinds of weird and wonderful characters, and in all sorts of places, and The Posse, Bin Ladketeers, NSA Agent Jimmy Dorch, Patty Hurst and Moonie too!Since the CIA, Interpol, the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency have spent zillions of dollars and still haven't had any luck so far, we thought we'd give You the chance to find the world's Number One Most Wanted Man.


Is there a puzzle with a picture of a compound in Pakistan?

Edited by: "lavondys" 2nd May 2011

Not much point now..he's fish food

The Bin Liner sleeps with the fishes

Should of pickled him & put him on show in the Smithsonian.Only a success though because the Pakistani government were kept in the dark.

ALL books and memorabilia containing the words " Bin laden" will have no value now...... They will be given away free. Will sit tight and wait for the free copies......

I am surprised they did not keep the body, have it stuffed and then put on display.

No point... Osama's been laid off

>>'Where's Bin Laden'<<

He's now in heaven

is he dieded!!!!!!!!!

I suppose we can stake solice in the fact that he sunk faster than this deal.
Edited by: "lavondys" 2nd May 2011

Ellie Phant

>>'Where's Bin Laden'

I dont think he's gone to heaven...

Original Poster


I dont think he's gone to heaven...

I'm glad someone pipped in on that :s


Didn't think they took the Bins out on a bank holiday monday?
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