Where's Wally? The Wonder Book by Martin Handford only £1.78 deliverd @ Play

Where's Wally? The Wonder Book by Martin Handford only £1.78 deliverd @ Play

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Found 21st Dec 2010Made hot 21st Dec 2010
Great kids book and next cheapest I can find is twice this price at £3.58 and up to £9.73 elsewhere

Hey Wally watchers! Join the hunt for Wally in this wonderful adventure! Take the Wally challenge and go up and down the Corridors of Time, wander the Fantastic Flower Garden, witness the Mighty Fruit Fight, visit Clown Town and see many other wondrous Wonderlands! Wally and friends are hiding in every detailed scene. Full of eye-boggling extras and hours of fun, this fifth classic Wally adventure comes with a striking new cover. Wow! Amazing!


kwl !!!!

I can't seem to find the 'BUY' button...

or the damned key...

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It's there Quietus - just checked

these annoy me so much.. and still i can't resist trying to find him- before i realise that i could've done a lot in the 20mins i've wasted trying to find the nerd... steering clear of this bargain. have some heat from me.

got the app for iphone too

forget were is wally more like were is that deer!!!!!!


Bought it, Heat added!

great find thanks for sharing

This is a great book, i spent hours trying to find Wally and his pals!

Ordered some for Christmas pressies next year!! Organised or what!

Just ordered, thanks


Seems to be £2.40 now but still a bargain.

Actually forget that, £2.40 is through Playtrade and is used. Guess Play must have sold out.

have heat for a great find

Mine arrived today and has kept my six year old son quiet for a while
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