Whey Protein powder - Vanilla - 908g £4.98 @ Argos
Whey Protein powder - Vanilla - 908g £4.98 @ Argos

Whey Protein powder - Vanilla - 908g £4.98 @ Argos

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Great taste, easily mixed with water, no need for a blender. Great for extra protein between meals and before bed time. Improves recovery and ensures correct levels of protein for optimum performance in the gym. It performs as well as the other expensive brand names but even better, you get no stomach upset with this product. Cheap too!! Buy one get one half price ;-)"


If you can find it in stock!

Weh - hey :@D

Shame the site doesnt list the ingreditions and nutritional information, which might mean its not good.

Things to look out for...

1. Bulking agents, like empty carbs (eg sugar)
2. Protein type, even though it says "whey", the content of whey may be only a part of the mix, alot of it could jus be powderd milk protein. Whey isolate is the best form, along with whey concentrate, some Casein is good for an added slow release protein. A common bulking protein is gelatine or soy, which arent the worst but not quite as good as whey, in terms of BV, but a good ratio mix is good as it gives a steady release of protein.
3. Taste...i've gone through many "bargain" proteins only to not have the stomach to down them, currently got 5kg of Iron Maxx whey sitting in a cupboard (anyone with dull taste buds want a bargain?). Ones that do taste good tend to be full of sugar/carbs, so they might turn you into a fatty.
4. Unhealthy sweeteners, like aspartame or Acesulfame-k in particular, better sweeteners are sucrose, maltodextrin, dextrose..


If you can find it in stock!

You've hit the nail on the head, can never get these deals even after trying around eight local stores, someone must be able to get them though.


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no stock anywhere round here!!!

No Stock here, must have finished
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