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Which? Subscription £1 trial, (poss £10 TCB/£7.50 Quidco)
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Member must keep the trial for at least 20 days of the 1 month trial to be eligible for cash-back

Easily cancelled by email...no need to phone to suffer the hard sell


about 8 quid an issue....free in libraries


How much is it per month after trial


I had this offer the last time it was on a few months back and didn't have to phone up to cancel, it was an online form or email (sorry I can't recall exactly, but I certainly didn't have to phone them).


Agreed. I was a subscriber for a number of years - their reviews are generally good and they review fairly obscure things like dehumidifiers. I eventually cancelled because I wasn't making best use of the content (annual subscription is about £150pa IIRC).

1 month Trial Which? subscription Only £1 - Get £10 Topcashback (NO REFERRALS)
Found 28th Aug 2018Found 28th Aug 2018
1 month Trial Which? subscription Only £1 - Get £10 Topcashback (NO REFERRALS)
Pay £1, get £10 Cashback. Cancel before first month at full rate. +++ FIRST MONTH £1, THEN £10.75pm, unless cancelled +++ https://www.topcashback.co.uk/which/

Estimated Payable13 weeks!!!!


Still waiting for my £10 to be credited (lol)


Looks like it's back! (excited)


I phoned to cancel earlier but auto message from which said they are closed, I don't know how you cancelled automatically without speaking with customer service, when you phoned! I emailed instead, got instant reply to confirm my account has been cancelled, but still have online access until end of month (y)


rollox, wasn't this supposed to end at midnight? Seems to have expired already

EASY £7 Cashback and a month trial of 'which?' for £1
Found 1st Jan 2018Found 1st Jan 2018
EASY £7 Cashback and a month trial of 'which?' for £1
Pay £1 for a month's free trial of 'Which?' (Handy if you're in the market for any new tech etc and want to read some decent reviews) and receive £8 cashback via Quidco or £8.25 vi… Read more

Wouldn't 30 days subscription just be the first month?


I signed up in November and cancelled at the start of December - I’d put a reminder in my phone and called on the correct day to cancel. It’s so easy to cancel - it’s an automated phone line! Then, a few weeks later, £8.25 on TopCashback!


Terms say cashback only if kept for a minimum of 30 days subscription. So if cancel Straight away lose cash back


How do you cancel subscription?


Do us all a favour and keep your political beliefs to yourself. This is a deals site.

£7.50 quidco cashback for £1 trial of Which?
Found 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
£7.50 quidco cashback for £1 trial of Which?
Get a month trial of which.co.uk for £1 and earn £7.50 from quidco.

Showing as £8 on Quidco site.


Thanks op


Did this in November 2016 - never had a problem after I cancelled. They never contacted me again.


They never leave you alone. Wouldn't touch them ever.


If everyone cancels after the trial, how will they pay the CEO's £460,000 salary ? https://www.thirdsector.co.uk/salary-consumers-association-chief-falls-462000/management/article/1450400

Free garden growing guide with txt @ Which
LocalLocalFound 28th Apr 2017Found 28th Apr 2017
Free garden growing guide with txt @ Which
Text 'GARDEN' to 80057 for a free growing garden. Good for beginners or those who wanna know more. From which



He's the kid off their Smartphone Guide advert (which Sky News must have played about 100 times today)


Who's felix?


Yes, but will this replace Felix?


Free. I just texted. They called me back half hour later and will send it to me in post.

Which? Subscription £1. Now £9.35 Topcashback,£8.80 Quidco
Found 19th Nov 2016Found 19th Nov 2016
Which? Subscription £1. Now £9.35 Topcashback,£8.80 Quidco
Member must keep the trial for at least 20 days of the 1 month trial to be eligible for cash-bacK
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Which Subscription £1. Topcashback £7.87. Quidco £7.50.!!!
Found 6th Nov 2016Found 6th Nov 2016
Which Subscription £1. Topcashback £7.87. Quidco £7.50.!!!
Member must keep the trial for at least 20 days of the 1 month trial to be eligible for cash-back

The £1 trial is for £11.05 cashback until tomorrow!


Pity it does not include Which computing/gardening. To subscribe to all 3 after trial is a lot of quids.


Member must keep the trial for at least 20 days of the 1 month trial to be eligible for cash-bacK


The advantage to which? Is that it's meant to be impartial. A lot of reviewers these days will happily push their grandmothers down a flight of stairs for cash from companies so giving products good reviews where they don't deserve them is nothing.


Good deal but does anyone really still use and need Which? It was beneficial pre internet but there are so many other sources for this information

Ring For A  Free Copy  - Grow Your Own Fruit & Vegetables Guide  From Which Magazine (Please See Possible Results In Comments)
Found 5th May 2015Found 5th May 2015
Ring For A Free Copy - Grow Your Own Fruit & Vegetables Guide From Which Magazine (Please See Possible Results In Comments)
Eat Healthily And Save Pounds - Grow Your Own !!! You Need To Ring 0800 032 24 44 And Request A Free Copy Of What Looks A Very Comprehensive Guide To Growing ( Just Saw Adver… Read more


It includes Herbs As Well According To The Advert I saw it again today on tv :3


Always wanted my own Fruit & Vegetables Guide


Great find,Boz...just have to get rid of the killer slugs in our garden now. <3


1 month trial of which for £1.00 with £7.50 cashback from Quidco(£6.50 profit) - Which
Found 16th Apr 2015Found 16th Apr 2015
1 month trial of which for £1.00 with £7.50 cashback from Quidco(£6.50 profit) - Which
Which as usual offering one month trial of which for a pound but quidco offering £7.50 cashback. Please do not forget to cancel your membership by calling 01992 822800 and provid… Read more
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Thanks OP. Tracked fine through quidco. Have just cancelled using the automated phone service.


thanks op


Gonna try. Thanks op


when do i need to cancel? it tracked straight away btw


for the sake of 37p I'm going with quid co tcb too much hassle for me .. thx op

Earn £4.62 cashback by subscribing to which? for £1 a month through Quidco
Found 16th Jan 2015Found 16th Jan 2015
Earn £4.62 cashback by subscribing to which? for £1 a month through Quidco
Get a month's subscription for which.co.uk and magazine for a £1 and earn £4.62 through Quidco. Fast tracking. Looking for reviews and information on insurance policies, household… Read more

£7.50 for me also.


tracked as £7.50 for me thanks op


£12.31 has been tracked for spending £1.00 cracking deal, HOT


Looks decent, link to this page instead http://www.quidco.com/which/


Do leave a comment if voting cold!!!

Which? Will Service - Single Will: £50 (was £89) Double Will: £70 (was £149) with voucher codes
Found 1st Oct 2014Found 1st Oct 2014
Which? Will Service - Single Will: £50 (was £89) Double Will: £70 (was £149) with voucher codes
This has come at a perfect time for me, seems a good deal. Which? offers an online will-writing service with single wills costing £50 and joint (mirror) wills £70 (usually priced … Read more

If it had to be returned seven times to be corrected that would suggest the person checking it was making some fundamental errors too...


I drafted mine this morning and issued it to be checked. When issuing you can raise any queries/questions if your not sure. It was returned within couple of hours approved. It comes in PDF and Word doc so you can edit in future if you wish, more money saved over long run


Used Will Aid and wills were drawn up by trainees. The drafts had to be returned 7 times to be corrected, with some very fundamental errors.


Hmmm maybe time to do one , thanks op


For a couple, Will Aid will want a £150 'donation' to the charitable causes. This one is £70... ...but then this one you have to do yourself, the Will Aid one gets done by a proper solicitor...hmmm, decisions, decisions!

Subscribe to which? magazine for £1 and get £4.62 cashback through Quidco.
Found 21st Aug 2014Found 21st Aug 2014
Subscribe to which? magazine for £1 and get £4.62 cashback through Quidco.
Sign up for 1 month no obligation subscription for £1 and get £4.62 cashback from Quidco. You can cancel at any time by emailing them you name, address and membership number. You… Read more
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You can get the deal directly through Quidco, just search Which.


Guys don't join as you will get constant spam to your email !


The page you are looking for, no longer exists!


Link is broken

Talk Talk Unlimited Broadband £11.47 per month 12mths + possible Quidco (£60) or TCB with whichbroadbandswitch
Found 11th Jun 2014Found 11th Jun 2014
Talk Talk Unlimited Broadband £11.47 per month 12mths + possible Quidco (£60) or TCB with whichbroadbandswitch
Talk Talk d Broadband Unlimited £11.47 per month cost for unlimited broadband and line rental* Comprises half price monthly line rental for 12 months – £15.95 Now £7.97 a month and… Read more

Still getting that pop up so I tried going via my account, apparently I have to ring up to be moved onto simply broadband which involves a call to a non english speaking script reading bot in far away lands, tried that before and failed.


Existing TalkTalk Customers This offer is also available to existing TalkTalk customers who have already completed their 12 month contract. If you are an existing TalkTalk customer in this category please log on to your TalkTalk MyAccount by clicking on the following link https://myaccount.talktalk.co.uk/login to upgrade your package to Simply Broadband. Once you have placed your upgrade order successfully with an order number provided, please email the details listed below to TalkTalk at the following email address: manualpromo@talktalkplc.com If you are already on Simply Broadband and have already completed your 12 month contract, please email the details listed below to TalkTalk at the following email address: manualpromo@talktalkplc.com - Order Number (Not applicable if already on a Simply Broadband package) - First name & Last name - Home address & postcode - Landline telephone number, and - Other contact number


I am an existing out of contract TT customer, when I click on the deal and enter my landline and postcode this pops up: SimplyBroadband is not available but click here for fibre........!


Do not why people are voting cold? Is there are cheaper deal?


guessing you cant get this if your still in a 12 month contract?

Which magazine and access to the website reviews -£1 - 1 month trial
Found 7th Jan 2014Found 7th Jan 2014
Which magazine and access to the website reviews -£1 - 1 month trial
Sorry if its a duplicate but couldn't find it listed anywhere. Thought of as the "Bible" of review and test sites and available for a £1 for 1 month trial(has always been to be ho… Read more

Beats me why there's been such a negative reaction to my post .OK there are alternatives but I would never buy a pricey item without consulting the only independent review site .Lets face it consumer reviews are only posted if the item very good or very bad and magazine reviews are very much weighted depending on where they receive the best advertising revenue from . I think the negative response says a lot about the shallow mentality of many HDUK members, not their wish to get the best deal.


I didn't say I disagreed with your post, did I....


Thank you for expanding upon your original posting....


Most of those voting cold will never have read Which? and will know nothing at all about it, what it does, and how much better it is (because it's entirely independent and properly researched) than pretty much any other source. That's fine - and the lemmings comment above is entirely right - but it does say rather more about HUKD than it does Which? This isn't a 5p off a non-existent chocolate bar deal at Tesco, though, so why would it get hot? ;)


Yes. Now instead of going for the condescending approach which doesn't benefit anyone, how about you explain why you disagree with my post. Fair enough if your experiences haven't been great, can't say that has been the case with me. You do get some differing opinions but there is usually a consensus and it hasn't let me down yet tbh, and again you can get more tailored advice than you may do with Which. But obviously it seems some people prefer using Which, hence why I didn't vote.

Kinda free Which Legal Service for a year - £31.50 cashback and £30 John Lewis vouchers
Found 27th Sep 2013Found 27th Sep 2013
Kinda free Which Legal Service for a year - £31.50 cashback and £30 John Lewis vouchers
This could be a great deal if you can wait for the money to come to you. Pay £43 for access to Which's excellent legal advice service for a year. You get £31 cashback and £30 John … Read more
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LongPockets... thanks for typing so much yet adding so little.


I would have left the link as it was, but revealed which cashback site I had used, and pointed out any difficulty with getting both cashback and the John Lewis voucher and the work around. All of which we got eventually, but only after a hissy fit. I would have gone for this deal, but the tricky business with the cashback link has put me off. It seems to me that Which are deliberately excluding people coming from cashback sites from the John Lewis voucher offer, or trying to. Could be cashback won't be honoured. Or it might just be that the TCB link is out of date.


LOL You got me there. Would you point the link to TCB or leave it pointing to Which?


If everything was voted hot, you'd be in the same situation. Personally, I blame the people who post rubbish deals for your problem.


Querying it was what brought on the drama queen above. I can't "be helpful and edit" when I don't have the information. Putting the wrong cashback amount made it impossible to figure out which cashback site he was using, and he didn't say. Despite complaining about being asked about the erroneous cashback amount, he still hasn't fixed the figure in the original post. Using TopCashback would not link to the deal he posted, unless you took extra steps he did not tell us about in the original post. It is generally counter-productive to instruct people on how they should vote. It IS constructive to point out when there is missing or erroneous information. That said, the voting in here has always been broken. Lots of people just do it at random to earn a badge. And finally, I think you mean "helpful".

Which? Magazine (*FREE GUIDES*)
LocalLocalFound 27th Aug 2013Found 27th Aug 2013
Which? Magazine (*FREE GUIDES*)

Really sorry pressed cold by mistake as my phone screen was still moving and cant seem to change it! I got the grow your own veg guide which i found good as im not very green fingered! My two year old loves planting seeds with me now


I took out a subscription with which using quidco. There was a problem and I thought I had been scammed by which but they reimbursed me fully straight away and that was the end of it. Highly recommend them even when paying for their services! Thanks op, although you are acting like the biggest jerk on hukd I've ever seen. Why not chill out and listen to what other people have to say? It won't kill you ;)




Completely agree about the capital thing.


it's exhausting to read and it just looks messy and written by a 6 year old. zerocrop is right and you're rude

Free Which? Laptop Guide sent to you @ Which?
Found 12th Jul 2013Found 12th Jul 2013
Free Which? Laptop Guide sent to you @ Which?
Call free to receive your guide on freephone 0800533090 and quote code PC841F to get your Which? free laptop guide packed with useful information and advice. Opening times of call… Read more

Cold... Ask me which laptop to buy :{


Don't bother, as above if you don't sign up they don't send the free mag


I tried this b4, when I failed to sign up for their paid stuff, they did not send me the guide even though they promised sending it. Its a sales scam to me. Cold

Save £20 off  writing an online will (England only) with Which
Found 19th Apr 2013Found 19th Apr 2013
Save £20 off writing an online will (England only) with Which
Single will £69, Joint wills £129, a saving of £20 on the normal price. Use code WH-Dprobate at the payment stage. This code is in the back of the Which Wills and Probate book an… Read more

Yes, you could get a will for free. Which are acting for you on this and have a clear interest in making sure that your needs are met. I would worry a bit about having my will written by solicitors acting for a charity. You pays your money.....


Don't forget if you are in a union will writing is free.


Get a will done free, search martins money expert and it has two options. You have to leave a few quid to charity in your will, but they are free.


will I live or will I die

Trial of Which? 1 month trial for £1
Found 9th Mar 2013Found 9th Mar 2013
Trial of Which? 1 month trial for £1
We signed up to Which? last year with this offer. This deal is ongoing as far as I know. We hardly ever read the magazine, but the web site is a good resource, and you have access … Read more
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I'm afraid it was history by then, Wikki tells us that production ceased in 1971. They were well into the Mini by then, but at that time I wasn't a subscriber to Motoring Which? anyway.


Really nice sum up with facts. In other words Which is P2W(pay 2 win) company, you(companies) pay them to get good review or even be mentioned in their selective database.


Tesco Gold Exchange was found by leading consumer advice magazine "Which?" to be the ‘Top cash for gold buyer’. This was the conclusion of the ‘Which?’ research that was published on their website on the 2nd April, but how accurate is it? Hatton Garden Metals were intrigued by this claim and so conducted a detailed investigation to probe the robustness of the research and assess the credibility of the claim that Tesco Gold Exchange offered ‘far better rates than the competition’. Tesco Gold Exchange (at the time of writing on 2 April 2011) were quoting their price per gram of 9ct Gold at only £8.50. Hatton Garden Metals quote for the same gold would have been £10.30! This means that the Hatton Garden Metals price was more than 20% higher than Tesco Gold Exchange! So how is it possible that Tesco Gold Exchange can be judged by Which? as quoted in their article to offering ‘far better rates than its competition.’ Here’s what Which? had to say when we put it to them that their article was misleading for consumers: - ‘no, it was not misleading. The quote is true based on our research, which you weren't included in.’ Which? Action – Tuesday 5th April 2011So Hatton Garden Metals, a company previously recognised as the No.1 Postal Gold Company by a leading consumer website were not included in a review on the online gold buying sector. Doesn’t it make you wonder how deep their research was? Here’s what Which? told us: - ‘When Which? conducts an investigation we are not able to look at every player in every industry but do aim to provide a snapshot of the market in its current state. In this news story we wanted to re-visit mostly the same companies we looked at in our previous investigation for the sake of consistency’ Which? Action – Tuesday 5th April 2011By reviewing Tesco Gold Exchange alongside the previous companies reviewed by Which?, Hatton Garden Metals do not believe that the research conducted by Which? is of significant depth to provide an accurate snapshot of the market. For example, a simple Google search for ‘online gold buyers’ - the term that Which? use to describe the rivals of Tesco Gold Exchange that are quoted as ‘still found wanting’ - unearths 4 companies that are offering more than the £8.50 that Tesco Gold Exchange are offering at the time of writing. Furthermore on the Which? website we found the following claims: ‘You may be surprised by the lengths we go to in testing. We care about what matters to you - so, when we put products through their paces, we test how you would use them to uncover how they really perform.’ ‘When you come to us, you get informed answers. Whatever you’re buying, we can help you make the right choice.’ Which? website – Tuesday 5th April 2011The first claim implies a level of testing undertaken by Which? that we believe goes beyond the research that found Tesco Gold Exchange to be the ‘top cash for gold buyer’. We also do not believe that this enables consumers to make the right choice, when they could be over £100 worse off when selling just 60 grams of 9ct gold using Tesco Gold Exchange compared to a number of other online gold buyers including Hatton Garden Metals. The conclusion of our investigation is that whilst the research that Which? conducted found that Tesco Gold Exchange did offer far better rates than the competition, the sample that Which? based its research on was not of a significant size to make it representative of the industry. Is a price comparison really valid when the researchers leave out five leading companies that are all easily found by consumers, who all offer much better prices than the companies included in their research? It is for this reason that we believe the article is misleading for consumers, and also undermines the credibility of the Which? resea http://www.hattongardenmetals.com/News/Which-Review-Tesco-Gold-Exchange.aspx COLD


Every time I subscribed to it, they automatically took money from my direct debit even though I had cancelled! I had to phone up and the operative just said it was a mistake and it took a month for me to get my money back! Pain!:|


even though I'm not a subscriber.. I think it still has a place. you can find lots of free reviews on the web but properly reviewing items cost money. So the free review either ends up being rubbish or biased as they are getting money for a good review from the makers. Nothing good is free in the world.

Write a will with Which? for £59
Found 13th Dec 2012Found 13th Dec 2012
Write a will with Which? for £59
Got thinking after watching the Panorama programme about homeless people. Usually costs £89 for single wills (down to £59) and joint wills £149 (down to £99). Use code WH-SMSE30 … Read more

They should write " we want to leave everything to HDUK member angst"


Yes. Wills for solicitors are 'loss leaders' as if we do charge our hourly rate they would probably cost £200-£300. However we realise that we have to be competitive with simple wills to encourage clients to use a solicitor rather than a non qualified person so we accept the loss of time v costs. Most solicitors will therefore charge a fixed fee which of course varies on the region. This is of course based on a simple will whereby the testator has no capacity issues. Your eg sounds like it had other issues involved meaning it was not just a simple will. In your case it was even more important to make sure it was drafted correctly in case the will is challenged at a later basis.


This is not a personally directed comment but in Surrey even the will writers charge more than £99 at the rates charged by local solicitors £99 = less than 20 minutes consultation all plus VAT! Elderly friend charged £345 for new will + £120 to have her doctor supply a letter stating she was 'compos mentis'. As 'angst' pointed out providing your intentions are clear there should be no problems


I am a solicitor who specialises in Wills and I can not understand why people would pay any sum of money to someone who is most likely unqualified to draft such an important document. All solicitors have many years of experience and we are all insured, unlike these will writing companies who are not. We also offer free advice on care planning & tax when you make your will and we will store it for free all for a very cheap and fair cost of £99! Would you trust and pay a cowboy builder/ dodgy car salesman / plumber etc...you get what you pay for!


The sample shown in the link is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard,, they just needed to blank out a number of lines instead of blanking out two thirds of every page