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Trial of Which? 1 month trial for £1
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Posted 9th Mar 2013Posted 9th Mar 2013
Trial of Which? 1 month trial for £1
We signed up to Which? last year with this offer. This deal is ongoing as far as I know. We hardly ever read the magazine, but the web site is a good resource, and you have access … Read more
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I'm afraid it was history by then, Wikki tells us that production ceased in 1971. They were well into the Mini by then, but at that time I wasn't a subscriber to Motoring Which? anyway.


Really nice sum up with facts. In other words Which is P2W(pay 2 win) company, you(companies) pay them to get good review or even be mentioned in their selective database.


Tesco Gold Exchange was found by leading consumer advice magazine "Which?" to be the ‘Top cash for gold buyer’. This was the conclusion of the ‘Which?’ research that was published on their website on the 2nd April, but how accurate is it? Hatton Garden Metals were intrigued by this claim and so conducted a detailed investigation to probe the robustness of the research and assess the credibility of the claim that Tesco Gold Exchange offered ‘far better rates than the competition’. Tesco Gold Exchange (at the time of writing on 2 April 2011) were quoting their price per gram of 9ct Gold at only £8.50. Hatton Garden Metals quote for the same gold would have been £10.30! This means that the Hatton Garden Metals price was more than 20% higher than Tesco Gold Exchange! So how is it possible that Tesco Gold Exchange can be judged by Which? as quoted in their article to offering ‘far better rates than its competition.’ Here’s what Which? had to say when we put it to them that their article was misleading for consumers: - ‘no, it was not misleading. The quote is true based on our research, which you weren't included in.’ Which? Action – Tuesday 5th April 2011So Hatton Garden Metals, a company previously recognised as the No.1 Postal Gold Company by a leading consumer website were not included in a review on the online gold buying sector. Doesn’t it make you wonder how deep their research was? Here’s what Which? told us: - ‘When Which? conducts an investigation we are not able to look at every player in every industry but do aim to provide a snapshot of the market in its current state. In this news story we wanted to re-visit mostly the same companies we looked at in our previous investigation for the sake of consistency’ Which? Action – Tuesday 5th April 2011By reviewing Tesco Gold Exchange alongside the previous companies reviewed by Which?, Hatton Garden Metals do not believe that the research conducted by Which? is of significant depth to provide an accurate snapshot of the market. For example, a simple Google search for ‘online gold buyers’ - the term that Which? use to describe the rivals of Tesco Gold Exchange that are quoted as ‘still found wanting’ - unearths 4 companies that are offering more than the £8.50 that Tesco Gold Exchange are offering at the time of writing. Furthermore on the Which? website we found the following claims: ‘You may be surprised by the lengths we go to in testing. We care about what matters to you - so, when we put products through their paces, we test how you would use them to uncover how they really perform.’ ‘When you come to us, you get informed answers. Whatever you’re buying, we can help you make the right choice.’ Which? website – Tuesday 5th April 2011The first claim implies a level of testing undertaken by Which? that we believe goes beyond the research that found Tesco Gold Exchange to be the ‘top cash for gold buyer’. We also do not believe that this enables consumers to make the right choice, when they could be over £100 worse off when selling just 60 grams of 9ct gold using Tesco Gold Exchange compared to a number of other online gold buyers including Hatton Garden Metals. The conclusion of our investigation is that whilst the research that Which? conducted found that Tesco Gold Exchange did offer far better rates than the competition, the sample that Which? based its research on was not of a significant size to make it representative of the industry. Is a price comparison really valid when the researchers leave out five leading companies that are all easily found by consumers, who all offer much better prices than the companies included in their research? It is for this reason that we believe the article is misleading for consumers, and also undermines the credibility of the Which? resea http://www.hattongardenmetals.com/News/Which-Review-Tesco-Gold-Exchange.aspx COLD


Every time I subscribed to it, they automatically took money from my direct debit even though I had cancelled! I had to phone up and the operative just said it was a mistake and it took a month for me to get my money back! Pain!:|


even though I'm not a subscriber.. I think it still has a place. you can find lots of free reviews on the web but properly reviewing items cost money. So the free review either ends up being rubbish or biased as they are getting money for a good review from the makers. Nothing good is free in the world.

Write a will with Which? for £59
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Posted 13th Dec 2012Posted 13th Dec 2012
Write a will with Which? for £59
Got thinking after watching the Panorama programme about homeless people. Usually costs £89 for single wills (down to £59) and joint wills £149 (down to £99). Use code WH-SMSE30 … Read more

They should write " we want to leave everything to HDUK member angst"


Yes. Wills for solicitors are 'loss leaders' as if we do charge our hourly rate they would probably cost £200-£300. However we realise that we have to be competitive with simple wills to encourage clients to use a solicitor rather than a non qualified person so we accept the loss of time v costs. Most solicitors will therefore charge a fixed fee which of course varies on the region. This is of course based on a simple will whereby the testator has no capacity issues. Your eg sounds like it had other issues involved meaning it was not just a simple will. In your case it was even more important to make sure it was drafted correctly in case the will is challenged at a later basis.


This is not a personally directed comment but in Surrey even the will writers charge more than £99 at the rates charged by local solicitors £99 = less than 20 minutes consultation all plus VAT! Elderly friend charged £345 for new will + £120 to have her doctor supply a letter stating she was 'compos mentis'. As 'angst' pointed out providing your intentions are clear there should be no problems


I am a solicitor who specialises in Wills and I can not understand why people would pay any sum of money to someone who is most likely unqualified to draft such an important document. All solicitors have many years of experience and we are all insured, unlike these will writing companies who are not. We also offer free advice on care planning & tax when you make your will and we will store it for free all for a very cheap and fair cost of £99! Would you trust and pay a cowboy builder/ dodgy car salesman / plumber etc...you get what you pay for!


The sample shown in the link is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard,, they just needed to blank out a number of lines instead of blanking out two thirds of every page

1 month's subscription for Which? (worth £9.75) for £1. Actually they'll pay you to read their Which? see below
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Posted 20th Oct 2012Posted 20th Oct 2012
1 month's subscription for Which? (worth £9.75) for £1. Actually they'll pay you to read their Which? see below
Which? can save you a lot of money! Don't buy a lemon, buy a lush version of whatever you plan to buy. Here you can trial a Which? edition for £1.00. Membership allows you online a… Read more
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lol what's he saying? that's the invisible man for me ;-) IGNORED lol


well done for totally hijacking the tread with your timely editing


It's enough just to cancel your direct debit, ie you can do it online without bothering to contact Which?


Thanks Scouser I might make that clearer in my header.


Just don't forget to cancel if you don't want to carry on paying as detailed below: Cancelling your subscription You can cancel at any time during your trial by emailing editor@which.co.uk or calling us on 01992 822 800 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-6pm, Sat 9am-1pm), before your first monthly payment is due. Please be aware that because your membership can be used immediately, you do not have the statutory cooling off period during which you may cancel your membership without charge. When you contact us please quote your name, address and membership number. Should you respond by email, please title your email 'cancel'. If you cancel, your account will expire the day before your next payment would have been due. You can keep everything you have already received and you won't owe us a penny. There is no obligation and no fixed term contract. If you do not cancel, your membership will continue without interruption until you contact us.

Sign up to Which? today and you will receive £5 worth of John Lewis vouchers
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Posted 20th Jun 2012Posted 20th Jun 2012
Sign up to Which? today and you will receive £5 worth of John Lewis vouchers
As part of the trial you'll also get a £5 John Lewis voucher. This voucher will be delivered to you within your new membership pack. What do you pay? You pay £1 for your first tr… Read more

Just want to say a BIG thank you and don't understand WHY ON EARTH this was voted cold??? Went to John Lewis on Thursday and spent my 15 from last time & 5 pound from this times vouchers and was a lovely day out! lol I managed to get all of the following for just 1 pound in cold hard cash ; This was just over 6 pounds when I got it!!! http://www.johnlewis.com/231144636/Product.aspx Plus got this , good value @ just over 7 quid ( but free with voucher of course ) ; http://www.johnlewis.com/230558048/Product.aspx Then I got a treat for MYSELF - Price on the box said £19 but these were reduced to just 6 pounds and are SO LOVELY!!! ; http://www.johnlewis.com/271314/Product.aspx Got mine in white & love it and they are a good size and a real statement piece , fab for the price! So those who voted it cold could have got something like the 12 pounds Hello Kitty book for approx £1 instore (_;)


YAY!!! THANKS OP - Mine arrived today via recorded delivery - Postman was baffled as to WHY they sent a copy of 'Which' by recorded delivery & I told him there was a John Lewis voucher inside it!! :D


I DUNNO , JUST THOUGHT THEY SENT THEM OUT STRAIGHT AWAY? Last time they arrived pretty quickly , wanted to wait for it to arrive before I cancel but don't want to forget like I have done with Which before in the past many years ago! oO




Anyone received anything yet??

2 Issues of Which? magazine for £2 plus £4.04 TCB
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Posted 4th Apr 2012Posted 4th Apr 2012
2 Issues of Which? magazine for £2 plus £4.04 TCB
Subscribe to 2 issues of Which? magazine for just £2 and receive £4.04 with Topcashback. Ends in 4 days ! Probably best to cancel your sub via email within the first month as your… Read more



Just wait for all the junk mail if you get this.


Once they get your details you'll be pestered for years by them .

Free Tomato Seeds
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Posted 22nd Feb 2012Posted 22nd Feb 2012
Free Tomato Seeds
To get your free packet of Gardeners Delight Tomato seeds and a copy of the Which guide to growing your own call 0800 533 081 (free call) or text PLANT for free to 80057 and quote … Read more

brill ordered one ..




Can't you just plant the seeds that are inside a Tomato?


just texted and a reply came saying they'd phone me tomorrow so they can get my guide posted out to me


I phoned yesterday with MSE site. Had no problems, listened to the spill.. Requested the seeds quoting code. Said no thanks to the extra copies for £1. All went through well and now sending out the tomato seeds. I hope they grow well.

Which? The big switch. Group energy savings
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Posted 7th Feb 2012Posted 7th Feb 2012
Which? The big switch. Group energy savings
First post so be gentle. Which? are doing a big switch where they get a massive group of consumers interested and they will negotiate with the leading energy groups to get the best… Read more
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Just received my "Special Offer" from Which. It's the normal EDF price anyone can get from them direct. Biggest scam I've ever seen. I always thought Which was reliable but it looks they've fallen in with the bad boys now.


april my pension goes up £5 a week but the energy company have put my monthley payment up by £15 pound a month so we are just £5 a month better off a pound a week not enough for a loaf of bread.


Not quite sure how this works as say 'Which' get 10,000 potential customers and convince the utility company that 10,000 customers will take the deal and then only 1000 customers decide to take the deal,I would have thought the utility company won't honour the deal?


Voted hot. A pity more people won't followed this approach, as we'd do something to redress the power and control in big corporate hands. I don't get why more people don't appreciate the power individuals have when they are prepared to band together against corporate injustice. Good luck to Which in their quest.


Cold. Far better to find the cheapest deal via uswitch. Then go to that companies website via quidco, pocket the cashback. Repeat 6 months later. Works for me.

£15 John Lewis voucher for £1 with Which? trial membership
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Posted 21st Jan 2012Posted 21st Jan 2012
£15 John Lewis voucher for £1 with Which? trial membership
(SEE FIRST POST FOR CORRECT LINK) Sign up to Which? today and you will receive £15 worth of John Lewis vouchers 1) Sign up (I recommend using Direct Debit as it's easiest to canc… Read more

Same how annoying EDIT: Oh a company called Haymarket publishing London have taken out £9.99... I have no idea why or who they are lol!


Had my cancellation accepted in writing on Feb 23, but they took £9.75 today (Feb 27th). Not cool, that. Will obviously be insisting on a refund.


Hmph I cancelled my dd and they started a new dd and have taken a tenner. Anyone else had this problem!?


signed up on 22nd, didn't receive anything so phoned to complain, they said they will send me replacement and I double checked that it included the vouchers and yesterday received Feb magazine but no voucher


Thank you very much for your help! Going to try this now then.

1 Month Trial for only £1  @ Which?
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Posted 26th Oct 2011Posted 26th Oct 2011
1 Month Trial for only £1 @ Which?
Sign up for a months trial for £1 - You can cancel anytime within that month if you wish to do so via email or phone which.co.uk: instant access to 1000s of independent reviews an… Read more
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Yes, sir - if i don't do I get detention ? Isn't that similar to this - Surely that ^ is merely a case of luck, no relation to a non-existent 'Which' longevity test The point with online user reviews is that one gets a very good idea of a product's usefulness/performance from user comments and a little reading between the lines - rather than a short, objective test in the 'Which' test labs by at most, a handful of paid '' well-respected '' employees ....


Really? Provide examples. 'Customer Reviews' are subjective, often unreliable & sometimes bogus. Click here for an article on faked 'Customer Reviews'. Also, I've seen too many "I've got one & it's great" comments at Reevoo, Argos, Amazon, Ebuyer, etc, in relation to products with unfavourable formal reviews by well-respected sources, to put much faith in subjective 'customer reviews'. Which? is a well-respected independent source of objective, impartial advice. It regularly criticises big names like Sony for selling below-par products (e.g. Sony 300 Series TVs), when other review sources dare not offend a major contributor to their advertising revenue.


Wouldn't put too much faith in 'Which' reviews, they still have their own bias and preferences. Much better to read free online reviews, mainly from customers who actually use the product


Practically every appliance in my kitchen, including the gas boiler, is a Which? 'Best Buy'. Some are very old, & all are in perfect working order. Which? wouldn't be my first choice for advice in choosing a Car or a TV (prefer http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk and http://www.avforums.com/reviews/index.php), but for many domestic products you can't go wrong with a Which? 'Best Buy'.


And as far as I know this is not an offer. This is the regular price for a trial subscription

Make a will with Which? (Consumers' Association) - £69 for a Single Will or £109 for Mirror Wills
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Posted 16th Sep 2011Posted 16th Sep 2011
Make a will with Which? (Consumers' Association) - £69 for a Single Will or £109 for Mirror Wills
Likely to be very substantially cheaper than a solicitor, or even a will writing service - with the added security of knowing that it's been checked over by a Consumers' Associatio… Read more

very informative thread, but what are the chances of me gettng one, zero


How hard is it to write "I leave everything to be shared equally between Lary, Mo and Curly Joe"? :|


all it takes is one mistake and the will is void. I am too scare to take this chance. heat added anyway:)


thanks, mine needs re writing and there's no way I'll take the risk of a DIY, seen the problems they can create even when it all looks straightforward. Heat added


Sorry m8 but unless you're going to complicate things you can just do it yourself. All my stuff is going equally to 4 people and I did it myself. It's not rocket science.

ZANUSSI ZWF14069W Washing Machine £199.99 @ Currys & Dixons
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Posted 26th Apr 2011Posted 26th Apr 2011
ZANUSSI ZWF14069W Washing Machine £199.99 @ Currys & Dixons
Just spotted this at Currys and Dixons. Seams like a bargain at £199.99 delivered. The Zanussi ZWF14069W White Washing Machine has an impressive 21 wash programmes to choose fro… Read more
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wow, this machine has just gone up to £329.99. Is it really that good??


They do its a big company started in Itally but now part of Electrolux: AB Electrolux S:t Göransgatan 143 SE-105 45 Stockholm, Swede.. http://www.zanussi.co.uk/Products/Laundry/Washers http://www.zanussi.co.uk/Page-Footer-Menu/About-Zanussi/


who makes/manufactures Zanussi?


5.5kg is fairly small. I think 8 or 9kg is large.


Good find, wife wants one with a large drum, is 5.5 kg larger than standard?

Which? Introductory Offer - 3 Issues of Which? Magazine & Full Access To Contents of Which.co.uk Online for £3 for 2 Months
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Posted 29th Mar 2011Posted 29th Mar 2011
Which? Introductory Offer - 3 Issues of Which? Magazine & Full Access To Contents of Which.co.uk Online for £3 for 2 Months
Just spoke to Which? Customer Services Team on 01992-822800 for Free Guide for LCD TVs, which she said they would send it by post. And then she offered me above introductory offer.… Read more
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yeah, sure would cancel it before 31st May. Will put a note in my diary. Ta.


good deal but dont forget to cancel !!!!!!!!!!

Free 24 Page 'Grow Your Own Vegatables Guide' & Parsley Seeds @ Which Magazine
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Posted 19th Feb 2011Posted 19th Feb 2011LocalLocal
Free 24 Page 'Grow Your Own Vegatables Guide' & Parsley Seeds @ Which Magazine
Call free: 0800533032 quoting ref: VEG209F or text 'GARDEN' to 80057 for FREE
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I applied for the free internet & pc guide last November. they also tried to sell me the 3 month subscription,i declined & they said no probs we'll send out your free guides. Still waiting ! :p


Haha, I ordered mines on the weekend...the guy over the phone was very nice, he tried to sell me the magazines and I said he said 'but youre ordering seeds' and I said 'But its for my mum' hahaha woops oh well, hopefully its comes through the post, always need parsley to make me falafels...woo1 :D


That's why it's in 'Freebies' and not 'Deals'...


Had the phone call and seeds and free booklet should be on way in next 2 weeks. Did try to offer 3 issues of which for £3 but I'm not interested...


Thanks, sent the text and they replied saying they will phone to arrange sending free seeds and guide.

Free Grow Your Own Guide & Seeds @ Which Magazine
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Posted 7th Feb 2011Posted 7th Feb 2011
Free Grow Your Own Guide & Seeds @ Which Magazine
Call 0800 533 035 and quote ref VEG170F for a free pack of parsley seeds and Grow Your Own Vegetables guide from Which? Gardening.

Just took a call from them! (it's only taken them a month to reply to my text! lol) Guide and seeds are on the way. They offered me a 3 months magazine deal for £3 but I declined. Thanks OP.


Rang Yesterday, Spoke to a Geordie who accepted my code. He then asked what i thought i would get from the guide so i replied that i hoped i would get some advice on planting seeds. He then described a deal to me £30 worth of magazines for £3 which i declined saying that i couldnt afford to pay anything today. He said that was fair enough and that my guide and seeds should be with me in 10-12 days. Wait and see now!


Don't bother! All about the hard sale! I should know, I used to work for them!


Have just texted the GROW1 to 80057. Got an instant reply stating that they will call as soon as possible to arrange delivery of my free guide (and I guess try and sell me a subscription.) I'll let you know if its a hard sell or not ;) no callback from them, so tried ringing the 0800 number only to be put on a long hold (tried twice, gave up after 10 minutes both times)


I have managed to get the freebies before. Maybe the telesales staff are now being told to be a bit more persuasive with regards to actually taking a which subscription or maybe it just depends on who answers the call.

FREE Which? buyer's guide for Laptops
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Posted 4th Nov 2010Posted 4th Nov 2010
FREE Which? buyer's guide for Laptops
Call Which? on 0800 920 150 quoting reference PC894F to get a free Laptop buyer's guide. In your free buyer's guide: - Choose the right Laptop for your needs - Mac or Windows - G… Read more

I hate the ad on TV, especially the comment, "Reading it will at least give you a bit of an education". Debatable though :)


The problem is it will be out of date. All their others have been.


Judging by the questions normally found on misc it would suggest not! :D


can we just use google instead?

Which? Free Gardening Guide (Plus Tuscan Salad Mix seeds if ordered today!)
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Posted 31st Jul 2010Posted 31st Jul 2010
Which? Free Gardening Guide (Plus Tuscan Salad Mix seeds if ordered today!)
Enjoy a free guide. Buy todays Guardian, within the weekend magazine section there is a code. It also offers brilliant all round advice. Phone 0800 533 088 (Quote VEG129F) ENJOY… Read more

Just called made same mistake with internet booklet they offered free, they are trying to sell gardening guide and are quite persistent, call takes around 10/12 mins so really not worth all false politeness for me but thanks anyway.

Free Basil & Mizuna Seeds - Free Call - NOTW/CC
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Posted 15th Jun 2010Posted 15th Jun 2010
Free Basil & Mizuna Seeds - Free Call - NOTW/CC
Free Basil and Mizuna Seeds & Gardening Guide - Free Stuff, Freebies & Free Samples Free Basil and Mizuna Seeds & Gardening Guide Captain Cash has teamed up with Which… Read more

Not ordered this time but have done this before. Which do their best to get you to accept their mag but if you stand your ground they will send the seeds anyway without the mag. Worth some heat.


Done. Just expect the hard sell for Which magazine.

Free Grow Your Own Vegetables Guide
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Posted 15th Mar 2010Posted 15th Mar 2010
Free Grow Your Own Vegetables Guide
Call Which? on 0800 533 035 quoting reference VEG50F to get a free vegetable guide. Starting with preparing your plot (or pot), right through to avoiding pests and diseases, this f… Read more
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Won't you be bombarded by Which to subscribe to their magazine?


thanks .. worked well :-)

Which? Magazine  Deal Including Free Online Access £3 For 3 Months
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Posted 5th Oct 2009Posted 5th Oct 2009
If you call Which? on 01992 822800 they have a great new deal which gives you both the magazine & online access at a reduced price. I've had online access only paying £7.75 per… Read more
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My beef with them is if they are so good why do I have to subscribe? If they're that good they wouldn't need subscription, people would buy it off the shelf... if it were that good!


I don't like Which?, so I do not think it is a good deal. It's back to the same old HUKD arguement. The link contradicts what you said about which, so why doesn't that concern you? Anywho, probably one to agree to disagree.


I have done & the above is my view after reading it. I don't know of a website that doesn't get revenue if you click on a link & though not ideal Which? may have been forced to move with the times as the subscription fees are high & I doubt that the take up is as good as in the past as the internet is freely available as a source of information although not always a good source. Not having highlighted this well enough was obviously an error of judgement but that doesn't make them biased. So to raise awareness of this deal for those that want it please only vote cold if you don't think it is good deal rather than that you don't like Which?


Please read the above link, it is far all from subscription fees.


Regardless of what you think of Which? it is still the least biased of reviewers out there as it sets itself an ethical code & campaigns for the rights of consumers. It must be difficult to pay for all the items anonymously that they have to buy (as being given them by manufacturers would necessarily be accurate) as well as the extensive testing plus lobbying government, campaigning & raising awareness of consumer issues all from members subscription fees. If you walk into an electrical store or look on a website & you are faced with a choice of potentially hundreds of items that all look the same you have no idea which one is better than the next unless you trust the view of the salesman & boy have I read some rubbish on blogs?! We use Which? reviews as an information source & starting point then consider our own budget & needs then use our own judgement. This has worked well over our the last 25 years for us. In addition we have had considerable help & free legal advice when things have gone wrong.

Free: Which? gardening guide and free Mizuna seeds
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Posted 20th Aug 2009Posted 20th Aug 2009
Free: Which? gardening guide and free Mizuna seeds
Free guide from the experts at Which?Gardening with simple step-by-step instructions amd lots of helpful hints. How to choose the best spot and create a veg garden from scratch. To… Read more
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Thank you for letting us know the details of this offer. I could not get through hotline and meanwhile found your post. Would not buy the subscriptions, I can find all I need on-line.


One for the mother... Cheers for the header!


Good point Holly:thumbsup: Here's a link to Mizuna info: http://www.rhs.org.uk/growyourown/mibunamizuna.asp


cheers chesso - must admit - i had to google mizuna

7 days FREE access to which.co.uk - Free Access To All Best Buy Product Reviews
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Posted 17th Jun 2009Posted 17th Jun 2009
7 days FREE access to which.co.uk - Free Access To All Best Buy Product Reviews
Received this e-mail from Which? that allows you 7 days free access to the site. Offer expires on 20th June. A little present from us to you ... We're giving you 7 days FREE acc… Read more

Like most of the threads you comment on ;)


Which reviews not updated frequently ,most of the products reviewed are old models


no way! they want your bank details and after 7 days it will cost you £7.75 a month. "You have chosen to take out a FREE 7 day trial to Which? After your trial we will continue providing you with full access to Which.co.uk for £7.75 a month."




be careful though as their reviews are not wholly independent!! (despite what they say!)

Free Which? PC Magazine, Problems Solved/Easy Use Guide! FREE
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Posted 26th Jan 2009Posted 26th Jan 2009LocalLocal
Free Which? PC Magazine, Problems Solved/Easy Use Guide! FREE
Hope this will help someone, I saw this on a tv advert and I rang up which? free phone on: 0800 380 380 and you get the which? PC Problems Solved Guide for Free over the phone. I… Read more

Thot id download the app but thy want subsciption fee wat a bloody joke!! So much 4 them awarding companys wat about looking at themselves ??


If the magazine is "free", why don't they just upload it onto YouTube or some similar site ?


Which magazine has started collecting monthly subscription of £10.75 that I did not authorise. I authorised £1 for one ff magazine since then they claim I have given them permission to collect £10.75 every month. I complained to my credit card company who seem to think that I had entered into a recurring charge by giving them my card detail for a one off purchase of £1. This is daylight robbery. Hope this helps others to avoid this magazine at all cost. I am going to send a complaint to the trading standard soon.


Which mag free? What a load of **** it is only free until you get the invoice.


It's not free?! I want to send it to my friend as a prank

Which Guide To Growing Your Own Vegetables (costs a phone call)
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Posted 16th Sep 2008Posted 16th Sep 2008
Which Guide To Growing Your Own Vegetables (costs a phone call)
For the price of a phone call get a guide how to grow your own vegetables Call 0800 032 2444 and quote VEGETABLE 38 for a Free Which Guide To Growing Your Own Vegetables, there is… Read more

Thanks for that - I was getting the seeds putting them in the fridge but no vegetables appeared.:oops:


Given up on Which freebies. They try very hard to recruit you to a year long subscription and when you do not take it out, fail to send the freebie. Only send it after a reminder. waste of time. COLD


ITS 08000


I It doesn't even need that, as it's 0800!


this is probably not their £60 book, more likely the same leaflet they handed out last year

2 Which? guides (Choosing a Broadband Package + Make the most of your Broadband) - 99p delivered !
Posted 19th Aug 2008Posted 19th Aug 2008
2 Which? guides (Choosing a Broadband Package + Make the most of your Broadband) - 99p delivered !
No commitment to buy further... might be useful for some. Call free 0800 389 63 88 quoting reference CHBR01 and pay 99p via debit / credit card. Choosing a Broadband package guide… Read more
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I think that is a very debatable issue. That apart, "Which" has one major problem, it takes forever before reviews are published so are usually out of date before they reach the light of day, and often models are no longer available or have been changed by then :-( I saw every issue for 20 years at work, it has some limited information I liked, but I don't find any urge to subscribe now I don't see it. For an organisation which is run for consumers, I have always been puzzled why it's sales methods are of the type I would not recommend with any other organisation :-(


Although its a good start, no way comparable with the wealth of unbiased & accurate ratings + related info provided by Which? :)


They did a similar thing with a 99p car buyers guide recently. Of coarse they offered me a trial subscription on the phone but I said no and apart from receving the guide (which was very useful by the way) I have never heard from them since. It took a week or 2 for delivery though. There is a wealth of useful info on the excellent ]www.thinkbroadband.com but I expect the Which guide will be more concice and a much easier read for the less technically minded!


You'll probably be bombarded with junk mail offering you cheap subscriptions to Which?


Try this one for FREE - http://www.dslzoneuk.net/isp_ratings.php

Which magazine discounts
Posted 3rd May 2008Posted 3rd May 2008LocalLocal
Which magazine discounts
Hi guys.This is my first post. Hope it helps. Which? has provided independent expert advice you can trust for over 50 years. Which? magazine Which? magazine brings you up-to-t… Read more
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A few weeks back I took out a £1 trial for Which? online, which I have to cancel by 31 May... I wanted to check out some item reviews, bargain! I agree partly with the first poster, in that I have noticed that the articles/tests are NOT as full and involved as they used to be. I also think they definitely favour certain brands. I swear they must be getting paid by Miele and Bosch! One of my sisters bought a bosch washing machine and dishwasher, both were broken with two yrs, while my indesit lasted 14. So you can't always go by their recommendation. A friend went through three Which? recommended VCRs in five years... I recentlly wanted a slow cooker and their best buy recommended one which they praised to high heaven is down on the Amazon site in LOADS of customer reviews as dangerous, as it cooks so fast. (a Morphy Richards one) . Having said all that, I do think Which? has some good advice/information, but perhaps more on services rather than household products. Tip - most local libraries get Which? each month. You can peruse them to your hearts content in the library for free!!


I have subscribed to Which? magazine for years. No, it's not the cheapest magazine you can buy but it's saved me far more over the years than it's cost me. By following their informative guides I have a vacuum cleaner than has so far been going for over 10 years, a TV that lasted for 15 years before replacing it, long lasting VCRs, DVD equipment, and many other items. On top of that I get to hear about which might be dodgy firms, shops which are poor and generally get good advice about where to shop. The style of writing isn't as Valiant says at all. They just present the facts and let you make your choices - it's as simple as that. I am happy to recommend the magazine if anyone is tempted to subscribe.


Which magazine used to be a great magazine........back in the eighties. It's now a shadow of its former self, trading on its fast-declining historic reputation. Mind you, if you think BBC Watchdog is a good consumer programme then Which magazine is for you. It's a paper version of BBC Watchdog.....without the redundant 'special effects'. Its articles are dumbed-down, incomplete, inaccurate and sometimes condescending. It seems to have a pre-occupation with 'Health & Safety' and other nanny-like issues (I'm sure that if it could it would extend the time-delay on opening washing machine doors to a full hour!). It clings to outmoded distribution methods and employs very dubious marketing strategies (prize draws). The irony of a consumer magazine employing these methods is obviously lost on the editors. Its findings are still quoted by the worst organs of the wider press but that too is becoming a thing of the past. The fact that almost every public library in the land subscribes to this magazine is a mini-scandal. But there you can find it, expensive and unread. Leave it there.

free bag from which magazine
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Posted 13th Apr 2008Posted 13th Apr 2008
free bag from which magazine
"Show your support for our Kids' food campaign with a stylish bag". email kidsfood@which.co.uk telling your name and address, and they'll send you a bag whilst stocks last. Terms… Read more

Sweet, got mine a while ago


Received my bag yesterday, really good quality. Thanks OP.


Received mine today, good quality bag. Many thanks for posting. :thumbsup:


Now Out Of Stock. Boo Hoo!!


Just ordered mine. Voted hot.

Which? Free PC Guide
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Posted 5th Feb 2008Posted 5th Feb 2008
Which? Free PC Guide
What more can you say? Covering the basics from Surfing, Emailing, Writing letters, security and Virus protection, this guide has it all. And best of all it is completely FREE! Ph… Read more

can get it via email as well - which I did to save em money. Cheers, voted hot and passed to me mum :)


Ordered mine, see if anything arrives


Just ordered mine... we shall wait and see... :thumbsup:




Which? is a waste of time generally. I can't understand why they don't recognise that advertising supported free content is the way forward for them.

Which? online £1 for 30 days trail.
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Posted 16th Jan 2008Posted 16th Jan 2008
Which? online £1 for 30 days trail.
Sing up to Which online for £1. This gives you access to all of Which's reviews / product comparisons. I'm just about to buy a new kitchen and all the applicances so this seems l… Read more
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Your local library has all the back issue Which reports!


This trial actually used to be free. I subscribed to their online service for a while but it was a bit pants. Then they revamped the site to "make it more accessible" (dumbed down) which meant a lot less information was available on products. Even more pants. Biggest issue I had though was that I'd fully research their "current" reports, decide which item to buy only to find it discontinued some months ago & not available anywhere. :roll:


£1 wasted then :)


a quick google found me this: http://www.inspire-uk.net/which_uk_free_trial.html 30 days free trial i think :)


I use to be a Which member for a few months. There magazines are often good reads. However, when it comes to phoning them up for advice on product, they're quite **** imo. I found that I was much better off using various forums for advice.

Free:  The Which? Guide to Child Car Seats
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Posted 9th Jun 2007Posted 9th Jun 2007
Free: The Which? Guide to Child Car Seats
Free copy of The Which? Guide to Child Car Seats TODAY ONLY. Call 08000 32 22 11 and Quote SEAT1 as seen in todays copy of The Sun.

Excellent post. Should never underestimate the worth or cut costs on a good carseat.


Useful post, thank you.


i need a new car seat this might help cheers

6 Free Glasses of Wine
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Posted 10th Apr 2007Posted 10th Apr 2007
6 Free Glasses of Wine
The Which? Good Food Guide has teamed up with over 240 restaurants around the UK to offer you 6 FREE glasses of wine. Just call the number below and you'll receive a brochure conta… Read more
Free The Which? guide to booking holidays online.
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Posted 25th Jan 2007Posted 25th Jan 2007
Free The Which? guide to booking holidays online.
Just in case they ask, this is advertised on a A5 leaflet inside the Radio Times. To claim your free guide call 0800 533 005 (quote ref. BOOKING04) They will take the usual detai… Read more
Free Which? Computer/Internet Guide
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Posted 28th Nov 2006Posted 28th Nov 2006
Free Which? Computer/Internet Guide
Free Which? Computer/Internet guide, not available online or anywhere else, just ring this special freephone number to claim your free copy. 0800380380 From a well known and resp… Read more
30 day free trial Which Magazine and Free Gifts
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Posted 16th Nov 2006Posted 16th Nov 2006
Online 30 day free trialExclusive access to all Which? reports, Best Buys & much more absolutely free for 30 days

Was the first link for the hard copy of which magazine because I have already applied through the first link. I'll have to wait a few days for it to allow me to log-in using the username and password povided, i guess, and see if I can cancel it from the website, failing that I will call them.


Sorry guys :roll: I put the wrong link into the original post :roll: You should now see three options including the first 30 days free :)


The subscription always used to be free as long as you cancel within the first month.


Same here. I think what you do is do a direct debit, and it says they will only charge you the first £3 on such a date (can't remember what the date was now) and then cancel the subscription and direct debit a couple of days before that date.


tells me i have to pay £3

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