Whiskers Cat food 24 pouch £4 @ Asda

Whiskers Cat food 24 pouch £4 @ Asda

Found 5th Jan 2009
Not a great deal but if you have fussy cats it saves you a couple of quid

Asda are doing the whiskers 24 pack pouches for £4 seems to be all varietys and better value than the 2 x 12 for £5 that they sometimes do

already posted earlier today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- caroline072
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theres also a good deal on at morrisons

48 x whiskas cans @ £11.19

depends on what they prefer -
Good deal.... Shame "she" wont eat that anymore!!

Hot any way!

Cat will be very pleased :thumbsup:

Cat will be very pleased :thumbsup:

Does your cat buy its own food then? :w00t:
Ohh Great Deal!
Thanks Darlin!
Heat & Rep
That'll Keep Him Quiet For A Little Bit Longer!
12 cans in jelly is also £4.00 at Asda
Great deal thanks
Excellent, thanks. My cats are treated in the same way as my kids ie you get given decent quality and nutritious meals but there's no options for fussy gits. Eat it or starve! However mum will also buy the fancier stuff if it's on a good offer, as this is. The cats look pretty sleek and healthy on supermarket own brand tinned stuff, but they do appreciate a pouch or two of posh food as a treat.
This seems too good a deal to miss, I'm tempted to go out and buy a cat!!
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