White baguette (large) 45p @ Tesco Reading west

White baguette (large) 45p @ Tesco Reading west

Found 16th Jul 2014Made hot 22nd Jul 2014
Label on the shelf shows 75p.
Only this bag will be scanned for 45p.

Must be a local glitch.


lol, not the sort of glitch (if that is the case), that I would give heat for. to be fair, I wouldn't give heat for any pricing glitch as its not a deal, its the exploitation of a pricing error which is quickly and easily rectified by the retailer, and they are under no obligation to honor it if they realise it is a genuine pricing error.

Lidl do large freshly cooked baguettes for 19p each, not sure size wise how they compare to these but they are very nice.

sean1975uk - I think the OP's baguette is the 400grams size - hence the original price of 75p.

The 19p ones you're talking about are roughly 25% the size of a 400grams baguette i.e. possibly about 100grams - more like a roll really!!

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I should think so, will be a bit hard by now !!


tesco's baguettes are crap, even deli de france do a better bread even being frozen.

Never look at just the price with freshly baked bread. You need to know how its made, the type of ingredients, how it tastes and how long it lasts.

All bread is not the same.

I bought a freshly baked loaf in Sainsbury and I thought it was a bit doughy when I made my sandwich.

I was soo sick after eating it, Some form of food poisoning I think.

All the supermarket bread tastes the same, Crap!!
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