White "Close Toilet" Seat £10 (reduced from £14.95) @ B&Q

White "Close Toilet" Seat £10 (reduced from £14.95) @ B&Q

Found 20th Dec 2017
Impress your relatives this Christmas with a nice shiny new toilet seat. Colours (stock may vary) :- Lime Green, Red, White.
It may be bog standard (pun intended) but it does the job (pun intended).

PS. My other half says I'm doing this loo seat a disservice. The quality is very good and solid. And fitting (to an ancient loo) was a piece of cake. Make /style is COOKE & LEWIS PALMI. They were piled high @Farnborough this afternoon.
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10/10 for the comedic words. Heat heat heat
You can't beat a good bit of toilet humour hope you don't feel too flushed with the heat
Its a Bum Deal!
What a time to be alive!
Wait till the masses get wind of this
When you have to post toilet puns, urine trouble
Not to be sniffed at
My old seat is on the way out, so this will be number two!
Add a 'bob' or two & get yourself a soft closer!
Was it on BOGOF?
Ordered thanx
toilet seat is made from moulded bumpoo..... Sorry, I'm dyslexic
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