White Nintendo Wii Console with Mario Kart (Wii) and steering wheel £99.99 @ Game From 20/05/2011

White Nintendo Wii Console with Mario Kart (Wii) and steering wheel £99.99 @ Game From 20/05/2011

Found 19th May 2011
Available to preorder

Wii is fresh, new, and different – but most importantly, Wii is bags of fun. Offering incredible new technology that will innovate the way we play in the home, Nintendo’s fantastically accessible motion-sensitive controller could well rewrite the videogame rulebook.


ANYone, of ANY age with ANY skill level can pick up and play a Wii.
It’s incredibly fun – a new style of gaming, fuelled by innovative motion detection technology.
Wii and its unique games bridge generation gaps - Wii is for everyone: spouses can play together, grandparents can play with grandchildren.
Wii is communal, both entertaining to play and amusing to watch!
Mario Kart
It's the Wii debut of the greatest arcade racing game series ever - Mario Kart will hit Wii soon!

With more racers than ever before, WiFi racing against opponents across the globe, and new characters, stunts and weapons it's looking brilliant, and that's before you take into account the Wii Steering Wheel attachment that comes in the box and the addition of motorbikes to the vehicle line-up!

Ladies, Gentlemen, Gorillas, Dinosaurs, Plumbers, Mushrooms, Ghosts, Lizards and Turtles...Start Your Engines!

Wii Wheel
Included, the official Nintendo Mario Kart Wii Wheel!


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Cheaper elsewhere codl voters? Or just neg bashing because its Wii / Game post?

Think its been £99 since the price cut, or maybe I'm wrong?


It's probably because it's mentioned in this thread


Some may construe it as a spam post and therefore try to vote it down rather than do what you're meant to do when a thread needs spammed (ie click the spam button). I haven't spammed it as the other one only mentions the black Wii in the title and some people just do a quick scan through of thread titles so it may help someone.

Is wii sports included?

Amazing deal - best I've seen yet!

I need this in black!

Also in Morrisons @ this price in store
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