White Noise 1&2 Boxset £2 in Tesco

White Noise 1&2 Boxset £2 in Tesco

Found 20th Feb 2010Made hot 21st Feb 2010
I've just got back from Tesco's in Ipswich and they had several boxsets containing both White Noise and White Noise: The Light for just £2.

I'm not gonna pretend that they're the greatest films of all time, but I found them entertaining enough and worth £2 easily - even if I only watch them once or twice and then pass them on.

I don't expect this thread to get too hot, but hopefully it might be of interest to some of you.


never saw the first but White Noise 2 is an excellent movie and this deal is a reet gud bargain.

I have only seen the first but I thought it was an enjoyable film-definitely worth £2-have some heat!

Seen the first film, but not the 2nd. Worth a buy for both at £2. Hot from me.

paid more than this for both...hot!!...good set of films!

Seen the first one. Was pretty good. Definitely a good price for a boxset. Hot

The first one was terrible and the second one was even worse IMHO - mind you, £2 for two films isn't too bad. Worth it just to kill a few hours I guess :-D

Isnt this free with untuned televisions


Isnt this free with untuned televisions


The first one gave me bad dreams every time I saw it. Specifically after the part where you have 3 shadows standing at the top of the stairway toward the end.

The second was just averagey.

White noiiiiise, blow awaaaay

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