White potatoes 2.5kg 5p at tesco
White potatoes 2.5kg 5p at tesco

White potatoes 2.5kg 5p at tesco

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Just been to tescos extra in handforth all white potatoes are 5p white label on all stock so should be national best before of the 30th but they were bringing loads out so could have longer dates - also had bags of parsnips for 5p too - roast dinner here I come ;-)


did they have the rtc sitickers


ooh we like a patartah

49p in my local

Is this not just store specific rather than national?

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No these did not have reduced to clear stickers on - it's just the price

Not in my local it's not the price.

Ah, and we thought 50 p at Sainsburys was good!

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Cheap as chips!X)

yep just bought a bag 49p



For the love of God, STAHP.

Also, just checked at my local... 49p still - Although let's be honest, that's still a damn good deal.

just bought for .10p in stratford-upon-avon

these were all 49p this morning, great find if they have been reduced down to 5p.

10p in Chorley these. Got 4 bags and making extra chips tonight

I also made this post but think u may have beaten me to it but yes 5p. Got 2 bags

50p in our local (litherland) Tesco this morning.

Thought I got a bargain getting some for 30p from Asda today lol


No these did not have reduced to clear stickers on - it's just the price

wow Will check my local

5p for a bag of sprouts in Cardiff Extra

had loads in hanover street,liverpool store but they were 20p a bag

Probably store specific (Tesco employee here) more than likely because they had masses of stock left over from christmas. Good deal for you though, enjoy your roast dinner!


12p in my local store

My friend nearly died because he was eating too many chips, he got run over going to the chip shop

10 p in Barrow store this morning

still 49p in my local store (Gateshead)

Who the fk just goes to Tesco for po-tat-toes !

With the rest of your shopping it will send the total price over the cost of your shopping if you just went to Aldi or Netto (who Tesco, doing so badly, are desperately now trying to copy).

The huge inconsistency in pricing is a joke too, at least at the places above the prices are consistently reasonable, not just up and down like the proverbial working ladies drawers in a desperate ploy for attention. No interest from me I'm afraid.

25p in my local(boston), along with parsnips,carrots and cabbage
brussels were 10p which they had lots of!
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