White Sony Ericsson W810i for £110 or £129.99 with free MDS 60 Speakers
White Sony Ericsson W810i for £110 or £129.99 with free MDS 60 Speakers

White Sony Ericsson W810i for £110 or £129.99 with free MDS 60 Speakers

Buy forBuy forBuy for£109.99
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o2 have the white Sony Ericsson W810i instore for £149.99
This can be pricematched to the black one on o2 at CPW selling at £129.99, then the £20 trade in discount is also still valid making the phone £109.99, if you take the £20 trade in though ,you void the freebie MDS 60 Sony speaker stands which sell for £59.99


I posted this previously but without the price match...

Go to the old thread to see the wonderful speakers... they're so wonderfully stylish.


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doh, didnt come up as a previous deal, I just price matched it for someone earlier, good price for a great phone

how do you do a price match.is it online or in shop.if in shop do you still get free speakers?


In store only.

OP said no speakers if do the trade in?

do you still get speakers instore or is it online only.dont want to trade in

thanks again

Yes, I would like some clarity around this too - do you get the speakers when buying instore.
Also, re the price-match - will they definitely do this? Several issues they could refuse on:
1. Not the same phone - the black/white thing
2. Not the same network £129 price is Orange, it's £149 for O2 from CPW
3. Even the £129 price requires £10 airtime purchase, so really £139

Not knocking the post - my daughter is keen on this phone and if I thought I could get the white one from the O2 shop for £129 including the speakers, I would be going for it today.


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online is separate buisness, the free mds 60 speakers are afaik insotre only promo. Subject to availability, weve had about 10 of the docks instock.

It will be a case of managers discretion but with buisness tight I cant see why they would refuse but yes they can. Just be polite.

1.I did say to my manager its the black one not the white one and she said as long as they hav it instock thats fine its the same model just different colour.

2. Im sure the brochure said £129 but I may be wrong, also on a Sunday not too many shops are actually bothered to call to find out if the competitor has it in stock anyway.:whistling:

3.I quoted without the airtime

4. Just come and get it from me lol

Thanks for the reply, didn't realise that you worked for O2. Would take you up on the offer if i wasn't 300 miles and a ferry crossing away from you....

By the way, the free speakers aren't in-store only - see here: shop.o2.co.uk/pho…ite

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I only work weekends, didnt check out the online site

I like this phone but i just brought the black w850i, is it worth me buying the white w810i and putting my other on ebay or just keeping the one i have got?

(I ask cos i'm rubbish at making decisions - especially with a hangover lol)


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well the W850i is newer, but the w810i has autofocus as opposed to the fixed focus on the w850i that about it though, personally my money would be on the w810i (only supplied with 512 card as opposed to a gig with the w850i mind you!)

1) My local o2 store have no sign of free speakers
2) They told me o2 stores only do the white version on pay as you go (I prefer black)
3) CPW is £129.99 on o2 (with £10 top-up but this applies to o2 store purchases also)

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1, its in the brochure
2, thats correct
3, ok...

Why does getting the trade in forfeit the speakers?

Is this in black and white or down to individual stores?

does the 810 have the flash?

i think it was the w800 which had a great camera
ive been told some of the newer ones arent as good as they dont have autofocus or flash

if its got a good camera then £110 on trade in without the speakers seems a very good deal

phones 4u
who also have the black one
£130 inc £10 airtime o2 supposedly unlocked


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@ Col - not too sure, too much of a deal i suspect. manager just said,
stores only have the white ones.

810 has autofocus and and led flash, the k800i had the xenon flash
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