White wooden butterfly vanity table £50 delivered ELC HALF PRICE +£2.50 Quidco

White wooden butterfly vanity table £50 delivered ELC HALF PRICE +£2.50 Quidco

Found 30th Jul 2013
Normally most ELC stuff is a stinking rip off but this actually seems worth the money, nicely put away for xmas. Similar items are up to £100 elswhere...


An elegant wooden vanity table with stool and three drawers for storing precious trinkets.

With its cute decorative detail, the white Butterfly Vanity Table is both the perfect toy for fun role-playing, and a lovely piece of traditional painted wooden furniture for your child's bedroom. Your child can use the mirror to get ready for a princess ball, or pretend they're taking a trip to the salon. They can put treasured possessions on the vanity desk's display shelves, and organise the three dresser drawers however they want.

Quick facts:
•Three drawers, mirror and display shelves
•Traditional painted wood
•Cute butterfly decorative detail
•Great for children's role-playing

Great for your child's development:
The Butterfly Vanity Table is a great inspiration for imaginative play. Whether it's trying on Mum's necklace or pretending to be a pop star, role-play is one of the best ways for your child to expand their imagination and start to understand how the real world works. And as they play, your child can experiment with ideas for how to dress up or do their hair, which develops their self-confidence.

ELC star quality:
We love the Butterfly Vanity Table and Stool because it's a proper dressing table – just smaller. This is what makes it so exciting for your child to play with, whether they're copying how they've seen you get ready to go out, or creating their own pretend situations to act out.

What you need to know:

Table: Height 102cm x Width 67.5cm x Depth 31.5cm
Stool: Height 34.5cm x Width 47.5cm x Depth 40.5cm

Floor to bottom of vanity table top: 52cm.
Floor to top of vanity table top: 60.6cm.
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You can order this from Mothercare for £40 free delivery or you can pick up from store using code VXXN. If you have already used the code use a different email address.

Edited by: "deborahm" 30th Jul 2013
Thanks for this, great deal - have ordered to put away for Xmas
Better deal from mothercare then, I cant be bothered with a30 mile round trip to save £7.50 but others might
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