Whiteboard 90x60cm @ Ryman's £9.78 (for note-taking, group work, memo's)

Whiteboard 90x60cm @ Ryman's £9.78 (for note-taking, group work, memo's)

Found 14th Dec 2008
Had a group reivsion session recently for Uni exams with a whiteboard and it went GREAT! So we've decided to get ourselves a whiteboard of our own so we can actually work @ home together rather than in the library! what we've found were ones from Rymans. Not too bad price IMO. Free P+P Over £35. Im planning to get 2 for myself now.

You can also get half cork half white board if you wanted to stick things up. (Same price)

The Quality of them arent overly exquisite (perhaps need another layer of backing card to make it more rigid but other than that it works a charm).

Del. (+£5 P+P i think) or Collection.

Think theres Quidco too HTH
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Heres the link to the Half and half:

Also I found a Red Felt board (no idea what its for, if anyone can enlighten me?)

(p.s. excuse my english on the title-post its been a long painful day)
Cheers, after one of these for a while now.
I paid about the same price for one in Staples the other day.
Hey this should be a writing board. Let's be politically correct here please!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol yeah, but you get diff colours of writing boards.. so it is politically correct ;-)

Also.. do people put -ve because they dont understand why they would want one? :thumbsup: :thinking:
out of stock :-(
does anyone know if the online price is store price too?

Ive got NUS extra card so i get extra 12.5% on this and its exactly what ive been looking for!
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