White/Milk chocolate buttons @ Aldi - 33p

White/Milk chocolate buttons @ Aldi - 33p

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LocalFound 22nd Feb
Great price for anyone who likes nestle buttons but doesn’t want to pay the rip off prices for a tiny bag of delicious buttons!
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Mmmm nice, heat added
Thank you!
When were they £1.49
no offence, but they’re 70g buttons for 33p, don’t all supermarkets do these costing 3 for £1 but have a larger variety of sweets on offer other than just buttons!
These packets are deceiving tiny, but seem to have loads in them. Heat, OP
They are never £1.49 that is not the RRP more like 39p but cut to 33p
what's with:£0.33£150,000,000 100%
When were they £150 million?!
Tesco 40p for 70g 3 for £1 33p for 70g (47p per 100g)
Morrisons 37p for 70g 3 for £1 33p for 70g
Lidl 33p for 70g

So same price as Tesco and Morrisons if you go 3 for 1 or Lidl are as Aldi

But which taste the best
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Milkybar buttons are delicious, I feel bad eating my wee boys sweets but they are soooooo tasty. Haven't tried these though.
Deal Summary: you won't go wrong shopping at Aldi
Although These are good for the price they don’t come close to milkybar! I buy them for cake decorating and they taste nice but nothing beats milkybar..
Have to win the Euromillions tonight to get a bag it they go back to RRP!
I've had these on a fair few occasions and at this price point, not only are they reasonably full bags (which seem to last quite a while), but the chocolate is delicious, much better than some cheaper chocolate buttons.

I always happen to find them appearing in my basket.
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