Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Party Edition (includes Buzz! Buzzers) (PS2) 21.96

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Party Edition (includes Buzz! Buzzers) (PS2) 21.96

Found 14th Apr 2007
29.99 at least elsewhere
This includes the game AND buzzers


Manufacturer's Description
The all new Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Party Edition delivers the atmosphere and tension of the hit TV series but with addition of exciting new party game features. For the first time the whole family will be able to play against each other to fight for the right to win a virtual million pounds.

With legendary host Chris Tarrant calling all the shots the aim of the game, as you probably already know, is to win a million pounds. However with the addition of multiplayer party modes it will take nerves of steel as well as brains and to land the big prize. Unfortunately, the game doesn't come with a million pounds, so instead we're going to convert your financial winnings into points. Do you have what it takes? We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Game modes:

Single player:

Classic Millionaire - As close as you can get to the TV show without being in the studio: one contestant fifteen sequential questions and a virtual million pounds to be won.

Quick Fire - A fast-paced but more forgiving variant on Classic Millionaire, with questions asked against a timer but there are chances available in case you make a mistake.

Multiplayer :

Millionaire Party - A hectic game mode ideal for the truly competitive. Players 'buzz in' to answer questions, but even if you're not fastest on the buzzer you can always try Stealing the chance to answer, or even Double-Daring your rival if you think they don' t know the answer. You also have three second Chances if you get a question wrong.

Play or Pass - A more tactical game mode which allows players to not only choose the level of question they want to answer, but also lets you pass a tricky question onto another player in the hope they will get it wrong instead of you.

Millionaire Remix - Keep on your toes as you battle through a series of rounds, competing to collect enough Chances and Lifelines or deny them to your rivals to help you be the first to reach the million pound prize.

Multi-Millionaire - Classic Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? adapted for multiple contestants. Players take turns to try and win the million pound prize, with only Lifelines between them and elimination if they get an answer wrong.

Quick-Fire - A high speed game mode where it's all about answering the questions fast!

Box Cotains:

PS2 game
4x Buzz! buzzers


Good price but having played the game I'd say better to buy the other Buzz titles; this didn't impress me much.

amazon isnt on quidco..
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